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    Sirkka: Yeah, I can see your points and I can not disagree with you on most of them. Just, the game offers the option to hide details. Why is it up to MyAion to know better?

    I can't upload your details if you hide them. So what's your point?

    Is it really the job of a DPS Meter to label players as cheaters?

    Then anyone could cheat in order to climb up the ranking. This isn't uncommon, and years ago many well-known players did use cheats to increase their dps while there's no way to compete fairly like this.

    Is it really the job of MyAion to provide MA-Checks?

    Aion's history shows what happens if you can't objectively judge someone. They'll rely on knowing these players or rely on them posting their gear. This results in excluding people who're not known well or those who just have mediocre gear (but who still might be able to compete well). Is this fair? Not necessarily. Not to forget that playing in a group provides some sort of responsibility to do the job. However, we all know that not everyone feels responsible for others playing an MMORPG.

    Not to forget, it's always fascinating that people see their game character as a person. Still, it's not one in the first place. Anyone searching the internet will be able to verify it.

    Players that use it should get their gear published, since that is what they want, and the rest should not.

    People can still decline to open their details or fill in the command above as mentioned. Personally, I see no reason to make this a secret in the first place. Maybe it's helpful to surprise your opponent in a concrete encounter, otherwise it's just making a fuss about things.

    Certainly, you can argue that tools can be abused or that people might not be able to use them appropriately. I got rejected before as well for wearing blue accessories. I got kicked out for not having kill logs. I still have to debate endlessly because some people don't understand that dps depends on each boss, on time, on the party... But these are still things that can be overcome, and it's still worth more to see how others play and having the opportunity to seriously consider rotations, gear etc. Not to forget that this didn't start with Myaion. It's just the latest result. Before this, other players started with similar websites or rankings - just on a smaller scale. However, this has been a part of Aion for years, and it may as well keep motivating players.

    How can i see what version Im playing as haven't noticed solo instances

    Well, NA has 2.8 or something, here we have 2.5 now. You can select to do campaign instances in solo mode now if you click on the entrance. However, those are just for the quest, you won't get loot from them.

    Even the definition of a server being dead is a personal interpretation. I played on an empty retail server years ago, I guess it was way less populated than Tahabata is. Still, there might be fewer parties available and cross-server content isn't a real matter right now. On the other hand, it's easier to get to certain ranks, or you might be able to play more peacefully. :/It's a matter of preference and expectations, after all.

    Furthermore, you can easily get to level 55 nowadays within a few days. After the latest update, you can even do campaign instances by yourself and don't have to wait for a party. Things have become much easier.

    Hi, I'm starting classic today on the Atreya server, what faction should I choose? Is there any benefit to picking one over the other? Which faction is more populated, and more likely to be able to group up?

    You can find parties and legions on both sides. Depending on your preferred language it might be easier to find a suitable legion though. Furthermore, they character design is a bit different and some skills differ, so depending on the class the faction based skill might be better or worse (however, there'll be changes in the future if I remember correctly). So basically you can just choose whatever you like.

    Teils spawnt dort an der Säule ein Wirbel, der dauerhaft Debuffs verursacht, dann bietet es sich an, sich etwas wegzubewegen als Tank. :ninja:

    Ansonsten habe ich nur erlebt, dass doch mal Leute falsch bzw. zu nah stehen oder die Wirbel vom Mitternachtswind (?) mitnehmen. Ich weiß ja nicht, ob ihr einzelne Leute ausgetauscht habt oder wie feststehend eure Gruppe ist. Überraschungen konnte ich jedoch gestern sonst nicht feststellen. :/

    Kann ich so nicht bestätigen, unser Run war wie auch sonst. Stand der Templer eventuell im Wirbel und hat daher den Debuff bekommen? Das kann teils vorkommen und dann sollte man sich etwas neu positionieren. Wobei das ja nach 40+ Runs jetzt vermutlich bekannt sein sollte... :/

    For healing the 5 set bonus often is not as important, but you may disregard it to keep a pvp set's defence. You can consider it as a dps cleric, but surprise, many chain sets have bad mboost rates. I think the first cast speed chain gloves were introduced with Kahrun gear in the former 3.0 patch. Certainly, there are changes in general happening and new items are introduced, but some things will not be adjusted.

    Bin eben meist vormittags oder abends da. Die anderen arbeiten ja auch. Würden aber früher gehen, wenn der Jäger nicht jammern würde.

    Jedenfalls ist es echt zu bequem als Kleriker. Nur frisst es viel Zeit insgesamt aktuell, irgendwas zu gearen... Oder zu leveln.

    Ich finde es immer noch gruselig, wie rechtsextrem Teile der Community sind. Man denkt sich nichts und dann kommt plötzlich einer und erzählt von seinen Haustieren, die er nach einem deutschen Diktator und seiner Freundin benannt hat. Genauso unangenehm wie der antisemitische TS vor Jahren... das ist echt... unheimlich. Dachte erst so "okay, der hört etwas komische Musik, aber na ja". War wohl doch mehr.

