Abusing Xform Timer

  • Should the abuse of Xform Timer via Logout be ruled to be not allowed ? 28

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    The abuse of Xform Timers via logout is out of hand.
    It is heavily abused to an extend that the Xform that only should last 10 minutes is used for 30 minutes +. There was a reason this got fixed in later Aion versions. Especially when they use 2nd account on the opposite faction that logs in once the character saving xform time logs out to scout for worthy targets.
    On top of that you can also use high CD skills (One-shot Skill Governor, Stun AOE from top 3 Ranks etc) way more often than intended

    That this also gets abused for Raids that u can use the Xform twice back to back which can lead to an unfair advantage as well.

    Not to mention camping and griefing entrance to Beshmundir temple.

    My Suggestion to this is to put a rule in place that disallows this behaviour from Publisher side.

    What are your thoughts on this ? If you disagree tell me why?

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  • Didn't they in the past at some point made it so you could xForm once every 10h? And logging out still kept your xForm running, so either use it or lose it?