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    Hier die Antwort vom Support für alle die das gleiche Problem haben, oder danach suchen sollten. Das Sicherheitssystem bezieht sich somit auf den Wechsel der IP innerhalb von 24 Stunden. Ist der Wechsel zu schnell, schlägt das Sicherheitssystem zu und der Account wird zur Sicherheit für 24 Stunden automatisch gebannt.

    Also wenn es ungünstig läuft ist man am Spielen, hat ne Zwangstrennung vom Anbieter in der man auch eine Neue IP bekommt, und möchte direkt wieder einloggen ist der Account erst mal 24 Stunden dicht. So war es schließlich bei mir.

    Da muss noch etwas anderes passiert sein. Die Aussage des Supports bezieht sich auf "mehrere" Wechsel "innerhalb von 24 Stunden". Ein einziger Wechsel wie in deinem Beispiel zählt vermutlich kaum als mehrere, und dass man nach einer Zwangstrenunng innerhalb kürzester Zeit wieder online ist wird wohl die Norm sein.

    Gefährlich könnte es m.E. höchstens werden wenn man einen Stromausfall hat oder den Router neu startet und dann zusätzlich eine Zwangstrennung mit IP-Wechsel hat - das wären dann immerhin mal zwei Wechsel innerhalb von 24 Stunden. Ob das schon ausreicht...keine Ahnung, habe keine Zwangstrennung.

    After last weeks maintenance the novice pass for most of my characters did not renew. At first I was confused and thought maybe the novice pass is a one-time thing and can only be done once, but one of my low level characters could actually activate it for the second season, while all others can not. On my main account I have one high level character and six characters below level 45, NONE of them can activate the novice pass since the first season ended a week ago.

    This is what the novice pass tab ingame shows for them - it claims the season will end in more than 300 days, and while it does have the "Activate pass" button, it will not activate. I have made a clip of exactly what happens -> HERE

    I have another account with 6 more characters below level 45, it is the same for all of them. We do have several more accounts in the household played on different PCs and for every account the situation is the same, except for ONE character who seems to have successfully activated the pass for a second time, but seeing that it affects every other char here, we are now wondering if that one character actually did not activate the pass before last week and we only think that it is active for a second time.

    So could anyone shed some light on this novice pass - the remaining time of currently 328 days seems to point to an initial timespan of one year (365 days). Is the novice pass a repeatable thing while you are under level 45, is it repeatable but only once a year, or is it meant to be only done once and them forever leave you with a non-functioning and useless pass tab?

    The normal pass seems to be active, but the beginner pass isnt... I cant activate with my lvl 22 char...

    Same here, did you get this resolved? My novice passes show 330 days left, offer a button to activate it, but activating does not work. This is the same for several characters who all can not activate the novice pass for the second season after the first one ended.

    I nehme an die Frage wie lange es dauert ist eher rhetorischer Natur, aber hier ist meine Erfahrung in der Sache, gequotet aus einem Post den ich selbst am Dienstag im englischen Forum gemacht habe:


    I have literally reported some teleporting farmbots several dozen times within about 3 weeks time. EVERY SINGLE DAY when i came across them in front of beluslan fortress with SEVERAL alt characters on my account I passed them and pressed the report button. It's 5 bots teleporting from mob to mob all day long every day and together I must have sent HUNDREDS of reports on them. I still saw them this morning although they have now passed on to the Kidorun's Campsite area.

    Die Bots sind auch heute noch unterwegs. Um es nochmal zu betonen: Ich habe diese 100% offensichtlichen Cheaterbots WOCHENLANG jeden Tag MEHRFACH mit meinen verschiedenen Alts reported die hauptsächlich die Dailyquest in Beluslan machen (das ist der Grund dass ich SO oft an diesen Bots vorbeigekommen bin). Alle diese Bots (nicht grundsätzlich alle, sondern alle diese die ich immer wieder täglich reported habe) nutzen den Teleport-Hack und porten sich von Mob zu Mob, und wenn sie zu hoch im Level werden nutzen sie ihr Delevel-Script welches im Sekundentakt "xxxx has died" erscheinen lässt während sie einfach so direkt am Obelisk auftauchen, sterben, auftauchen, sterben, auftauchen, sterben....

