• Earn Autumnal Rewards and the Harvest Revel Buff


    The Shugos like to tell each other legends of a strange natural phenomenon where a mysterious moonlight fall on Aphsaranta at the beginning of autumn. Those who collect the Moonbeam Energy are said to be granted a free wish.

    Tommnerk has heard that all one had to do was pick up enough Moonbeam Energy to be able to make a wish. He asks the Daevas for help so that he can see the moonrise in Aphsaranta. However, you must take the energy from nasty Moonlight Wights who want to use the free wish for malicious purposes.

    You won’t want to turn down Tommnerk’s plea for help because helping him will surely pay off for you: Grab items like [Rune] Minion Partner Fragment, [Event] Royal Exquisite Hanbok, [Event] Legendary Daevanion Skill Chest and many more!

    Running: 31st August to 28th September

    Collecting Moonbeam Energy

    Throughout Aphsaranta, hunt the Moonlight Wights that cause mischief everywhere. There’s a 100% chance they’ll drop [Event] Moonbeam Energy. Every single wight you defeat brings you closer to your reward!

    Once you’ve collected enough energy, bring your loot to Tommnerk, who is waiting for you in the fortresses of Gelkmaros and Inggison. Exchange the Moonbeam Energy for great rewards and make your personal Daeva dream come true.

    If you play in a group, chance decides which group member receives the energy of a defeated wight.

    Celebrate the Beginning of Autumn

    In Atreia, preparations for the autumn festivities have just been completed and wonderful decorations await you in the capital cities of Sanctum and Pandaemonium!

    Also offer your help to NPC Catchmoon, who can be found in Sanctum and Pandaemonium, as well as the Guardian Garrison and the Archon Garrison in Aphsaranta. Here, you receive the

    Harvest Revel Buff:
    Physical and magic attack +100
    Accuracy and magical accuracy +220
    Hit points +3,000
    Attack, casting and movement speed +2%

    Note: The items [Event] Moonbeam Energy and [Rune] Minion Partner Fragment will be removed from the game after the event is over.