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    So, I think now it's been like 3 weeks or a bit over that I have not logged into Aion to play. I know most people don't care and there will be the generic don't let the door hit you kind of replies, but I still think I need to share some of my thoughts with y'all.

    So I am a headstart player, the kind that sacrificed a couple of weeks of deserts to purchase the collectors edition game back in the day. It was the only mmo that I had been so excited for, ever. And in the first couple of years it did not disappoint.

    I took many breaks away from the game when things became too frustrating, and mainly, it has to do with the negation of progress that Aion patches always do: you get caught into grinding for something so ferociously, but you are not quit there yet, and a new patch comes, gives what you worked for so hard for free to everybody else, and then brings in a new gear to work for.

    Simply put, I'm done playing to be able to play 'one day'. This last time I had come back for 6.0 because it promised AGAIN that things would be revamped, rethinked, restarted. I think it is the 3rd time already that Aion promises that, that KR are appologising for the bad outcome previous patches have brought and erase and rewind. But after so many times that the history repeats itself, you come to understand that it is only a marketing gimmick. And also, that the game is designed for Korean market, not this one. And Gameforge is not willing to do the right things to compensate for the lack of ... mechanics, after all, since it is my understanding that our region is the only one far behind transformation stats.

    Let me explain: I don't think the game has ever been designed to be a 'long goal' kind of game. Aion is supposed to be fun, fast, you can see this by the speed new things are being added to it, look at the legendary forms list right now and ... isn't it bigger than the basic transformations list? How sad is that, that even after playing 15 20 hours a day for the past year and grinding the heck out of every event with my 20 alts, 5 accounts, I still am missing my class transformation? GF is trying to starve the people and make them pay for these forms, I get that, I understand this company needs to survive, but so does the playerbase. And there is no point in playing if something is so frustrating to the point where even pay to win does not make such a big difference. Everything in this game is more like a bait than anything at this point: the shop, the events, the end game content: its there, but mostly inaccessible.

    Anyway, my anger and frustration with the game has mostly died out since i am now playing something else that I can actually enjoy while still working towards a goal. So let me just share some personal experience regarding my quitting the game.

    I was doing my lugbug dailies for those white contracts, every day, on 11 characters. It was taking me hours, some I enjoyed, some were just disgustingly boring, But I was thinking... I will get that contract one day. I fused ancients numerous times, I even fused legendary doubles, although I only have 4 different legendary forms. I got Hamerun 5 times. I stopped believing that the thing is RNG as it felt for me that the more you work towards it, the less the game is willing to give it to you. I felt stuck in this loop. Still, when they changed the lugbug dailies and made the contracts a monthly thing, I was so relieved because I knew I could not keep the grind forever, the weekly thing seemed more forgiving and it promised a legendary form for every 2 months. I thought I could still do it with all my 11 characters, only to find out later after the first week, that only 1 character was able to do it since GF only was going to give one of those breaths every month. WHich made my whole lugbug grind pointless, I could now only do it 3 days in a week, with just my main.

    So here is the story. I was very sad about this outcome, because I had all this high hopes of again beating RNG with sheer numbers and ridiculous grind. I had been awake the whole night, farming in Dumaha and reset was close, in the morning, I was rushing to get to a lugbug and finish my daily stuff. Some enemy tried to kill me on the way there and as that was happening, my cat was meowing for attention and patting my shoulder with its paw. I kept talking to it to leave me the heck and go away, sometimes he picks on the voice tone and understands. This time he decided to jump on my desk instead, sit his ass on my keyboard and piss the hell out of my. So I shoved the cat away in anger. I didn't hurt him or anything, but.... my cat is a really cool cat dude. He is a very chatty feline. Has a meow for anything. When I shoved him away, he meowed in a way that broke my heart a little. He was of course displeased that his human goes against his wishes, but it seemed to me like he was surprised by it too, like it was not the expected result, as I'm usually very cuddly when things like this happen, I love that my cat comes around for a pet. Usually. And as he was meowing on the floor looking at me, displeased and rejected, I felt like an a'hole. And then I felt very sad. That a stupid lugbug makes me hurt people and cats around me that i actually love very very much. And over the course of the following day as this thing kept replaying in my head, I turned more and more disgusted at the mindless, souless grind that I dont even enjoy.

    take this as you will. But my conclusion is that the game makes no sense. The incoming patches make no sense, the unnecessary nerfes that grinding gets all the time are not needed. Everything is done against players experience, i feel. I wish GF understood this, the toll that the farming takes on people, the disturbance those bait rewards in those grindy events cause, the fact that at some point you never really get to play the game because you need to try all these 'maybes' that never actually happen. This game has made me very very sad and quite disgusted at the gaming industry in general.

