Known issues 7.3

  • Here is the list of known and confirmed issues for 7.3 :

    • Minionites obtained from "Packaged Class A Minionite" can't be used to lvl up your minions.
    • Players get kicked from North Katalam
    • Jurak Aether pudding bundle can´t be opened
    • Some Packaged Class A Minionite includes the wrong minionite
    • missing icon at the morphing recipe
    • Minion Summoning effect cutoff
    • [Rune] Ultimate Accessory Selection Box of the Cold Blue Flame can't be opened
    • Magic Crystal Bundle can't be opened

    Important: Please note that due to the coronavirus and the related restriction and measures in Korea, NCSOFT had to abide to it and will most likely not be able to deliver patches with the same frequency as usual. It might be that it will take more time than usual to get fixes for theses issues. We would like to apologize in advance and thank you for your patience and understanding in that regard.

    Your AION team