    Absolut JEDER der die Kenntnis hat dass Spielercharaktere nicht einfach so von Mob zu Mob teleporten können braucht weniger als 15 Sekunden um diese Bots ohne jeden Zweifel und ohne "Investigation" als cheatende Bots zu identifizieren. Und es passiert einfach nichts. Da bringt es dann auch wirklich nichts immer wieder zu versichern "Wir arbeiten daran" wenn wir alle wissen dass es ein Leichtes wäre alle diese Bots innerhalb Minuten aus dem Game zu bannen. Klar, die Firmen würden dann umgehend neue Bots erstellen. Aber die müssen dann erstmal hochleveln, die sind ja nicht umgehend Level 30, 40, 50 oder 55. Und wenn die Highlevel Bots erst einmal weg sind, braucht man dann ja auch nur noch die neu hochlevelnden ebenso rauszuwerfen.

    Was haben wir stattdessen? Gelkmaros/Ingisson VOLL mit Bots in den T1 Zonen.

    Quoted from "

    If the controller has the legal option to oblige the provider to hand over additional information which enable him to identify the user behind the IP address, this is also personal data."

    ChatGPT/OpenAI has no legal option to oblige the provider of any user of the game to identify them based on their IP, as this would require them to take legal action for which they have no reason thus it would be denied. Your linked Samsung case is completely irrelevant here as that has nothing to do with personal data or GDPR, they just uploaded some code that they didn't want anywhere outside of their company.

    There is no risk and there was nothing I missed.

    Idk if he heard of ChatGPT, but I'm quite confident you didn't heard about GDPR x)

    And I am very confident that you have no idea what you are talking about as movement or quest data of characters in a video game definitely are nothing GDPR would apply to. Jesus. Next you want to tell us the "inspect details" function where you can see other character's equipment is also against GDPR.....

    Have you heard of ChatGPT? Does Aion do server logs? I can come up with a dozen prompts to let ChatGPT search through server logs and weed out the bots. Apart from their VERY obvious movement that any employee could determine as being botted withing SECONDS (not investigation needed, it is absolutely 100% obvious and not a single legit player ever moves like they do) the bots are SCRIPTED. All the bots doing the same script will have a certain fingerprint like the waypoints they use, the quests they do, the order in which they do these quests. We are in 2023 and we have AI. With a little practice, feeding ChatGPT with a dozen confirmed bots and asking it to find all characters that match specific criteria these bots have would for sure spit out a VERY specific list of characters that are screaming for investigation.

    But no, the users need to press buttons that a) are limited to a ridiculously low number as if there were only 10 bots on the server b) don't work in town c) don't work in the abyss d) don't work because often you cannot target most of them as they are all standing on top of each other e) don't work because they teleported away into the sunset bef0re you could even press the button if you managed to target them.


    in-game report doesn't work, they disabled it years ago, cause there was to many reports, and they just don't care, nothing will change

    too bad it was re-enabled 1 week before Patch 2.0

    It works, not in all areas, but it works!

    It does not help that they "re-enabled" it when still nothing happens.

    I have literally reported some teleporting farmbots several dozen times within about 3 weeks time. EVERY SINGLE DAY when i came across them in front of beluslan fortress with SEVERAL alt characters on my account I passed them and pressed the report button. It's 5 bots teleporting from mob to mob all day long every day and together I must have sent HUNDREDS of reports on them. I still saw them this morning although they have now passed on to the Kidorun's Campsite area.

    So spare people the "But it works now" message, as still nothing happens.

    Many of the games I played over many years had a bot problem, and in most of the games that i played and QUIT, bots were at least a significant reason for me quitting.

    I have reported tons of bots to gameforge in the old aion version by ticket, I hate botting and I wish I could just play a game in fairness. But your suggestions / thoughts are simply bad. Sorry, but if Gameforge cared enough for the problem to make so significant changes, it would be WAY easier for them to simply put someone to ban all the damn obvious bots on sight than to transform the game into your utopia.

    Btw. there is a configurable spamfilter in the game client that does not seem to be activated for us. Check these forum posts about that one. Why do we not have it? No idea. It would be easy for those who are annoyed by goldseller spam to set up their personal filter to filter out the spam on their own without the spambots ever noticing that nobody sees them.

    Removing Siel from everyone non-paying will NOT solve the issue and once again only hurt normal players like SO many other suggestions against bots. They will NOT CARE. They make enough money by those "I want the BEST stuff and I am not willing to earn it" people that they will just buy Siel. And then the prices for Kinah rise but it will not hurt them, because there will STILL be tons and tons of people who just pay the higher price. All you would do is make the kinahbuyers pay more Euro per million, the rest would stay the same.

    You miss the point that it worked before last maintenance. If you had your pet out (i am talking about pets, not summons) and you logged out and then in again, it would immediately pop out again and be active. This changed last week. Not sure what your post was about or if you just never noticed.

