Aion classic EU

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    1. Hello, like many Europeans, I am waiting for a version of Aion classic EU, I know many people who are on the default NA version while waiting for an EU version.
    2. I know even more people who are on other games and would like to play on Aion classic EU..
    3. So now I ask you, is this a project that can succeed or not at all? Aion classic EU will have a higher population than Aion 8.0 and we are all ready to take a subscription to the game. Many of us have stopped Aion because it has changed too much and we all dream of finding this classic version on the continent European.. please.. do it.. <img src="" alt=";(" class="smiley" srcset=" 2x" height="23" data-tooltip="crying" id="wscSmiley_0_0">
    4. Smast