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    so far only 47 of 10000+ are fine with road map

    Or to put it differently, 10000+ (-~200) don't care much for the announced roadmap and silently accept it.

    Otherwise they better be more vocal about their opinion if they want anything to change

    Even governments are decided from the people that actually vote. The opinion of those that do not vote, is irrelevant. You assume that they accept it, but you know what they say about assumptions...
    I think what really happens is that most people do not bother reading these forums at all. So, I would agree that an ingame poll would give a more realistic result.

    2.0 can't come fast enough. Make an ingame poll not in these forums. Forums are usually filled with people who complain the most.

    No, forums are filled with people who care about the game and like to keep informed as well as voice their opinion. If you find that people in forums continually are of a different opinion than you, it is not because they are all complainers, it is because you keep having an unpopular minority opinion.

    I find most of them share my opinion, as can be checked by posts-likes ratio. So I don't appreciate your attempt at insinuations.

    Most of them DO NOT share your opinion, as proven by the poll in the first page of this thread.

    To be honest, it's mostly the really short running period of this event that bothers me more. Extra 20% is fine, but seriously, just 5 days? When we can't even login to play?

    Run it for at least 2 weeks and give us more dredgions per day.

    i totally agree to level cap 55. since most of classes are not full powered without 55 stigmas ,skills and other stuff. air pvp in reshanta is garbage for melee classes. so pushing to lands is the greatest move.
    But i disagree to do it so fast ,not because the patch is cool ,because of lags and non-stable server. if you will push patch with this state where is server now thaaaat will be a disaster for you and players.By the way you already lost 10-20% players base. and if you wont work harded on resolving this problem as fast as possible you will loose another 10-20%.

    What makes Aion 'unique' is aerial combat and the whole concept of Abyss. The switch to ground pvp and making Abyss obsolete is what killed the game (and more ofc). It made it no different to other mmos, that do it better.

    Ok, the lvl 55 balaurea patch is not THAT BAD but still it should be delayed. This roadmap will kill the classic servers so fast.

    Obviously the 3 days siels is a joke as the problems continue. At this point, the minimum should be 7 days siels.

    Also, the soul heal should be 1 kinah so that paying for the deaths caused by disconnects and lags is practically free. It's unacceptable asking me to pay with 'discount' for something that is the fault of Gameforge.

    Now about the entry scrolls, etc...ok you give some but what about the wasted roah/asteria runs? what about the AP we didn't get cause we disconnected in dredgion?

    For at least a week we should be allowed DOUBLE entries. That means, two dredgions per day, two roah/asteria per day, 10 entries per week for an instance that normally has 5, etc.