    Wish you all good luck and may Aion let you out one day.

    Im starting to understand something.

    To make it clear, I came back to the game for 6.0 because it promised a hard start over. Now I feel cheated, but my feelings come from a different place.

    I dont think Aion was ever meant to any 'long term goal' anything. Aion was meant to be fast, fun, dynamic and PVP oriented. And P2W. In order to have fun PVP, you do need changes, you need new settings, new stuff to achieve.

    Thus, I think the fault for the way we perceive these patches lays with Gameforge (sorry guys!). If they didn't make these fake 'long term goals' that in Korea and other regions are not THAT long, we wouldn't feel so bad about these incoming patches, about new gears, new enchants... for us its just too much work everytime.

    And dear Galeas, please talk to the AIon EU team, whoever sets up these goals. Make them understand that setting a 'long term goal' for longer than the patch intended orginally for achieving that goal... KILLS the game. For everyone. A good example is these legendary contracts... people still dont have legendary forms for their class, and because of it instances like Stella NM are impossible. People lack collections, and BECAUSE OF THESE, stuff liek Tower of Challenge is impossible. Senekta is still unknown territory for 95% of the playerbase and its already obsolete. There are many other examples I could give... all involving the quality of gear that most people have and the lack thereof. Aion has become a game of gears and transformas, holding back on these ruins the progression that everyone should have in order to enjoy it and to feel like upcoming patches arent a personal war against their unfinished hard work..

    I suppose what someone else said somewhere, that Aion no longer has an active dev team, might be true and that explains why we get recycled content. However that doesn't explain why the game gets yet again more complicated with more types of enchants and enchanting limits get upgraded. I really, honestly, believe that for KR market it makes sense to continuously raise the bar because they probably achieve stuff much faster and therefore get bored. We never get to get bored, we never get to enjoy maxed gears and never really get to gear alts, either.

    If only Gameforge treated this game correctly, we wouldn't feel bad for losing progression, we would probably just be hyped for new things to do. Gameforge can save this incoming patch, but I doubt they will.

    Hell, even Legendary transformations seem now even harder to get than before 7.2... as gamforge decided to remove the free contracts and heavily, HEAVILY control and limit the lugbug weeklies we currently have. Count me surprised.

    + remove limit from genesis enchant boxes

    Why is everybody repeating this ? I thought this was true because I saw everyone saying this but then I bought boxes and I see no limit? Or are you refering to smth else?

    There should be a limit on these boxes, but it´s currently bugged and they´re still unlimited.

    But since 7.2 you should only be able to buy 5/week

    LOL. Okay that is just stupid, but i guess i know now what to do with my 20k crystals.

    But then, is it surely a bug? Is there any hope to think that maybe GF left it like his for a reason ?xD

    + remove limit from genesis enchant boxes

    Why is everybody repeating this ? I thought this was true because I saw everyone saying this but then I bought boxes and I see no limit? Or are you refering to smth else?

    It kinda is of course much easier on ranged classes. But I was able to kill it with my chanter alt, so it is not impossible, im a real melee nub.

    First of all, forget about killing it fast. Kill it as slow as you can, it doesnt matter. Dont get impatient with the damage, it backfires.

    Kite it around the room, hug the walls all the time. Hit it once, move backwards. Find a timing of hit/move back that allows you to reach the same point in the kiting circle where the purple shiets are just disappearing.

    You only need to find how much you need to move backwards every 1,2 hits you deal. Usually, its about I guess the length of the boss itself xD But it kinda depends how much the boss moves, sometimes it doesnt follow you that well.

    Youll get it no doubt, just be patient.

    I can make it short. It´s propably not the game for you if you don´t like PvP. And if you don´t like it, why did you even max your pvp gear so hard? Or maybe you are really just bored currently.

    Fair enough. I get it that is how a lot of people see things, But I can get more on depth on this. I love love PVP. There are mmos out there that are far far better than Aion in 99% of aspects, but I dont play them because the PVP there is off. I think my issue is that I am, ultimately, not a competitive player. I don't gear myself to be stronger than othres, I gear myself to keep going, to be able to pass through challenges, that includes PVP. When I PVP, I do it for the reward. I do not find rewarding when I kill people in 2 3 skills (mind me that aint possible anymore since I got a huge nerf as cleric but w/e).

