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    4:1 Elyos:Asmo on Stormwing? Killing bosses whole day and getting 100 transformations? You people are high or something?

    People are crazy man, they think elyos get hundreds of legendary transformations per day from farming that stupid boss.

    I'd like some of these transformations too, considering everyone gets them!

    Galeas Is there a way to disable the messages we see of people getting legendary transformations?

    I really don't care about what luck others have while I keep getting heaps of trash that I can instantly delete from my inventory.

    You can safely ignore Bonjovii btw, yes others are extremely lucky and even defy the laws of physics with their luck but not THAT lucky.

    I haven't gotten anything, in fact by participating in the event I LOST the legendary dupe i had, so I LOST by playing the event more than I had when I started the event.

    You can however imagine the rates when even with bug abusing no one is getting any transform contracts (like istan's case), so then how many would get if the event was "working as intended"?

    You do realize what working as intended means for gameforge, you can refer to my first post mentioning about 10 contracts per server.

    The correctly assumable scenario in which you receive a good number of duamonds represents the numbers 30 to 36, with anything higher being an added bonus.

    Boss will never die every 2 minutes, and I passively aggressively disagreed with Mika's post because she had blown this scenario out of proportions due to the fact that the event IS bugged and the asmodians (her included) can not get duamonds out of the boss, since no other bosses spawn in dumaha contrary to the event info.

    No they don't. You actually contradict yourself in the same sentence.

    Loot is hard-capped and 7 out of 10 times you don't get loot. Also it's not possible to farm 90 duamonds in 1 hour even with 100% drop rate and 100% activity from the whole elyos faction. At best you can get 30~ which in itself is unreal because reality is only a small percentage of the present elyos get to loot.

    Oh and also it's not contribution based, it doesn't matter how much damage you deal. If you get rolled onto the loot table by RNG when the boss dies you loot it. If you don't get into the loot table due to bad hidden RNG roll you won't loot it due to overcapping it's loot table.

    Your league dps doesn't matter, your alliance and group dps doesn't matter.

    open 5 dumamonds and get x3 dumaha weapons and x2 leg contracts ^_^

    Still, I don't understand you people. We currently have two events which are complete f2p (excluding the expensive transformation boxes since they aren't part of the actual event) and yet all you do is complain.

    Because you can't know if you will get anything out of these events at the end of the day.

    While you get, say, 5 legendary forms, others can get 15 for equal or LESS, L E S S effort than you put into the events.

    RNG events are, were, always will be trash. Only events where you know you work towards something and depending on how much you work and how much time you spend in the event you are accordingly rewarded with more than those who rely on RNG and spend less time than you are good events.

    Subsequently I always thought the Daeva Hunt events were the best events GameForge ever released or will ever release. They have FIXED rewards that you will reach depending on how much time you spend in the event. With top rewards for nolifers and great rewards for casuals. That's a real event, not a casino roulette where you may get 50 legendaries in 4 weeks of farming and opening 1500 duamonds or you may get 0 completely, utterly, fully reliant on your real-life luck factor.

    As most of the time I'm speaking of my own personal experience. Surely it is nice for others to receive these high end rewards, but if I don't get them also it's a rather bitter taste, no?

    Nearly 0% chance for contracts. I expect about 10 players per server to acquire any of the apostle contracts in my honest opinion. What you WILL get however are lodas stars, consumables bundles and shard bundles.

    Yes, a server transfer would be a good option. Would you like to transfer to the 1 server that will be left after merge, or the 1 server that will be left after the merge?

    There will be no server transfers any more, the population is too low for this form of service. The only transfers possible will be after a merge if that will ever happen again.

    Yes, but Ragna has no one else to merge with.

    GF has been warned enough times that they lose players, many have come up with great suggestions to improve the game. Whatever little they could, they did to help the players. Could they do more? I don't know.

    Take what little joy you can knowing that NCSoft's Korean servers are even worse than EU, in such a near death state NCSoft may choose to attempt a resurrection with large focus on rewarding f2p for 8.0, and start the p2w again by 9.0 or 10.0 after the population is revived.

