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    Hi I saw GF is now interesting to create classic server.

    As many other people said there will be some form of monetize however I don't mind it much as long as it providing enough happy experience not something like one player with ultimate xform can take on the whole world.

    However I would like to suggest some modify to classic that do not affected endgame at all.

    -Remodify quests,exp and guards(perfer range one that spam root slow silence) in low level maps such as Elten and Herion instead of one area that you could level into 2 areas that offering same exp and special tokens to buy special items like,(greater)stigma,stigma shard,skins,pots,scrolls) as new players who do not know how to farm AP can use this token to buy what they needs.
    -Add a series of chain quests that give coins gears and upgrades your weapon +5 with filled manastones on weapon and armors at the end of chain.This is completely optional and they're only upgrading your coins gears.You don't need to do this at all and your end game gears will be better than this.
    -If you modifed low level maps with above suggest you can turn Theo into pvp zone with increased exp and tokens.

    PvP will happens but you can't camp anyone at all because there're alternate places to level and AP isn't so much needed since you use tokens from quests to buy greater stigma as alternative.

    -And lastly please introduce tutorial cut scene that teach people how to weaving,CC(Such as slow,silence,root), and pots because it's important that everyone learn this because if you don't know how to weaving or CC you're pretty much rage quit at end game because you can't kill mobs fast enough or survive.

    It's nothing changing to endgame at all it's just helping get everyone ready for PvP at the end game.

    -Extra you can sell things like PvP defense amulet that +3% pvp def for 15 mins in shop usable as long as you're not above rank 2 (basically you can't use every fancy AP gear from 3.0 patch and above if you're rank below rank 1 ^^) and ofc this effect will wore out if you're in enemy's lands :P(prevent twinks from abusing this lol)

    I will say only a short comment.

    If you staying here because you hope it will be better,it's not.Time to move on.
    They know what we wanted they just choose to ignore.I'm sure everyone who working inside NC Korea can speak and understand english.It's 2020 not 1970.

    What we experiencing right now it's not only happening in Aion but also BnS as well.

    The skills change are happening too many times.

    Especially when people get certain skills and stigma +15.
    Nobody will complain if they don't have to enchant them.

    It's like we're playing a beta game and getting changes non-stop from developers.
    The different between a beta game and Aion is in Aion we have to invested time and money for those skills.

    I don't know but they should focus doing something else beside destroying maps,remastered instances.

    It becoming a loop of laziness,remastered instances,destroying maps and rebalance skills.

    If game too hard ? give people free gears nerfed current instances introduced another super hard instances,give people free gears again and nerfed super hard instances it's just a loop of stupidity.

    Why no design a game that everyone can play from beginning ? without giving them free gears ? stop making instances that majority people can't do.

    Who they that trying to please ? Only few of elite whales ? I don't even know now if they actually want to make a game that making money or they just want to you know quit this company and do something else.

    With respect your work Galeas

    I mean the current situation is hopeless I can't keep monitor on all past things you did.I should do that but I don't think they worked sorry.

    Right now it needs effective solution to bring people hope back I mean within a week.

    I already suggested you should do an event bring NPCs that got disabled in Sanctum back such as clothing NPCs,dye NPC and emote and motion NPC if players base didn't rise I'm gladly to take a ban on forum it was a simple event just bring NPCs back :/

    This will prove my theory that skins are the main core of Aion.

    I love Aion and I respected Aion staff for doing their jobs.

    Forums are ultimate boring.

    Here is my question to Galeas .

    Any plans to improving dark and hopeless situation about Aion.

    We players suggested many things and we haven't see any of it implemented.

    Ofc I didn't mean just events and shops but I mean permanent features that will add to the game ? In my gaming life I never saw any situation dark as much as Aion right now.

    People losing their hopes and gave up about the situation.

    I want to suggest re-enable NPCs in sanctum who were selling clothes, dyes, emotes and motions as an event if that doesn't boost players in game I'm gladly to take a ban in forum but GF also need to promote this event as well.

