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    So far NA Classic has been full of issues on my end, ranging from being banned from billing, to being banned from logging in on the website, to being banned ingame.

    Just now a banwave targeting EU players playing with a VPN was issued.

    So far, in the week I played classic, I have had these issues with NCSoft:

    Try to buy Quna = nope.

    Buy sub = banned from billing, need direct support override

    Try to login on website = banned from website, not even support override allows you to login, you're stuck in permanent login loops.

    Play the game = banned from game.

    At this point I'm pretty done with the dumpster trash called NC West, gameforge may be trash but at least they're golden trash compared to this shitshow that is NC West.

    EU Classic can't come soon enough, I've had more accounts banned in NA in the past week than in EU in 6 years.

    Complainers complaining while I'm here at lvl 31 with double the mboost of lvl 34+ SMs because I used my head and making millions daily for free and got decked out in gold gear with manastones and enchanted wep and I'm about to get kromede tome with 36 gold fuse.

    I could have been in the world race to 50 if I didn't reroll 3 times.


    People thinking 100ms is huge ping when I personally tested 100ms and it's competitive against 10ms players which don't exist in NA anyway as most NA ppl play with over 100ms ping as well are Weirdga

    Just use a good VPN lol, your 130ms without a VPN are with 300 to 400ms realtime delay while 100ms with VPN is 100ms realtime delay.

    Due to thousands of players creating their characters some 3 hours after pre-classic launch character creation has been unlocked, NCSoft is already taking measures of preventing faction imbalances and will be locking char creations on certain factions dynamically to ensure the best 50-50 distribution possible.

    Clearly the timezone didn't affect people from trying out the classic game.

    That issue is your routing to the server.

    It is impossible for a VPN to stabilize the server's issues causing ping spikes. The VPN stabilizes your own routes and fixes your ISP's dirt cheap routes they use to scam you with every month by "giving" you internet.

    And as i have said before you cannot load to the game, sit down in poeta and do /ping and think that ur ping is that. Cos in aion, or how their engine works, ping is rlly unstable

    Ping in aion isn't unstable, the client registers ping based upon your FPS. The higher your FPS, the lower your ping and higher client responsiveness (up to your best possible latency). Subsequently, the lower your FPS is the higher your ping will get.

    Go ahead, test it out.

    NA Classic will be a good way for people to figure out if they really want to play classic or not, it's similar to my 4.0 gunner experience where I installed NA to try out gunner, leveled to lvl 50 something, found out I liked it and waited for the EU release.

    It's a nice opportunity to try out classes and see if they got the updates and balancing changes of 2.7 and decide on what class you'll play on the EU release.

    Other than that you won't be PvPing with the ping from EU to NA and you likely won't be doing sieges either, not only due to ping issues but also timezone differences.

    You will however comfortably be able to do casual content and casual leveling to get a feel for the game and see if you truly want to wait for it's EU release or do something else.

    That is, of course, in my opinion.

    If you came here looking for a release date, Aion: Classic is slated for a 2022 release in EU.

    The reason GameForge did not receive this confirmation is because due to different reasons, including the global pandemic, this release date cannot be set in stone. It is planned to be released in 2022 if nothing will go wrong, but if something will go wrong then there's nothing to lose since no one will work around the clock because of a release date.

    If the release will go smoothly, expect an announcement a few months prior.

    Personally I'm more interested in 8.2 and the future planned remastered version of the game. I personally hope they will dial down on the p2w and either slate or make the transformation system f2p friendly.

    AION Update 8.0 is now coming live soon. Introducing the new map Aspharanta.

    AION Update 8.2 will follow soon, and will introduce an entirely new business model adopted by NCSoft with the purpose of attracting new players.

    AION Classic is in the works of being released for EU sometime in 2022, AION Classic will follow a different update path and the lore of the game will be re-written.

    Further down the line, AION: Remastered is in plans. A Cross-platform AION with new, updated graphics. Planned release between 2022 towards 2023.

    Please note that AION Classic and AION Remastered are subject to change depending on the company's situation.

    Is it true that the other regions had this event with 3 boss spawning and not just one like we did? Lot people said that in lfg and i dont know if its troll or not.

    After reading event's page it does made me think its maybe be true.

    "Elite monsters are terrorising Atreia! Defeat the King of Thieves, Snuwa Grand Chieftain and Rega Hospodar daily between 1 and 2 PM and 7 and 8 PM." it does hint like we should have them all the same time not separately,does not say it like " defeat this OR this etc" or maybe im just overthinking it lol.

    It is not very well phrased but was never intended to have them all at the same time. I don't know what other regions had.

    It's not just not very well phrased. There is no mistake for the reader, it straight up directly says all 3 spawn between 1 and 2 PM and 7 and 8 PM.

    I can top the dps meter of the boss every time I want, can make a video showing you how it's done. You think I'll get loot for being top dps? I think not xD

    Read this again and again and again and again. Then, tell me that loot is dps related. Please, stop this lie.

    Are you thick in the head or just bad at reading? I specifically stated dps is not in any way, shape, or form, conceivable and unconceivable, within any situation, presenting any form of usefulness at all, and does not help you loot the boss.

    I can top the dps meter of the boss every time I want, can make a video showing you how it's done. You think I'll get loot for being top dps? I think not xD

    I wonder if event setting is a little different and takes account of the ely/asmo population difference.

    For example, if you have 3 more ely than asmo, shall elys drop 3 times more leg contract than asmo, or asmo drop same number of leg contract than elys.

    What the problem is, we all do the same thing, more or less we all spend the same effort, the same real life time that we will never get back. But some get rewarded with what is considered trash, while others keep getting rewarded with legendary and apostle contracts.

    This is basically the problem that caused the outrage. Since it's consistent as well.

    I so far received 2 legendary contracts from the event, no apostle so far. And I very well understand there are players who received 0.

    Did GameForge shadow nerf gold shugo spawn in instances again?

    If I remember correctly, it has a 10% chance to spawn, however from a sample size of 156 entries only 4 shugos spawn, this is an effective spawn rate of 2.56%.

    Where are the rest of them? RNG alone does not account for this gargantuan difference.

    There is no such thing as shadow nerfing. I didn't hear of any change. Could you please contact our support? They can report it so that our tech guys check it.

    Well anyway, I sent a ticket for the tech guys to check. I think the spawn is quite low.

    so if u really can't see any problem in this, and you dont think we actually deserve something after this week of pain then... i'm sorry you blind and need a pair of glasses.

    No, you don't deserve anything or any form of compensation just for being asmodian.

    This is because a lot of asmodians, high ranking officers and lowbies with functional intelligence all made elyos alts for this event, for better or worse they, being asmodian mains, took rewards from the limited reward pool of the elyos.

    To offer asmodian compensations is ludicrous, as was also proven by Kyokushin when his whole team was crying for compensation for asmodians, masking it as "making it fair for both asmodians and elyos" while his entire gang are on their elyos alts exploiting the event hardcore. As I previously said they come in sheep's clothing but that's all they have, lies and attempts at exploiting GameForge for better ingame rewards through compensations.

    Your compensation for the event is not having your accounts terminated or otherwise temporarily locked (depending on how offensive you were in the past and if this would be your first offense or not) for obviously exploiting the system for the purpose of stealing rewards from the opposite faction by using a character of said faction.