    Casterbäume waren schon immer in PvE und PvP eher verlacht und auch wenn man sich die Top-Ranger so ansieht im PvE, ist die Sockelung sehr einheitlich gehalten:…haBmaaaddBjdBiaidsduazbga

    Vereinzelt sieht man sonst ggf. noch solche Sockelungen:…ddBafhaBmaBdgsdidBlaBiaga

    Für PvP fehlen hier je nach Sockelung Sachen wie Schweigepfeil und Schlafpfeil (und ggf. Nature's Resolve), aber ich vertrete auch die Ansicht, dass Jäger mit relativ variablen Sockelungen recht ähnliche Ergebnisse erzielt. In jedem Fall wird im regelfall nicht ein kompletter Baum gesockelt, sondern eine hybride Lösung angestrebt.

    Ob Jäger anfängerfreundlich ist, sei dahingestellt. Aber um Schaden zu machen, erfordert er einiges an Konzentration bzgl. der Buffs. Wer nicht regelmäßig Buffs erneuert, hat das Nachsehen.

    Bei den Verträgen gabs nur Blödsinn... Tiamat hatte ich schon. X/

    Ansonsten BTHM Logs gefarmt, nachdem ich die Gruppe überzeugt habe, dass ich vertrauenswürdig bin... :/und tolle Gruppenkampagnen mit Elyos. Fehlt noch TheoLab. Mal sehen, wie weit ich heute so komme...

    Freust du dich schon auf Zuhause oder wärst gerne dort geblieben ? :ninja:

    Ich glaube das einzige, was in Deutschland besser ist, ist die Verbindung zum Server... :/Und ein wenig vermisse ich Nudelauflauf und Fisch mit Kartoffelsalat mit diesem 7-Kräuter-Essig.

    Aber das Leben ist schon toll in Japan. Und ich werde das Essen und Trinken vermissen. Das merkt man schon in Korea. Die Konbinis sind einfach schlechter òo! Und überall nur Ramyeon/Ramen. :dash:

    When they start their talk on maxed stats/numbers on Discord for example I get sick, like where is the game/fun like its some min-max robot work. "If you get this you get extra +5 some stat". If you get what I mean.

    Well, I think "fun" is a term that everyone defines very differently regarding Aion. For me, it's fun to improve, to see others improve together with you. Then others think PvE is junk in general, or they think it's just fun to play together casually. All of this isn't considered "right" or "wrong", but we have to consider what sort of believes we can push onto others in a game or when it might not be suitable. E.g., I do think it's reasonable to discuss how to improve if you can't manage to finish something because there is not enough damage. Then you can analyze what you can change easily, what's more difficult to adjust etc. to find a solution. On the other hand, I do consider it ridiculous to expect very good stats for simple content that's not completed with fewer people or just for selling stuff (so it's expected people at least have the gear or similar stuff).

    I'm not sure if you're rather referring to retail or classic, though. On retail, there are very huge differences nowadays.

    And to quarantee that this player is not a noob and will not waste my time.

    I think there is indeed a limit to reasonable demands. Looking for highly experienced players on the second day of a patch is sort of ridiculous. In my opinion, someone's potential isn't limited to their current gear, it's a matter of attitude. Maybe you can compensate a questionable rotation with gear, I won't deny this, but if you just look at this in case of a static you might not be able to proceed at one point. Once the dps really becomes important (which hasn't been the case really yet).

    Furthermore, you can have "okay" dps and still behave like a jerk if you have zero awareness for your party. I've seen this quite a few times. Like two sorcerers dying 50m ahead, behind you the ranger is dead because he wanted to do a mob by himself, and currently you're healing the tank doing some other stuff. This is what I consider zero awareness. Then I might really consider one of these sleeping pill tanks, doing everything in order. Some sort of balance has to be maintained to have a party work, actually.

    For stuff like DP-A I do check dpsmeters so I can get an idea whether said person has been in there before, but I don't expect it to fail even if that's not the case. Furthermore, everyone has multiple characters nowadays, so you can't be sure how experienced someone is. However, I do notice people assuming that others are worse, judged by gear or whatever automatically. That's too simple.

    EDIT: To me, it is extremely selfish, ignorant and bad behaviour to want go to instance/dredgion with much better geared and way more skilled players. You should stick to players who are as good as you and as geared as you. Simple

    I do think it's important to judge yourself properly, and therefore avoid applying to "pvp gear" groups if you don't have that gear. Just like I agree that everyone should do their best to reach the goal smoothly if you join a party. But I do think that it depends on the instance, the group constellation etc. whether it's appropriate to join or not.

    For example, if you want to play very lazily without scrolls or without any interest to improve... do it with people who have the same mindset. That I agree on. But I don't really think there's a need to differentiate a lot for simple instances, especially if everyone is still somewhat interested in the loot.

    I don't think it's very interesting to see weapons, considering you can compensate them with manastones etc. to some extent. Therefore, I wouldn't ask for them. DPS and rotations are way more interesting.

    For me, it was always interesting to join various parties, no matter if I had much more gear than they had.


    Generally speaking, I have seen many players in Aion who were able to deal lots of dps despite their gear. Just like I see some e50 Tahabata guys in this thread too who obviously have some issues weaving cleanly. I mean, just like you can somewhat compensate less gear with skill, you can compensate less skill with gear. It has always been like this. But... being aware of it is recommended instead of looking down on people based on gear or seniority.