    I don't like it when I go somewhere to gain something - be it genesis crystals, daily quests or anything else - and get killed by someone because they feel good seeing how weak I am (im talking about my alts tho). I rez up trying to deliver the quest, and the eprson kills me again because they just like that feeling. I don't like doing to others what I don't like others doing to me, and I am not here to waste anyones time because I know how bad that feels like.

    It is a completely different situation, however, when fights are balanced and there is an ultimate goal that both teams pursue, engaging willingly in the competition. This is competition, and I said I'm not competitive, but this is more like a sport. Perfect example here, is Dredgion. And all my life (indeed, since headstart in Aion), I have not found a better PvPvE instance, in any game, than dredgion in Aion. Thats what I'm playing for. Its not a zerg where you have no idea what's going on, where you cannot actually test your skills. It's not a zerg where you get one pull and its guaranteed death in a sea of red. It's not a zerg with random people where your group chaotically runs in all directions and you cannot be what you are: a support for others. And you CAN, actually, win with PvE if you have a better strategy than the other team, which is GREAT. And even tho you win with PvE, its wrong to say that its lame because winning with PvE still is group vs group tactics. Its amazing. I dont have this in any other game.

    Or to sum it up, have you heard of the expression being a good sport? I try to apply that to PVP.

    Red Katalam is a lot different/better than any pvp content we had since 5.0, haha. Maybe you should try it out before you even judge it, from your post it doesn´t seem like you even tried 7.2.

    I did try it out and I instantly found out that I do not want to be part of it, nor was I motivated by any reward. I don't think you realize: If I go Katalam, for PvP, I would be going these to basically put sticks into someone elses wheels so to speak. I'm not pursuing any goal, I'm not in competition for any resource with anyone. I would be going there for PvP, knowing that I outgear most people and knowing that most people are there to farm for a gear that ultimately is worse than mine. These people are noobs - no offense intended. They are not a match for me.

    What kind of pleasure should this bring me? I barely ever get killed and never 1vs1. I can no longer kill people, maybe, cuz im a stupid support cleric, but still I bet I could slap a few nabs into oblivion, it happened before. What fun is that? When I am eprfectly aware that I am achieving nothing, my gear is the one that wins.

    And how much time do you think I would manage to stay entertained doing this anyway? 20 minutes? Hypothetically. Then next day Katalam opens up, Im invariably going to think well... I actually need kinah more than I need pointless PVP.

    Even if you don´t have to grind anything anymore, RK is basically pvp/siege paradise. There are not just newbies with weak gear, a lot of endgamers play there too...

    I also greatly dislike sieges in this patch/es. There is no longer about any sort of strategy. Its boring, its just numbers vs numbers, if you don't count the fort trading deals that happen on my server which makes it even worse since its 100% predictable outcome, but this is not about sieges.

    Yes, a lot of endgamers play there, too, most likely. Always the same smartasses that roam newbie maps and kill farmers just to flex, I can recognize all names from my server, the rest I dont know. I dont want to play with those people since, again, I find that behavior disgusting in all honesty. Yes, Im old and have weird feelings towards some stuff. Im just not gonna encourage this, nor will I ever entertain these people.

    I have to admit that before and after the RK time Aion is still pretty much boring though and the pve is still bad/even worse now. Also i get what´s going on with kinah sources currently, basically after your ids are used up, most people are screwed.

    Well, this. The thing is, RK is a lot of PVE too. But I suppose in time I started to see through these gimmicks of NCSoft... hoarding everything under the PVPVE blanket. And I am, again, not impressed. I guess RK did a good job for returnees and for that I kinda am thankful, I do hope people will play this more now that it doesn't, maybe, feel as pointless and as hopeless to get decent PVP gear... on the other hand tho, I am not sure this will have a long lasting effect, for the exact reason you are mentioning here: the game lacks content, good content. And once you stop being a returnee, and you are done with the Katalam gear, do you really think you will come back to it for quality gameplay? Or will you just be happy to finally get away for a change, go out in the world and realize you actually need to progress your gear even further, which ultimately means the Black Feather gear? So from that eprspective, doesn't Katalam feel even a bit useless right now? Like ... a way to waste your time?

