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    Imo, it´s an okay event in it´s core, but many tiny things make it a cancer. Even thoug i don´t care about that transformation things, the enchantment stones are also limited to 7 days, which let me ask WHHHYYYYYYYY.

    Atleast ultimates you can use instantly anyway, but still this 7 days crap sux.

    That daevanion skill enchantment safety item is also nice.

    But the limit per week of all those items is just meh.

    Anyway, the actual events are the easiest time to get a legendary contract aswell even if it´s a random one. So it´s not a so bad event.

    Charge... and there is something else you can use too, depending on what minion you use. No wonder there are so many baddies, relying so hard to those transformation things. I never had situations where speed was the problem^^

    Man i´m so happy i´m gladiator with mastarius form, couldn´t care less about this event or apostles

    Apostles with physical are far better!

    There's gear reroll, gear enchantment, stigma enchantment, deavanion enchantment, ncsoon inc even more deavanion skills, rank S minions and even more difference in stigmas... On top of that there is also class imbalance.

    I really don't think the stats difference between Masta and Apostle is that big.

    Speed is the dif, you can run at 11.8 with an Apostle and 11.2 with masta. Huge dif in PVP.

    You don´t know gladiator or? 2 buffs easily bring you to the cap^^ the rest ist just minimalistic.

    I rather facepalm over the fact that they made the enchantment stones 7 days... will there ever be any event without stupid monkey decisions? They are already limited to 2 per week(ultimate one per week), so wtf...

    Also ye, exchange quest is bugged, don´t do this quest, it takes your currency and gives you nothing. It´s supposed to give you a Kron Dumamond but instead gives one Dumallond, which is... lol.

    Exchange quest, 20 Destillate + Daevalite for: 1 Dumallond

    Just using 20 Destillates: 10-20 Dumallond + some Dumamonds


    ultimate contracts


    My fault, i saw Kaisinel etc and instantly thought they give us a chance for ultimate xd

    Ofc it´s just the newer legendary transformation contracts we get there. Still a very good event, even though that stupid weekly limit for enchantment stones and manastones(or was it daily here? I don´t know anymore, there is so much stupid stuff lately which changes from time to time).

    Finally we have some active pvp again, it´s completely the opposite from last event even though elyos are everywhere obviously again.

    Luckily i got Mastarius from my first ever opened legendary contract(as gladiator, lucky bastard me), so i don´t really care about the legendary contract event.

    But the treasure hunt event looks nice... the reward list looks hilarious(in the good way) but let´s see what are the chances for the contracts, huhehuhe.

    Naja, wenn man weiß wie man aktuell auch ohne Event gut Kinah macht sind die aktuellen Preise gar nichtmal so schlimm^^

    Sicher alle grossen Innis alleine laufen und für viel Kinah verkaufen, ich kann vom Equip stand nicht alleine laufen und bin auf eine volle Grp angewiesen, wie viele anderen Kleinen Chars auch. Oder eben eine Horde Bots laufen lassen, die zum Glück im Moment selten sind.

    Nö, ich geh einfach Titania sammeln und sellen :3

    when we will have an event like granker one,but with pvp stones?

    Well, if you have tons of ancient maps left, ancient chests now(since GF nerf) drop 1 ancient pvp enchantment stone each together with the 3 ancient pve enchantment stones per chest.

    I also got a legendary enchantment stone from a special granker chest, but that is pretty much RNG.

    Did you ever check titania vendor prices in the event period? Just a tip. Generally also outside of events your best source of kinah, especially if you gathered a lot stellium.

    Also +x stigmas is propably the most less important thing in the game, people should max their gear etc before they think about enchanting stigmas because its useless anyway if your gear sux.

    Heute gab´s Gerüchte im 3er, dass Gameforge angeblich bei der nächsten Serverwartung am Mittwoch die legendären VZ-Bündel aus den VBs dahingehend ändern wird, dass sie nicht mehr handelbar sein sollen. Was dran oder fake news von Aluhutträgern?

    Wäre nur richtig. Die Veteranenbelohnungen sind eigentlich nicht dazu da, dass man sich oder seine Main-Klasse bereichert, sondern als Starthilfe für neue Charaktere

    Würde das also sogar begrüßen

    Weil man mit 12 leg vz auch so weit kommt...^^

    I have those lag times too, funny thing is once i reboot my pc it runs all normal again... did that a few times already and after every reboot it ran flawless again.

    Kannst auch im Gear Calc nachschauen, die Unterschiede zwischen Battle Gear und Schwarzfeder Gear sind gerade mal 200-300 Gesamt-Angriff/Def... gut mit dem Intense Battle halt nochmal weniger. Mindestens Waffe würde ich mir aber schon Schwarzfeder holen.

    My oppinion about the event: Bragging people selfownd themself now.

    I don´t care about it anymore luckily, i farmed the kinah for the target i wanted to achieve with this event already. Events are usually kinda useless, now there is once a good event and people make it useless by qqing... it´s hilarious.

    I can just laugh about this and keep my distance from this event in peace now, waiting for prices in broker to drop(thanks to you guys, actually a good thing even though it was unnessessary).

    Don´t get me wrong i liked the event before today, but now it´s really useless.