things to do in ingisson

  • Hello everyone!

    i'm a new player and just got into ingisson where the real game is amirite xD?.

    after i got into ingisson, i'm in a complete lost and i don't know what to do, what to grind, what to do anything basically once i have reached this realm and how to get more stronger as a gladiator.

    can anyone please guide & help me on what to do from now on. and i will be glad to join a legion/guild that can further help me.

    thank you so much :)

    P.S: i'm new to the forum and i guess i made the same thread but in the community Area -> inter-server discussion, and i think that was the wrong place to open a thread for this kind of topics. sorry!

  • For now, you might want to focus on getting Titan Coins from mobs there (Rokoros Village seems to be the best place to farm those, the mobs are weaker than anywhere else in Inggison). You can get the full PvE ultimate dragoon armour set + 2x fused weapons in a few days. It's pre rolled stat-wise, so you don't need a lot of Kinah to get the right stats.

    For your first set of accessories and feathers, I would suggest to go to Lakrum via the abyss rift in Inggison Illusion Fortress (you'll need a charged dimension hourglass to enter, you get 2 hours of charge daily simply by logging in). If you have trouble with enemy players there (it's a server wide field, so it's very populated at the moment) you can also go late at night / early in the morning, it's usually calm around those hours. Do you weekly garrison Quests and your daily Order Ticket quests for Genesis Crystals, and use those to buy the ultimate Lakrum accessories and feathers. Once again, pre rolled stats so perfect for a beginner without much kinah.

    After that you can farm pretty most instances for Kinah and start to get other gear parts that may require multiple stat rerolls to be good (e.g. Ultimate Merciless Intruder set to replace dragoon armour or the Titan Coin PvP set). You can also look at the info tab in your profile to learn where you can get better equipment from, but the equip from the first 2 paragraphs will put you in a pretty decent starting position.

  • The above comment is outdated. I made a new fresh character just to put some directions here for all the new players that will end up reading this post:

    - Soon you reach lvl 76 make the main quest ( will give you some yellow gear)

    - Then teleport to garrison nr 1, make the quest from there. I Will give you some nice xp and also fame xp that you will need the most.

    - Follow the path of the dark blue quests (first you start with the one near garrison 1)

    - You will have some difficulties making some of them cause the gear you get from the quest is really bad and the previous ones you got is under level.

    - Soon you make lvl 80 make all garrison quests, dailies. weeklies that give you fame. You need to make lvl 4 fame to be able to buy protector gear from Ingnison. For those, you need some items gained from your experience using xp extractor ( this should be covered by an in-game tutorial)
    - Now is coming to the real pain. To make those items you need some kina and to make kina you need gear .. so here all you can do is somehow to farm something ( but there is nothing in an open world that you can sell) and sell it. I have not to clue how to make some fast kina without gear to actually make starter gear ..

    You need to find a way to make kina ... the fast way is (and maybe the only way) is to buy a GP from the shop and sell it to a broker.