    I'm really not trying to make you feel bad about this thing. I hope you stay positive and that you keep having fun, but I have been through things like this before, and through patches that added superficial hyped content that ended up going nowhere. Why do you think the old Katalam was deleted? And now they got it back, you really expect this time for it to have a different outcome? Sure, you play to have fun and that only has a meaning if it happens now, the distant future matters less. But after you spend so much time grinding for something, jsut like me and the others have for their other PVP gear, you cannot not feel bad about patches like this. You're just not there yet. Amd the sad thing is... it will come for you soon. As soon as you will udnerstand the improtance of enchanting and how hard it is, even though this Katalam doesn't need to be enchanted to 15 THREE TIMES. But what if you enchant this to 15 then you will want to move on to Black Feather and you realize you now need to enchant gears 4 times?

    Then you realize the patch is worthless if it doesn't make important resources available, to allow people to actually progress rather than waste their time and keep them hopeful but not really giving them anything relevant.

    Not saying 7.2 is super awesome, but it´s atleast a lot better than 6.0 - 7.0(imo even 5.0 was worse, too much nonsense content)... except those specific issues now.

    Hm. I disagree xD 6.0 was amazing if only it lasted. With all its lack of kinah (and im talking... lack of teleport kinah even), at least everybody was back to 0, gear difference was almost nonexistent, PvP looked finally normalized with nobody 1 shoting anyone. What I always found to be true is, that even if the game is incredibly hard and grindy, it is for everyone. So it only needs to be constant in its difficulty. Aion often comes with these patches that give unfair advantages to some, then invariably arriving at a point where things need to be nerfed because they become ridiculous. Aion always pushed things further, even though what devs should be looking at is just offering more diversity, to allow people to always find something interesting to do but get equally rewarded for their time. Allow people to build their own gamestyle and get good at something. Aion just switches things on and off, deletes, resets, puts thing back on, removes them, turns everything upside down... it gets really depressing.

    And also, you should be allowed to get bored of something in the game and try new things without being taxed so greatly, like when you reroll. Right now, the only way you get bored of Aion, is by quitting to play another mmo.

    This is great. A bunch of my mates have outright quit and I've already seen two quite known and respected although slightly small legions decide to move away from the game.

    I don't have too clear why this mess of a patch made it out like it did, but I seriously suggest at the very least aknwledging that there are some serious issues to be adressed. It is very easy to see in lfg chat and in general that people are very annoyed and rightfully so.

    You guys at gameforge need to adress this. At the very least, tell the players to let them know that you know there are issues and are going to adress their concerns. Going into some damage control mode "everything is fine, we are gathering feedback" will not do anything for you. Players need to be told something more akin to "We know that some of the changes from the patch were a mistake and are working on a solution so you can enjoy all the content of the game".

    Probably a Gameforge solution will come, one that has been in development for months/years: hero trials, again in beta. And there will probably be small kinah boxes, again, and legendary stones for incredibly time consuming tasks. Some people will be happy, some will not, history repeats endlessly.

    I wish they made a 100% or actually 200% rate increase for Rune drops since were not in Kansas, I mean Lakrum, anymore, make the game playable, and be done with it. Also decrease the defenses of HM instance bosses by some 10%, and there it is, everyone happy, everything again DOABLE.

    1. Red Katalam is awesome and really brings players together(cross server). Also you can always que for serverwide instances while being in Red Katalam.

    So what if it brings more people together? Whats the point? Are you friends with everybody? Is everybody fun to be around? Or are they just ksing your mobs while you turn your camera round and round and round till you get dizzy trying to spot a free mob and kill it for yourself fast enough?

    2. Easy gainable gear, in my first day after comeback i had enough legendary battle medals for the most expensive ultimate gear box(weapon/wings), which is more progress than you had in weeks/months before.

    I farmed my heart, my soul and my eyes out in whole 6.0 and this 7.0 to max my PVP gear. Its done, its over. And I'm HAPPY about it, but I take no joy into jsut going on some newbie farming map to grief others. This new gear is worse and I have no curiosity in even seeing its skin.

    3. FREE endgame ultimate gear from helpers quests(event), one pve and one pvp armor part

    Yes, well, if only I didnt feel salty that every achievement in this game has to be handed out for free to people who maybe never even tried to get it before. This game is hard core, until you make it, then it busts you in the hazelnuts.

    4. Regulary high activity in pvp

    I dont have any reason to join Katalam. There is no other pvp that wasn't here before.

    5. Many Red Katalam Depots, so ye you can get multiple ultimate pvp parts in a week befire weeklys reset

    Again, no reason to mind any of the Katalam business.

    6. World Bosses are REALLY fun in Red Katalam and give TONS of good rewards

    Again, no reason to mind any of the Katalam business.

