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    You do know how to lose players, indeed. These programs caused various issues in the past, including the removal of legit players. Similar to the anti-ddos measures taken previously. So it's a double-edged sword.

    In that case, what do you suggest? Leave everything as it is, let the bots farm, and let the cheaters continue to dominate?

    In fact, I don't know people who left Aion because there is a bunch of botters in groups killing off mobs in Heiron or wherever. They might have some influence on the economy and buyers gain unfair advantage, but most people who left recently were just bored with the current patch.

    Just because you don't know people like that doesn't mean they don't exist. I ve asked my fellow guildmates and streamers the reason for leaving and one of the reasons for leaving was specifically cheaters (speedhack, see through invis with no skills or items, blink, teleport, etc.)

    Edit Olly : As the rules said, do not report exploits or other players in the Forum. Use the game support insteed.

    Of course I wrote to support! But what's the point of keeping the problem quiet?! It should be talked about, that there would be a solution and the sooner the better! And not hide your head in the sand, as if nothing happened! Such videos are not news to anyone, everyone can see it just by playing the game. Most of the streamers who motivated me to start playing Aion again left the game for this very reason! And I'm close to following suit, too. Cheaters are the plague of EU Classic! GAMEFORGE - cheats are only sold on EU classic, in other countries there is no problem with it! If you do not want to lose the rest of the players install protection on the client, at least Easy Anti-Cheat as in other online games or prepare for the consequences (strong outflow of players in the next few months, empty servers for the new year).

    Cheaters are in all games, but only yours has so many!

    Why did the moderator delete the video demonstrating game misconduct?


    Edit Olly : As the rules said, do not report exploits or other players in the Forum. Use the game support insteed.


    What are you waiting for when all the people in the game are gone? Only bots and hackers will be left. Hackers will sooner or later get tired of playing with the same hackers and they will leave too. You'll be left with a broken trough, with empty servers. And then it will be too late to do anything about it!

    Even bots are now playing with cheats, running in groups! Before they were just running, now they teleport from monster to monster. You kill them all, they go into relog and all over again.

    On the Tahabata server, every other Elian plays with cheats. They get through Deradicon in a couple minutes. The cheats allowed them to take over the abyss core. You just go into the core in hide, to you immediately flies 2-3 people who see you through it and always know where you are. Especially brazen immediately start hitting you, even without using the invisalign or seed skill. If you take them on targeting, they blink and drop their targeting.


    Good afternoon! I am interested in two questions, and I think I am not the only one. I apologize in advance if the question has been asked. I couldn't find an answer. :)

    1) What database is now relevant to the game? (give me a link pls) In particular interested in the items and their chance of в. All existing databases refer to the old version of the game. As far as I know, Aion Classic is different from previous versions of the game. In including in terms of drop list.

    2) Where do you knock out the godstone? Especially silence or paralysis. From what mobs and what are the chances of dropping them?

    Thank you!

    A compensation is still in the pipes, but it hasn't been fully decided yet. As usual, we will keep you posted as soon as we have news on this side!

    And how long will it take to make a decision? It seems that GF is just waiting for people to run out of premium buffs and they will be forced to buy it again!

    Let me help you with the solution:

    - An open-ended event to heal a soul for 1 kina. Since everyone sits with debuffs for 5 minutes at a time! This does not motivate PvP. And this is a game about PvP! Healing your soul for a hefty price tag is something the game does NOT need!

    - x2 drop rate event for a month.

    - Premium for a month.

    - The next Daeva Pass Premium will be free for everyone.

    - 10 universal dungeon reset scrolls and 10 activators for the DF

    - 10 + 10 amulets for experience/craft + drop.

    I think that will be enough. You may add to this list as you see fit. Don't thank me.

    You can find general infos about the current situation here: INFO: CURRENT SERVER STATUS

    Also, as I've seen several mentions of this, I want to add that we have not randomly banned anyone, ever. There are no random blocks from the support. If you still have trouble joining our servers, please check regularly, it should end up working.

    And where's the answer why they blocked ordinary users who invest a lot of money in your game! When will they be unblocked? I created a support ticket, no luck.

    Here, progress is in sight! I used to be able to get into the game, but I would get a message: You have been disconnected from the server.

    Now I just can't get the game to start! This game currently unavailable to you. Please contact Support. Thanks for the great nostalgia gamfrogj!

    Well, I wrote to support about the sudden blocking of my account. I had spent a lot of money in the game (shame on me). And what I heard, you think my account was unlocked? NOPE! Just asked to understand, forgive and blah, blah, blah...


    Support answer:


    Tahabata 20%, disconnect. Thanks Gameforge! Super service! Haven't seen anything like this even on free servers. I have a month's premium, if you don't solve your problems in a month, you won't see more $ from me! Shame on you! :(