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    lol, I have my minions from 2x fusions. Just 15times 2x tries and I have 2x S-Rank. It's pure random.

    All is about personal preferences

    lol, math formula for WD :DDD

    If I kill 1k-1k2 mobs and I have less as 3 WD then I close client and I start it again. In next k2 I will have 1-2 WD. That is fact working on my side.

    How you want to add it to your formula :DDD

    WD is script with lot of variables,you cannot reduce it to

    Average rare drop rate = amount of mobs farmed divided by the amount of rare drops (example: 1 in 1500 mobs)

    My opinion is: with every login you earn % of lucky for this login. You may farm on same place 3-4h daily and drop is different. So, If script is same then variable is your login lucky.

    For example this Monday I drop 3x A lvl4 in 1 and half hour. Tuesday few ench. stones and 1x ancient contract, in Wednesday 3 stigma ench stones.

    It doesn't mean go farm in Monday, it's just mean I was lucky in Monday

    No Galeas you doing it wrong. A really BANhammer means to follow his account by his ip adress and also ban the main account as well. This is the only way you can do something about that. If they see that the main account its also banned they will chill out and stop botting.

    You should start implement this method in your's/GM list and doing it with no regrets

    Sorry for the double post

    How do you know this isn't what is done already? I didn't explain how we proceed ;)

    Because if we can't use VPN tunnel then bots account can't play every day. On Sillus is Bot legion :D I saw three players from same legion move like bots (moving on same places, they move on empty place).

    Could you repair autohunt ingame service? If you will see x-times same name then you may concern on that IP addresses and ban them more actively. It is annoying to see same bot on same spot every day and normal player is doing same farm manually.

    As someone wrote we are punished with non-tradable items because you can't/don't want management it.

    If you will start ban bots then ban kinah sellers, too. I have full blocklist of okeygold spamers!!!

    try to do that and half players will want back their money which used in game :D and servers after rollback will have next day -50% population maybe more

    And players which don't have VR80 will buy more like 20GP.

    Don't worry about euros, players without kinah will be buying AC ;)

    It may helps economy in game

    If rank doesn't earn enough HP in 4 weeks then rank fall down to soldier 1. when ranked player comes back to game and he is active on sieges he takes his rank back.

    It is mechanics for clearing rank system from non-active ranked players


    Could you add GP to gold shop for example 100mil kinah/ea?

    You will fix price of GP for new players and it will be nice way to remove kinah from game. At least you will collect 2miliards from each veteran account

    Launchers from DPS meters doesn't bypass file check. They just starting game faster.

    They using/bypassing .ini files, but all starting processes are same like "start aion.bin..."

    For example if you update game then this launcher has slow start too.

    I think better solution like merge will be individual transfer.

    Just add migration scroll and this problem will be solved. Everyone will have choice to stay or leave server (friends, fraction activity in his playing time, etc). Servers are unballanced at all, so everyone will be happy.