    7. Nostalgy

    Not for me.

    8. Not so much of a gear gamble anymore, even though you still have to enchant your ultimate battle gear and the gear is not much worse than Ultimate Black Feather, the intense version of it is even more closer to it.

    yes, I'm very happy I got tricked into trying hard for my gear before this. I feel really accomplished now, and like my life in this game was totally worth it.

    9. More sources for fragments, and some free fragments from helpers quests.

    I dont need fragments, I dont need gear, I dont need to morph PVP stones anymore.

    10. Finally ultimate pve weapons available again.

    Not for most people. Available, yes, likely to get one? Nope. That instance is hard and although the whole PVP from this patch seems to have been added for returnees and casuals, this PVE content is the exact opposite: for hardcore PVEers.

    11 . It´s just... fun...

    Boring. There is literally not 1 single thing I am looking forward to.

    Actually, one thing I like is that I no longer need lugbug dailies on all my 10 alts. Thanks for that, I can now finally live outside of the game.

    Dont mind my condescending, passive agressive tone. Im not trying to be annoying, Im just salty af and bored of this patch. And literally all my group of people are, with 2 of them barely even logging in anymore. 3 if you count me, that for 2 days I found no reason to play. Because I dont need any of the PVP grind regardless of some fun it might bring. And the PVE is again too hard to be done, old PVE that was already too hard is still just as hard and inaccessible (do you even know of anyone that has killed the bosses in Prometun HM, besides the first one?) and the new PVE content is... so disappointing. 2 entries per week, in a super hard instance that I see no completion date for yet with my group, with a drop that is for 12 people, probably not even with a 100% chance, when even in 6.patch i NEVER got my weapon from Makarna in how many hundreds of runs? And Makarna was much easier compared to this, you didnt need this much gear to do it, even with lfg. Im just not impressed. And also, with the nerf to old simpler pve, there is no fun to go there anymore, to do more or the same work but for less rewards.

    I actually take issue int he fact that people like you talk with such disdain about other as they feel that PVP means only YOU KILLING OTHERS. I am support PVP cleric, I am 10000% invested into PVP where I am support. And a good support cleric has his mind set on a lot of friggin things: like anticipating focused targets, kiting, positioning himself to avoid aoes and ccs, group heals, self heals, focused heals, dispells.... and here it goes: SOMETIMES there isn't enough dps on your groups side to kill someone, so guess what: you help dps too. So the change now, is that I can no longer multitask, I guess the game got boring, and if I feel I can manage it all, guess what: I cant.

    I dont go out there in the world or ina neviwind with full dps spec to be able to say 'OMG look at me im a cleric but i one shot people' while my party cries for a damn dispell and never gets it. I have seen this happening million times (I do play 9 other dps alts in these instances after all)

    Other games manage to have a support only class as you say, but they do it differently and the class DOESNT CHANGE EVERY GOD DAMN TWO MONTHS. @TRIGGEREDANGRY. When I played Lineage2 few years back and my healer could not kill even 1 mob in less than 3 minutes, spamming the only 1 damage skill that was also only PVE attack, I had indeed a constant party that I followed everywhere for everything, but guess what: that was everybodys playstyle that never changed for at least the 2 years that took me to reach max level in that setup, and healer main was quite rare, and geared healers were even more so just because of this: it was not for everybody. And I would NEVER have issues finding a group for anything because healer role was well established, just as every others class.

    Here comes Aion, with different playstyles every couple months, disables, enables, resets and delets whatever skills are the metas at some point, grinding is a pain and as f2p you only get to reach a target by the time a patch is already being replaced. So count me angry when Im trying to kill my 20 mobs and it takes 15 minutes, or when I go Katalam and Im forced to stay in my PVP gear cuz pvp, and my support setup cuz PVP, and i cannot do SHIET. Youc an have all the disgust toward me for trying to kill solo if you want, but let me just point out: is it so much to ask to let me friggin kill my mobs if I just feel like being what everybody else is and does? Aion is a lot more of a solo game than any other mmo ive played, to be honest. Or perhaps I should ask for group when I'm farming?

    Then here goes any DPS class, with just one gear for everything, to the point that even switching from PVP set to PVE is quite pointless cuz damage isnt a problem anyway, and damage is all you need to play this game as DPS.

    Now, ofc, I can be called a bad cleric. Maybe I am.