    PS: Even if you mistook me talking about summons and not pets, your post still does not make any sense. You did not use to get the message "You cannot summon any pets in your current status" ever before, regardless of SM or not SM, and if you logged in and were blinking you could simply cast your SM pet (summon) and you would stop blinking. You would not get the message that you cannot do that.

    Can't confirm any of this. I have had multiple game accounts on my gameforge account since the game was released as anything computer related in my family is handled by me and I administrate all accounts anyway (nobody else wants to bother with the "tech stuff").

    There are multiple game accounts from my gameforge account logged in at the same time every day - each on a different PC in the gaming room obviously. In the three months there was only one incident, where we were sorting our inventories and on one PC the game was flagged as unavailable, but only on that one PC, the accounts could still be logged in on the other PCs. I wrote a support ticket with details and got a reply back even from head of support that said absolutely nothing about there being a problem with more than one game account being logged in at once from a gameforge account. Some hours later everything was back to normal and no problem since.

    Ps: What would even be the point of saying "Oh no, you cannot log in two accounts from two PC, but if you make two Gameforge accounts, then you can"? Everybody would just make separate Gameforge accounts for each game account and be done with it.

    Since the last maintenance whenever I log in any char or use a portal or even just the teleporter NPC I get informed that I "Cannot summon any pets in my current status".

    It seems the "current status" is when you just ported and are blinking in and out, not being in the world yet and not targetable, but that did not bother your pets before.

    So since the patch I am frequently running around without my pet, because it will disappear whenever you port to somewhere or do a quick relog. This can't seriously be an intended change? Even more weird is that I have not seen a single person talk about this or make a post. What's up with that, it can't be just me who now all the time "loses" his pet? Can you all remember all the time to resummon it to obtain your hourly coins? Before, you only had to resummon it when you died.....

    I know people that read the roadmap and say Yeah right, why not? and never log in to the board or actively participate. Yet I also know many that do not agree and would never vote as well. Making an ingame survey would be the proper way, if one wants to know the actual numbers.

    Totally agree that an ingame poll would be better simply because it reaches WAY more people, so the result is much more statistically valuable. However, taking a forum poll with an overwhelmingly clear result and then claiming the actual player opinion is the opposite of it, that's just ridiculous.

    Either way, I do not trust Gameforge to listen to player feedback enough to change their plans anyway.

    While you are correct with the numbers of this specific poll, it is also no secret that usually the players that disagree with something voice their opinion and not vice versa. However, I agree that none can really know the correct numbers.

    We are not talking about something like the "number of threads of people who are unhappy" (who are more likely to speak out) versus "number of threads of people who are happy with it" (who are more likely to just be the silent and content type and NOT make a post.

    We are talking about a poll where all it takes is a click of a button, no effort required. This can not be compared to being a "silent" or "vocal" minority or majority at all.

    At least 95% of the playerbase defending postpone 2.x using the argument it will kill aerial pvp don't even pvp lmao. Aerial pvp is the worst horse poopoo ever and if you think it is good, you must be using something really strong or you're just delusional.

    2.x is where the real content and Aion is, if 1.x was good NA wouldn't die so fast because they took too long to launch 2.x lol.

    Overall we have more people that want 2.0 to arrive just like it was shown on the roadmap than people that are against it, its just most of them dont care to talk about it on the forum etc.
    Especially since this custom classic is really bad compared to how the game was in 2009 and classic 2.0 solve many of the annoying issues it has currently.
    So i hope gameforge wont listen to the loud minority and postpone 2.0 because of that.

    Don't you feel bad, lying out of your behind?

    The poll is right here in this thread.

    Are you fine with the planned roadmap and the fast update schedule? 179

    1. no (121) 68%
    2. yes (46) 26%

    Claiming it is the other way around out of thin air while we have the poll results on the front page is kind of silly. You have NO way of knowing how many people from each point of view are on the forums, for whatever reason.

    Wenn man sich im /3 mal die nicht enden wollende Flut von "WTB <insert rare endgame item>" anschaut ist schon klar wer das ganze Kinah kauft. Entweder genau diese Personen selbst, oder die Personen die ihnen irgendwelche anderen Items für Millionen gekaufte Kinah zuvor abgekauft haben.

    Seinen Kram selbst verdienen will anscheinend keiner mehr. Alles nur noch SCHNELL SCHNELL SCHNELL, schnell Leveln, schnell Endgame, alles skippen, nur die Quests mit geboosteten XP machen und den gesamten restlichen Spielcontent links liegen lassen.

    Und dann kann es natürlich mit dem nächsten Patch nicht schnell genug gehen, denn das eigentliche Spiel wurde ja innerhalb einer Woche durchgeskipped und alles mit Kinah erreicht was eigentlich Monate hätte dauern sollen.