    Lol I just asking what's patch on base screenshot.

    Why you have to be so mad about it ?

    Why you can't just be positive and relax ? This is a gaming forum not a resume.

    I don't know why we even having argument over nothing ? It's pointless

    If you have nothing more to say I suggest you go read other topics :P

    Lol nobody said about classic o_o

    Are you that paranoid ?

    You should be relax you getting too much stressing about Aion.

    How about you take a break ?

    Go outside sometimes your whole life isn't Aion.

    Yesterday I dream something about Aion,it's about next week update,I dream that they added S-Rank gears make all older items obsoleted.At this point I say every dream I had destroyed Aion is finished.

    This is infinity war ending without endgame part.

    So dark you sure you're not from DC universe ? :huh::D

    What do you expected from 8.0 ?

    Under following conditions

    -No classic server or any classic elements

    -No PvE server or PvE focus patch

    -No reserve damage that done by 6.0 patch

    -No more skins add to shop because 6.0 says so

    -Everything will remain untradable

    -No housing suggest allow

    Very welcome opinions

    -More transforms add

    -More enchanting,upgrading and more RNG

    -More destroy maps

    -Skill changes make some stupid useless and some OP after people +15 it

    -More P2W items in shop

    -Lower success rate of enchanting, upgrading

    -Every buff become passive like cleric and can't toggle

    Well now you can suggest under these conditions 8o^^

    I still wonder why Gameforge removed most of skins when 6.0 happened ? Is that a policy from NC ? Because NA also removed most of skins too.

    Don't understand this concept, a shop should have a wide selection of skins. Don't understand the reason behind it.

    I'm just guessing, but I think they have to pay some kind of license/fee for each item they want to sell in the shop.

    These items used to vend pre 6.0 era ? Does that mean they have to pay again ? 6.0 is a restart of lincense too ? =O Even NCsoft west have to pay NCsoft Korea to sell skins ?

    Really that's dumb af it's like you bought a TV and no cable with it lol. ?(

    I still wonder why Gameforge removed most of skins when 6.0 happened ? Is that a policy from NC ? Because NA also removed most of skins too.

    Don't understand this concept, a shop should have a wide selection of skins. Don't understand the reason behind it.

    I can see the point NC is trying to make. I think they want to move away from having one healer class in the game that does everything, because it would make other classes obsolete. For too many years players in Aion went 5 dps and one healer (cleric) in regular instance, and a class like chanter was ignored. Then for a short time chanter's heal was op and nobody needed a cleric. I think this way they want to separate the roles, having chanter for aoe heals in between attacks and cleric for emergencies and dispels in between attacks. Bard can also support the group. In KR you see most pvp and pve groups having both cleric and chanter and the cleric is never just a healing bot, they attack like everyone else and use emergency skills when needed. It sucks for those that chose cleric as a do it all support class and wanted to have every single kit that a healer has in other games, where there is a only a main healer.

    On the other hand this balance is done based on KR gameplay, where a lot of them reached endgame in terms of achievements. You see clerics outlasting every class if you give them the time, and doing an insane amount of damage in pvp. But this is rarely the case here in EU where most players never completed one pvp set, and talking about second or third pvp set is out of the question. You don't see many clerics here running around with +15 stigmas and an ultimate transform (huge boost). While our concerns might be legitimate, there is nothing we can do. The game was meant to be played like it is in KR, not like here where your goal is to farm years for a full pvp set and don't enjoy much of the pvp until then because of the imbalance.

    Translating as there will be less Bene clerics and more DPS clerics ? :D

    Clerics don't share loot with chanters anymore. So that problem gone.

    About dispels and emergencies I think bard can do that too while still managing dps/healing mode, to be honest I'm all for dps clerics their dps vision stigma is great.

    There's no more needed of full support stigma in PvE ?

    I like how the game dividing support jobs to other classes this is a great change for me. But it will take a while for people to accept clerics are no longer main healing class :o