    I wish there was something, anything, to give anyone even the slightest trace of hope regarding this game. Nobody knows what is going on, there are many guessing and pulling the occasional conspiracy theory, but really, Gameforge, what is going on ? Why don't you friggin stand up for us and have our backs for one friggin time? Look at this disaster of a patch, that came in with promises and hype, and look what it is, nothing new, just a cosmetic old map and many steps back in all aspects... How is this supposed to be enjoyable to play for anything other than nostalgia and some forced bitter friendships that keep being shaken by patches like this that make people sad and convince them that the game isn't worth their precious time anymore?

    I'm not even angry anymore, I'm friggin sad and friggin depressed to look at the sad state of mmo gaming these days, everything is a cash grab, everything is a hidden slot machine, RNG that isn't really random because it follows algorithms designed to keep the addicts trying and trying and not really getting anywhere...

    Is this what you want for the human beings that support your business? For us, the poor mortal souls, that waste our lives playing this game and lying to both ourselves and our friends that 'everything is fine and life is beautiful'? It's pure blessed ignorance to imagine that these people playing this wreck of a game are anything but fine, when things are so broken yet they still are here hoping for better, getting obsessed with grinding for something that never comes and if it does it never stays for longer than a .2 patch? How feeble is the small joy of a pixelated achievemnt that some try so hard to get that are willing to spend this much time into all this game hypothetically has to offer now but never really does?

    Another patch that feeds the excitement with lies, things that you can have but never will because limitations are stronger, wider, larger than the human mind. Enchants are gone, loot is gone, some mobs are buffed, certain classes are nerfed into oblivion, new map is old already and irrelevant to current endgame, new crafts for consumables defy any common sense, new ultimate transformation although 99,9% of the server population still can't even imagine getting the first one, new instance that is again impossible to complete for another 2 patches from now, daevanion skills enchantment still nowhere in sight, stigmas to +15 nowhere in sight, minions S grade theoretically possible but practically completely impossible, further nerfs to daily/rep quests, generally everything that was hard to get before its even harder now and even more needed than before... what else? you name it, if it's bad, it's in this patch.

    Can we have any word on how Gameforge will tackle this situation? Is there anything to even keep the hopes up at this point? It's not the first time a patch like this happens, but this time it does feel like completely uncalled for and extreme.

    Kinda funny that no one is talking about the Saving Grace nerf.

    Oh I just looked at it since I never use it it was in my wh. They changed the heal it gave to p.def and m.def .. not too bad I guess if only it was a 1 minute lasting buff rather than 10 secs I would actually use it.

    xD This was the previous nerf this stigma got. The most recent one is, you cannot use this buff unless you block or resist an attack

    Kinda funny that no one is talking about the Saving Grace nerf.

    Oh well then let me start. This is one of my 6 +12 stigmas, imagine. I never thought this one was too useful since you cannot really see very clearly what the effect is on anyone you would buff it to, but now I know that after a full day of playing with this build, not ONCE, i repeat, NOT ONCE, has this skill become active for me to use. So I kept wondering why the heck I cannot use it, all the while reading its changed description and wondering what the heck it meant since it sounded too stupid to be accurate.

    Then a friend of mine, also cleric, says that omg he saw it activate ONCE.

    I'm sorry, it feels like using this stigma nowadays is like hoping for that legendary contract from a random gameforge event.

    I am still hoping something is bugged here, or we got an incomplete version of the cleric skills, where we should have something like scouts' Focused Evasion but one that for us blocks or resists something... without that, however, you probably need to full socket your gear to either block or resist to be able to use this skill ever again.

    Nice stigmas @cleric

    Yea I feel you. Cleric is worse and worse every patch and more nerfs recently. From decent damage to very low in few patches. With full ultimate equipment(65%/35% new-old gear) upgraded to 12-15 it takes ages to kill something a little bit harder, while on my sorcerer fully equipped with legendary and few ultimate parts +4/+5 and weapon +10 from patch 7.0 I feel huge difference. I don't say cleric should be OP in dps too, but rn this class is under average a lot - I would say one of the worst. Even as a healer I feel like my heal isn't strong enought for class which deal very low dmg and takes a lot more time compare to other classes


    I don't like the way of making class one path only - in this case healer/support only way

    What I really really find off putting about cleric right now more than ever, is the taxing you get for just being a healer. For one year now that I have been playing these patches really seriously I have focused mainly on PVP gear and completely as support... I have soon found out that even outgearing my opponents to the point where I tank a whole neviwind worth of enemies still doesn't mean scrap, as I still cannot keep alive one that isn't geared and I still cannot survive since the debuffs in this game seem to have no limit in terms of how many you can take on.

