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    So what Galeas means is they usually don´t learn from good things and keep throwing us with junk events mostly and useless changes(GF Features). Basically like what NC does with the game anyway.

    I mean, look... the game is so dead that it´s even very hard to get runa/dred groups etc now(and when you finally got an entry there are mostly no enemies or not even a half group of enemies/barely a group for youself). And i thought 5.0 - 5.8 was dead aion... haha.

    Thing is the anniversary event was not RNG, while the actual drop event IS RNG. RNG = bad events. Besides the s minion contract the actual HTs are not really good imo, especially with those high killcounts. We had better HTs, but i understand that there are people who are happy about a safe s minion contract and don´t want to pay like 25€ sometimes in shop for a pack with a safe s minion, some extras and some PvP pots.

    It´s a different story if those drops from the loot event would be permanent though.

    Burning Altar Accs useless? They are still the best accs and they are not really easy obtainable as you you won´t even beat easy mode most of the time with random serverwide groups.

    Also, as long as you don´t have the complete new gear set, spike is still good to have... lol. The helper gear is still a lot weaker for pvp. But ofc it´s not worth to farm it Tempus anymore, that´s why the anniversary event was kinda important^^

    I didn´t say the actual event is useless or stupid, just that we had better events/HTs. Ofc it´s always nice to have more sources for anything.

    OW event gave me more rewards in 1 week than any event in the past 2 years no kidding.

    2 legendary contracts, so many minions contracts and minionites, many deavanion boxes and finally ED skills !!

    I hope to have an Ultimate contract.

    Anniversary HTs gave full burning altar accs set or spike gear parts or other stuff if you didn´t need that... this is imo far more valuable than what we have now. Legendary contracts and dv skill chests? We have enough sources for that... and s minion was obtainable in other ways often enough now so that the actual HTs are nothing special anymore. And the +15 stigma chests/ult trans boxes are just a dream for most people.

    The actual event/HTs are by no means any way to catch up with cashers/whales, there is a lot different stuff what makes them superior to you and a lot other stuff which is harder to obtain than the actual event drops...

    Though... i have to admit with 8.0 it´s generally easier to catch up due to more kinah sources and the kinah trade via account warehouse so as the different ways to obtain the new gear with lesser RNG.

    Nope, the anniversary HTs were by FAR better. For most people the actual event is propably very bad(bec of the RNG), especially if they don´t need an s minion anymore or they just buy the s minion packs in shop on sales/happy hour.

    Imo this one is not the worst event, but one of the bad ones... i prefer events with trade currency for items for such as ultimate enchantment stones etc. RNG events are always bad especially with those high killcounts(my bot for example doesn´t work very long most of the times).

    The only thing i like about the actual event is that there may be some people who sell +15 stigma box content.

    Again... everything you do COUNTS, it just has delays in showing your actual count. So just do stuff and count yourself(the countable stuff like Eso^^) and then just don´t think about it anymore.

    For Gelk and Dumaha just let the bot do your work...

    Lol whatever, any ping reducer/route changer like Exitlag is more cheating than the programs i mentioned xd

    I didn´t talk about cheat programs, but common apps many people use since they don´t influence the client/gameplay.

    tiamat event causes sendlogs or atleast since this event started, before i rarely got any sendlogs :)

    but can you tell me how i play from mars without any programs? must be not cheating lol

    So you use something like Exitlag?^^ talking about cheating even though this type of program is way more cheating haha.

    Na, seriously none of these programs you and me talked about are cheat programs.

    But what i wanted to say is, Aion definitely has it´s current sendlogs caused by diverse programs running in the background, maybe even some which have nothing to do with Aion.

    What are you talking about? If you mean [...], it´s the same type of program as dps meters. No one ever got banned for this but it´s not supported by GF/NC either^^ so if you have problems with the game due to those programs you won´t get any help/can´t blame them.

    If you have so many sendlogs, i guess you are also using one of these programs? xd

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    what happen to the game? 10 sendlogs this week

    After playing for 1-2 weeks(with no sendlog) without programs running in the background i can confirm that those programs cause the issue and you can play without sendlogs if you atleast close all apps in the background. Once i run [...] or something like that(rainmeter etc) the game immediatly starts to crash/sendlog again after some hours^^

    So, ye the game got even more unstable even though GF/NC isn´t supporting such programs anyway.

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    Just that dumaha weapons are utterly useless if you don´t do any damage with them. Extends aren´t really useful anymore due to the changes since 6.0... especially gladiator doesn´t need one anymore, it´s better to have an endgame bow instead, lol.

    Galeas why are the events rewards so bad? I can’t even remember when it was last time we’ve had an event with good rewards.

    He will propably answer with "there are good rewards from the 3 tia bosses" lol.

    With those spawn times and everything only rollable most people will get basically nothing, expecially asmodians since it´s an elyos event like most of those raiding contents.