Cherry Blossom Festival

  • Event and Offer Overview for 14th March to 3rd April


    The power of nature rises gently and just before we can celebrate the start of Spring, the Cherry tree blossom falls. All of Atreia is stirring: the final preparations for the celebrations have been completed on time and the first visitors are already wandering around Sanctum and Pandaemonium.

    Alongside the usual and generous rewards, you will also be able to collect Cherry Blossom Letters across the event that let you build festival words. The final rewards will then be awarded for these words. Join in and celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival with us!

    2019-02-21_AI_Cherry_Blossom_Festival_Event_Screenshots_105x65_Cherryblossoms.jpg 2019-02-21_AI_Cherry_Blossom_Festival_Event_Screenshots_105x65_Costume.jpg 2019-02-21_AI_Cherry_Blossom_Festival_Event_Screenshots_105x65_Kubinerks_Cube_Laboratory_2.jpg 2019-02-21_AI_Cherry_Blossom_Festival_Event_Screenshots_105x65_Smug_Lovebirds.jpg

    Following events and offers await:

    Amorous Shulack

    Event timeframe: 14/3 to 3/4

    It’s all gone topsy-turvy in Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory: it has been overrun by Shulacks and now it is up to you to eliminate them and their leader, Malarkin. The Glittering Jewels you receive can be used to purchase some wonderful items.

    You can find out more info on the event here.

    The Cherry Blossom Hero Trial

    Event timeframe: 14/3 to 3/4

    Sounds exciting! Level 80 players will have to survive a challenging series of quests from the Hero Trials during the Cherry Blossom Festival to earn some valuable items. An optional quest will be available at the end, where youc an decide whether you want to complete it in PvP or in PvE.

    You can find out more info on the event here.

    The Grand Cherry Blossom Photoshoot

    Event timeframe: 14/3 to 27/3

    Smile! Daeva are snapping shots in Sanctum and Pandaemonium with the Cherry Blossom Festival decorations as a backdrop to submit their photos to the community competition. The top 5 entries will receive valuable in-game prizes as well as an AION t-shirt and a plush Shugo.

    You can find out more info on the competition here.

    Cherry Blossom Sale

    Event timeframe: 14/3 to 3/4

    What would a festival be without a hearty sale and some exciting offers? The following items will be available at attractive prices in the AION Shop:

    • Cherry Blossom Transformation Set (max 5 per account)
      Pack: Ancient Transformation Contract and [Event] Cherry Blossom Letter A
    • PvP Cherry Blossom Enchantment Set
      Bundle of Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones and [Event] Cherry Blossom Letter I
    • PvE Cherry Blossom Enchantment Set
      Bundle of Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones and [Event] Cherry Blossom Letter I

    The following items can only be purchased 1x per account:

    • Cherry Blossom Stigma Set
      Pack containing a Cherry Blossom Stigma Enchantment Stone and [Event] Cherry Blossom Letter O
    • Cherry Blossom Manastone Set
      Cherry Blossom Manastone Pack and [Event] Cherry Blossom Letter N

    Caution: Please note that all [Event] items will be removed from the game at the end of the event and competitions for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

    Have fun with your adventures in Atreia!

    The AION Team

  • Bug: The Garrison quests from the current cherry blossom event that you can find in hero Trials were not working correctly. It should work if you are in a group and if you are alone. Unfortunately, quests were only completed when you were not in a group until now. We fixed it and it works as intended from now on. We also know that some people already completed their quests on Wednesday before the event started.

    Because of both issues, we will compensate the people who did the quests on Wednesday before the event and the people who did the Garrisons but still didn’t have the quests completed. As soon as the details are known, we will inform you.

    The AION Team.

  • The quest : Cursed Shureik

    Currently available in The Hero Trials doesn’t work for Elyos. We are working on a fix but if you want to complete the related main quest please chose another quest from the list.

  • We are now completing all event quests that have a reward. It will still take some time and it also has an impact on normal quests rewards. There is currently a delay because of it again. Nonetheless, when it is over, everyone should get the event quests completed and receive the rewards after that.

  • The missing letters (for non-fully completed quests) from the second week of the event will be available via the “manage bonuses” on your account in the shop starting today as well as the transformation contracts. It’s currently being sent. Please keep in mind that the NPC and morphing recipes will disappear on Wednesday 10.04. Therefore, you need to use the letters and items before that date.