    In PVE I thought it would be different but ever since 7.0 where me and friends try to complete Prometun hard, I again have been one of the most geared and... to no avail again, not like I can stop people from getting one shot, not like all my support investments count in an instance where actually more dps is needed, not heal.

    And for these amazing experiences, I am rewarded with not being able to complete the easiest of quests in open world... I genuinely feel like crying. How much do I need to pay in terms of time spent, resources and patience to be able to have a rewarding gameplay as a support healer? What is so damn op about heals that it requires the healer players to suffer all these stupid consequences?

    And also, I am genuinely wondering what makes the devs nerf and nerf and nerf again this cleric, based on what? Player feedback? If thats the case then perhaps the culprit of this might have been those op pvp clerics on dps, that are immortal and also kill everything... and perhaps that is indeed an issue, I wouldnt know, I am just a very op geared support cleric that struggles with everything and finds out that even this much support isnt actually needed or relevant. And I actually find it enraging when people complain that they cannot kill a cleric... you should not be able to kill a cleric, because a cleric is supposed to be able to heal the damage of at least one player, or we just cannot speak about pvp healers at all.

    The easiest solution would have been to just let the cleric have PVE attack and just reduced PVP attack, I really find it curious that Sacrificial Power doesn't work this way, instead just negates everything that the cleric is while not exactly making it a DPS either.

    Besides, in these whole 10 years of playing this game on and off, only couple of times have I been killed by a very strong cleric, on any of my many alts. And not curiously at all, one of those later ones is on the site we all know which, for, of course, completely fair play.

    I am still loading game but why would you use bene and sacrificial power in same time its stupid. for dmg i notice Cleric is ok with dps in 7,0 in 7,2 if they didnt change anything major its same

    They made both Bene and Sacri passives so you cannot deactivate their effects, once you equip them, you have the effects automatically on. You could not use them both at the same time before because it used to be a toggle where only one of them could be active. But thats not the issue, the issue is that now you need to remove stigmas if you want to do anything since you cannot just deactivate the toggle, which imo is not exactly a nerf but it is a HUGE inconvenience, a stupid one, one of those changes made to make the game instead of harder, just more annoying. And costly, constantly switchign stigmas just to kill 20 mobs its just...

    How You done it? On my cleric i have 200 HB with Sacrificial On, 2200 with Bene in set without HB manastones.

    Bene with Sacrificial was usseles becouse beter was Cal Lightning as full dmg.

    When You want heal on -xHB remember about Amplification and Blesed Shield which giving back some mana and icreasing HB for short period of time.

    Well, I am cleric main with another 4 cleric alts, with the exeption of my main none of the alts are that geared to have more than 1500 heal boost without benevolence, or rather geared they are just not luna rerolled, so when Sacrificial is on...

    What I am saying is that both these (now) passive stigmas take more stats than they give and wearing both at the same time debuffs below your normal stats both heal boost and attack. That is just stupid.

    I am a support cleric mainly, it is out of the question for me to ever give up Benevolence and the Life Saving Splendour vision stigma... but this game has content that is meant to be solo dps, quite a lot of it, especially since theres a lot of stuff that isn't tradeable, so I am forced to do a lot more than just support. Even the fact that I have my support build +12 now seems ridiculous as the extra stigmas that you put in are inevitable dps, which is now pointless. Stupid changes made by stupid direction.

    Now when I go to just complete some lugbug dailies, I need to switch stigmas because that 1500 less magic attack that i cannot jsut DEACTIVATE like before, feels like I am wearing my pvp gear. On a non dps rolled/socketed gear, that feels like scrapping the bottom of stupidity in this game. Like I just got my Lakrum gear and I am first time in Dumaha.

    Again I feel that on casual instances that people duo, a chanter is more useful than I. Because a chanter now can heal more on DPS build, while if i go dps i won't heal scrap, if I go support im as useless as nipples on a breastplate

    So, after I had finally chilled in my position of 'you cannot have it all' because I am a cleric that does/did not want to have 2 sets of pve gear, being the lamest damage in the group or among all my alts was FINE.

    7.2 brought stuff one level further by making this class particularly stupid.

    So, right now, if you equip BOTH Benevolence and Sacrificial Power at the same time, you have LESS STATS than if you equip none of them.