    Just make legendary transformation scroll drop once every 1.000 to 2.000 mobs (cause it to drop by force when 2.000 mobs are reached, and a random drop chance between 0 to 1.999 mobs) from Katalam mobs.

    Bots can't stay there, players can farm for their collections, everyone is happy.

    (The following changes may or may not impact aion shop sales, which may or may impact whether it's even suggested to the PD in the first place or not.)

    A merge won't solve any issues. And what after the merge fails? That would be the very last chance for NCSoft and GameForge to work on a final solution which hopefully would lead to new servers being open again.

    At best you can merge Sillus with Stormwing, there wouldn't be complaints there I assume.

    Merging them together with Odin and Ragnarok would lead to mass quitting though, you'd lose more than you gain.

    No, a merge is no longer a suitable solution. There is only 1 solution that would ensure the game prospers.

    A very unlikely yet very radical change to the monetization of the game come 8.0 together with a bit of new content. It doesn't have to be something crazy, but something where your effort is well spent so as to your time = effort is rewarded in an equal manner to the effort and time spent towards achieving something in the game (such as gearing up).

    With a logical path designed by the developers for the players to achieve in the span of a few months, such as the old 4.x system of gearing (without accessory enchanting additions and whatnot). There was BM gear, then there was Army star gear, then there was General gear, then there was Great General gear, and finally Governor gear.

    As you grew in rank your gear improved, but not by much, perhaps Governor gear was 10-20% better than BM gear? Powerful indeed as only 1 player per faction could wear it, it showed that effort in gaining rank was rather handsomely rewarded.

    That was only for PvP.

    If I was a product director of AION and a shot-caller in NCSoft's team I would have recommended them to remove accessory enchanting altogether, remove feathers and bracelets from the game and compensate the players handsomely for their removal, return back to the gearing system of early 4.x, design a logical gearing path with a thought out time-limit for the pvp gear.

    Then I would see fit to change the way enchanted stigmas are acquired, remove the ability to enchant them and instead devise a new way of acquiring them through PvP, by making Abyss Points precious again, I would have them add a vendor which sells enchanted stigmas from levels +1 to +15 with different prices depending on your Abyss Ranking.

    Something like 1000 AP for a +1 stigma, 100000 AP for a +12 stigma, 1 million AP for a +15 stigma, where as I previously mentioned AP would become once again precious and DIFFICULT to acquire by the millions, say, 1 million AP per week if you do everything.

    Same thing with enhanced daevanions really.

    Now I would either remove transformations or also make the dev team devise a logical path towards acquiring and collecting all of them within a reasonable amount of time. You would start with an Ancient form of your choosing upon reaching max level, followed by a legendary form of your choosing a few days later. Proving your worth in both PvE by killing endgame bosses and in PvP by completing pvp quests and sieges you would be rewarded with these memory fragments we have now, so as to in 2 to 3 months of gameplay you would have all the transformations unlocked, including kaisinel and marchutan with ALL the collections unlocked.

    Quite a system wouldn't you say?

    Lastly I would touch the Aion Shop system by adding a new subscription system which you can freely choose to either use or not use, but would receive generous ingame rewards if you were so kind as to pay for 30 days of subscriptions, of course which would be given to you daily on Login. I would limit this system so you may only buy 30 days of subscription per, well, 30 days.

    And I would of course encourage the developers to make very beautiful, and very good looking skins exclusive to the Aion Shop, which would last from 24 hours for 9 aion coins to 3-14-30 days for, say, 30 aion coins, 60 aion coins and 99 aion coins for the 30 days duration skin.

    This will very likely ensure a very strong and very steady income of profit long-term which depending on the population can be quite generous.

    Now I won't say this is the only way as I so heavily went astray from the subject at hand but it is a way through which I could see Aion prosper again.

    Just tell NCSoft to make a 30 days reusable version of the pvp and pve jam, sell them in the aion shop for 149 aion coins each.

    When are you hiring me as assistant shop manager btw?

    To be fair these instances were meant for KR level of gear and transforms.

    This does mean everyone in the group having max pve gear preferably, ultimate form is the norm and pve jelly can be used like candy.

    In EU it's harder because...EU.