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    Everything important is promo and luck based. I'm sure we won't get real answers and changes. You farm 10k melon and get absolutely nothing from this called " event " and rest is promo anyway so.... Merry Christmas from Game Forge. Ho ho ho !

    Why are you nerfing rewards from events ? We are in the same patch that other regions were at the time of the events.

    Bad , verry bad. Take a long vacation and let someone else handle it better so the comunity can feel again joy from this game if our feedback wasnt enough to make u understand that this way SUCKS. capisci?

    This is something you just cannot call it event and implement it in this period of the year, so many people are wasting time for some whatever things that u instantly discard out of rage feeling. I am so curious if the Game Forge team is aware that only a limited amount of people , SAME people benefit from this every day by using different macros .

    So Game Forge's voice Galeas can you please forward all the feedback on this topic to the people responsable for this ? And i hope it will be adjusted unlessyou actualy promote frustrating and unfair gameplay that buff already buffed players.

    Nevermind , this is useless anyway. Events in EU come nerfed and a poor selection anyway , we are all used to that.

    You get ulti forms in game only with a little luck , this is the problem. Please do something about it and do it fast , not post some " we will " and implement it after 1 year.

    I am frustrated seing people that log in game once per month to check events getting ulti forms.

    I would of been be more happy if i got 3 greater golden stars / day from this event for the same effort instead of these rewards. Too much effort for a MAYBE.

    Do you realize people are wasting so many hours farming to get a cookie costume for 10 minutes and a anowman thing for 1 hour ?

    This is incredible.

    Rewards in future events should include lodas greater golden stars also since every single thing in game costs experience , would helo a lot.

    dont say that......jesus..they will be making 100% drop lodas standard reward...and ask community to be happy...

    oh yeah , my bad sorry.

    I ment together with the rest of the usual good rewards that we are used to get anyway as lege contracts , S minions and glyphs + etc , you could include golden stars also.

    hell flame and fiery roller random from upper choice and other 2 are bottom and this goes for other classes also , rares from upper and common from bottom

    We suffer very good mode this week. Need to say thank you for kinah reset in this week.

    Really, really for me - this is nice.

    Would like to see thanks for good events and positive game changes instad of thanks for forced resets by nature.

    Meanwhile in game we have A class minion as best reward in the HQ 1 month farming , outdated veteran rewards , outdated luna daily/weekly rewards, only p2w trying to fuse for a missing legendary to complete a collection and/or getting an ultimate.

    I see people that log in every 3 weeks just to check or try events and guess what , most of them logout after couple of hours after saying " see u next patch " and few stay after they got extremly lucky getting a ulti contract just like that , thing that active people with less luck don't have.

    How about thanking GF when RNG for things that make a big difference will dissapear ?

    Until then , thanks NC for Aion and thank God our Aion publisher doesn't have a proper way of updating game time without a maintenance.

    You are talking nonsense here. All active players have improved stigmas because they farmed the stones and/or bought them. Who said something about ult form anyway?

    RNG is rng, no matter if you talk about enchanting stigma or fusing forms or opening rng boxes.

    You're assuming that everyone has something only because you and ppl you play with/against have that too and make it sound like ppl who don't have that are doing something wrong.

    That's not very different from me assuming, that everyone already got the divine protection skill from the last time this event was around, so there's no need for bringing the npc back- afterall all my friends and just about everyone i met on arena got this skill too. You could buy the enchantment stones or even the weapon box back then (the event was fairly long iirc), same as you're saying all active players could bough improved stigmas already.

    NPC was only a suggestion , i did not quote anyone about it and not complaining either.

    I am too lazy to calculate how many stigmas you could gather since the glory npc's are implemented and nichel shugo to profit from 2 events that we had until now. And yes if you are active since the begining and you are not full improved, either ppl are doing it wrong maybe without goals or log in for 2 hours per day and obviously that is not enough if you want to catch up.

    Stigmas ? Crying about stigmas after 2 events ? Come on , you are doing something wrong my man. Wake up or stop rerolling characters every 2 months.

    Crying about ult forms after [more than] 2 events? Come on , you are doing something wrong my man. Wake up or stop rerolling accounts every 2 months.

    You are talking nonsense here. All active players have improved stigmas because they farmed the stones and/or bought them. Who said something about ult form anyway?

    Galeas will u suggest implementing back the NPC to complete the Lunaris quest ? Or make it instant completable ?

    Npc will be back with 3rd part of event. Just wait

    Griver83 ,i am sure it will be back but it wont do any harm if we saw him before the event ( that who knows when it will be running , months from now maybe ). I am sure many people including me , wish to complete the quest for the extra skill.

    Ca it be forwarded and maybe taken in consideration please Galeas