Bonus Abyss Points (June 2023)

  • To be honest, it's mostly the really short running period of this event that bothers me more. Extra 20% is fine, but seriously, just 5 days? When we can't even login to play?

    Run it for at least 2 weeks and give us more dredgions per day.

  • Are you sure it's 15 percent????

    It was usualy 50 percent increase or 100 percent..

    15 percent is nothing, if mob drops 9 ap with event it will be 10 ap. Its nothing, so you cannot call this event!!!

    This is joke, I was thinking to play some extra time in Aion becouse of incoming event but it looks like I should buy early diablo 4!!!

    I am becoming fed up already wirh your actions!!!!

  • This particular event feels fine to me.

    • 15% from mobs is like two to five abyss points more a kill
    • 20% for defeating a player would be about 150 more for the average rank 4/3

    It is nice to have but also not too bad to miss out on it. That is how an event should be. The points that bother me are the short duration and that it comes at a time with severe server issues.

    At this point I would prefer a stable servers for one month without needing Siel's energy event.