Aion Drawing

  • Amazing, I like the second post most (V3). Face shape and lips/eyes came out best in that one imo:slove:

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  • Shouldn't listen to my friend that face was too short now it's too long :/ I can't fix it but enlarge the eyes it's not better this work took me 9 hours to finished >.<

    I don't have a clue what I'll draw next lol

    I think I draw each costume pretty accurated :P

  • would you mind, if I scribbled over your piece to show you, were you need to fix it a tad? (And yes, this avatar I use is a drawing I did, so I kinda know what I'm doing)

  • Heyho Hairbrush,

    as you can see I've redrawn your Alice completely. You noticed how things don't perfectly add up. This is due to a lack of proportions.

    Compared to the face your body misses the correct proportions.

    A hand is almost as big as the whole face. I've also changed the pose a bit, using the pose as your legs were suggesting.

    If you want any further explanations or tutorials, drop me a line. I'll help where I can.

    Btw I'm using CSP (ClipStudio Paint) since a few years, so I'm not too fit with PS. Before CSP I was mainly using PaintToolSAI

    Link to "Alice reloaded"

  • Ah you're god >_<

    Well I draw without a training in art :(

    I stopped drawing couple days ago and found out I've lost drawing skill no matter what I do it won't come back.Is this normal ? I don't have a drawing tablet can I do digital drawing ? :/ and what I should do to get my drawing skill back ? D: now the harder I tried the worse became of my works.

  • Nah, drawing is pretty much something you can get back "easily" - you can still draw your lineart on paper, scan it and color it on the comp - I did that for many years until I decided to get myself a graphic tablet - at first I thought I've lost all abilities to draw lol - I was behind it and kept drawing and drawing until I figured why I sucked so hard - it got better - though far from perfect. I can help you with the basics, understanding the physiology is especially important in drawing humans, most mistakes happen since we're rather blind (trust me, I was too)

    The only thing you can do is stay strong, keep drawing - maybe some of the tips others have for you may help you and well, as I've said before, I have a few tutorials out there already so it's no big deal. Always glad to help a fellow artist ;)

  • Yeah but right now I'm taking a break I was drawing like mad and my face keep getting sad and sadder as many times I drawing them :(

    I was drawing 1 week non stop and suddenly it's like my skill has been taken away D:

    Someone suggested I should go play games I'll keep do something else until my drawing mood back I guess it's no good to keep doing it when everything goes against me :/

    I know the problems I was trying to fix them but it never got it right it took more than 10 hours for each drawing it driving me crazy I was trying to improve long hair(as I try to copy it from game) I figured out I should draw as multiple bangs and divide into small bangs I can't draw 2 eyes identical there're so many problems.

    I worked 10 hours for each work and no one really comment ._. I feel was like wasted.

    I don't know if people don't comment my works here because my Aion political opinions D: or the works are just so bad.

    Then I had to stopped drawing because I don't have time to take care of myself when I restarted the skill just gone ._.

    That's my story xD,thanks for listening.

  • Well, I know that all too well, if you can't get anywhere, you deffo need a break - I don't think it has anything with you or the quality of your work that people don't comment on it - I barely get any feedbacks ;) though that's not restricted to this place - most of the time people who want to bash you are reacting and these folks are not needed anywhere - if you feel up to it - drop me a line - whenever it fits you, kay? I don't mind at all