    How so? Benevolence and Sacrificial Power have become passive skills, which means you can no longer use the toggle to activate deactivate them, instead you have to remove the stigma. That does not really affect me in my gameplay, as in... I am support when I am support. But I can no longer DPS even when I am farming. And I cannot go full DPS with sacrificial power either because I cannot heal myself with -1500 heal boost (lol some of my cleric alts dont have that much heal in total).

    For a class that doesnt have damage even on dps build unless very geared, I feel really really salty. The LACK of dps was supposed to be replaced by damn heals, but what is the point of marginally better dps that is still way way subpar if you can no longer survive anything with heal boost that is under 0?!

    Of all the annoying nerfs that this game has seen, this is by far the worse thing that the devs have come up with.

    The only stupid way of making this work, as I see it now, is to have none of them equipped, still that messes up badly with my stigma enchant bonus as i have worked hard to make them all +12 and now need replacements... I feel crushed and salty. Very salty. Very stupid change.

    Well pretty much this. I wasted my whole day doing some of these lugbug dailies, I only missed killing 20 mobs on most of my characters, now all the progress is gone.

    Also, the weekly progress is gone which is more painful since it is now impossible to get it done without the dailies.

    I always wonder what people like you mean when they say they are playing just one character.

    I'm not the person you asked, but I am one of those who play only 1 char and "don't get much done".

    I see, thanks. Well, I do not have the self control or the necessity, in all fairness, to limit my time in the game atm. The way Aion is, currently, does indeed trigger a lot of addictions tho. It is not every MMO that does this, and neither was Aion in its good days, not to this extent as it is today at least. I guess at this point I am wondering what keeps you going like this? I have played MMOs that are really very enjoyable as a casual, great story, great roleplay, balanced pvp content that is not infuriating for casuals and that dopamine rush comes from actually more content than in Aion. I could not imagine Aion as a casual, I guess that's what Im trying to say.

    I am perfectly aware that at this moment I am playing too little for personal enjoyment, and too much because I feel I am missing out if i don't. These events are a perfect example for this. There is a lot of work that in the end does not reward effort or time spent and if you can keep that in mind, you will stay away for that sort of rng grind and save yourself. The problem with me and probably others like me, is the feeling that you can eventually beat rng with sheer numbers. Which sometimes happens, at least with some game mechanics, like enchantments of all sorts, gear, skills, stigmas you name it. With others, however, I have the feeling the rng is designed in such a way that it would not allow you to progress no matter the grind, the outcome is sort of controlled and at some point given away for free when GF decides to, like the legendary transformations. Which only makes it that much more infuriating, because there is nothing more frustrating than spending half a year or more trying to achieve something, and then have the achievement be taken away from you and transformed into mundane, trivial stuff.

    I have only ever played one character since beta over 10 years ago, others appear to need a bunch of alts to progress their gear, skills or stigmas.

    Is my loyalty to only one character <3 a plain stupid restriction or are there others the same?

    What is your opinion on this and the best way to play Aion.

    I used to play just one character before Aion went f2p. Veryr arely, when for some reason the game became frustrating for that 1 character, perhaps too much grind, or the area where I was leveling up was infiltrated by too many enemies, I would switch to some alt to get a break and read some lore without any pressure. Those were the golden days of Aion for me,

    But with the free to play, things went from bad to worse. Alts are a requirement when you have really cancerous limitations on one char, like 4 instance entries/week or a kinah sales limit... There is just not much you can do with just one character and I always wonder what people like you mean when they say they are playing just one character. Do you farm afk lunas for kinah boxes with some other account maybe? Or have some leftover veteran accounts than produce some income every 6 months? Or you simply have no other character created, anywhere, and then maybe you purchase aion coins for extra instance entries?

    I don't even understand what you could do a whole week with just 1 character when you have so few instances. At elast with the most recent patch we have more pvp relared content that takes time, but is grindy as heck and doesn't really offer any sort of instant gratification type of rewards, like PVE instances do when you manage to actually get useful loot.

    I honestly wish the game did not turn to be like this, but unfortunately it is and it is build in such a way that clustering accounts and alts, even just afk, is a lot more rewarding than playing.

    xDD I don't have them all, I fused 2 legendaries twice already, once with 2 hameruns and got another hamerun. But I did see hamerun from fusions and from vet rewards in a total of 5 darn times... that considering i have right now only 4 different legendary forms.

    And about lugbug dailies xD It does take quite some time i think around 5 hours, but I am a no lifer and to be honest it turned into a sort of obsession after a while. I got quite used to it because I can mix it in with my usual farm for kinah and for mobs so in reality i don't think i am spending a lot more time in the game than usual xD