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    Don't be so sensitive man, im speaking in general obviously. And obviously 99ac is a totally random number i came up with so who cares. [...]

    Stigmas should not be on the shop, no matter how you look at it(cheap or expensive ppl will complain). Adding more and more and more to the shop is a no go. Everything can be fixed in normal way via events, more avaliable stones ingame, so the market gets flooded again.

    Adding more core items on the shop is just a big meh and will make ppl more angry (ofc not everyone will agree with me since everything i say is subjective?().

    Do not discuss activities that may violate the ToS.

    - Zapiel

    Thank you. But clearly he is clueless xD

    Made in this event from +9 to 15 all 6 Stigma. Got 150 stones by my own for 9 to 12 and bought 204 from a friend for +12-15. It was definitely possible making 12/15

    It took me in average 61 stones to get all +12. just sayin

    Either you are a liar or really really bad in mathematics, what shall it be my lucky rng friend?

    Maybe i bought more for +12? made with 150 4x +12 and now stop complaining ffs. event was great, if you don't have money to buy stigma enchantment stones with gold packs or you were too lazy to buy your own for 13 million on 30 characters its not the problem on GF Side. Its your own.

    actually it is a problem on GF side, you wouldn't get any +15 stigmas on your own with no granker event. Unless you are a casher ofc. But nice try i give you that 8o

    So apparently you got all your stigmas +15 with cca 330 stones good for you then.

    Not sure why would you "complain" about alts farming cubes or stelliums or lugbug, but whatever i guess.^^

    So you can buy 24 stigmas a week via account. That's still not hundreds as you need as Noctis mentioned.

    Other activities shared via acc like cubes, its up to you if you farm them with 12 chars or no. Not game breaking.

    So again army of alts aka accounts only help you with stigmas, maybe 1-2 good events per year, like meteorite. I hate the alt fest too, but there is no other way the core design of the game is to blame.

    VR is a feature you invest/paying for at some point GF needs to make some revenue.

    Kushi Stigmas are the only tradeable thing people can make use alts for, and you wanna make it even harder by removing even that option or what? How is that an issue, especially since its available for everyone?

    Stigma, Events, Luna, cube-instance, stellium-vendor, lugbug-daily/weekly....

    I bet I forgot some...

    You farm lugbug, steliums, cubes on 3th 4th 5th etc account? Or what is your point.

    Only stigmas are usefull via alts (not counting events but we get like 1 good one per year anway who gives a sh***t).

    The real q is...if you drop under 12 why keep spamming stones on stigmas? Clearly it doesn't work. Use brain?

    And secondly how hard can it be to cut the cable on the servers? Why everything need ages.

    Ofc you don't get my point. You think with 350kk a week and 150kk wasted on stones you would actually have +15 stigmas is wishful thinking. We just need more ways for stones for mortals if you wan't that the game don't die out faster.

    Im sitting on 900+ stones so tnx for your concern. Yet i know for myself thats not the right way, its just the only way atm.

    Ah, the granker money. How easy is to tell people to farm stigmas on mutiple accounts when you have billions of kinah from a broken ass event xD

    So on the other hand you as a person that obviously didnt participate in many events want to be equally geared to a person that was playing trough every event or what?

    Well here is one of the big problems of this game. Events should not be the only source of progress for some aspects.

    Yeah sure. I am totally with you on this point. But if you're willing to get stigma stones and/or enchanted stigmas you'll have to work for it. That should be clear to everybody.

    It's still not clear to you. After half year you still don't get it. Not everyone nolifed the ganker week and made trillions. Some actually have a life, so they farmed as much as they could or even didn't log.

    The point is with NO ganker event you think ppl would actually have +15 stigmas? Yea excatlly they woudn't. So obviously the stigma event with no +9 & 12 save spot is useless. Since we in eu play a demo version of aion, with non existing materials or they just are super shop expensive.

    It has nothing to do if someone is lazy or not. You had a free ride in december, now don't expect everyone did roflmao...

    hint: +9 stigmas won't help you , you still get oneshotted because you sold all your enc stones from VR and your gear is crap because of that.

    Thanks for making the point, with no HT you still wouldn't have +9 set.

    Well, I see 2 possibilities, #1 NCSoft makes Aion 8.0 and makes it amazing how old Aion used to be,

    Oh, you mean like they did with 5.x? Which everyone hated like the plague?

    Yeah, that´s going to make people come back for sure xD

    Everyone hated 5.x because it was the new patch. Like most of us hate what we have now. You can't see in the future.

    Later on 5.3 was fun with the easy arena gear, which you could get in 1 day, not like now 1 year.

    But looking back every 5.x was million milles better than any 6.x

    Which also proves that we have only 4 servers left with 0 content, even if the game is "old".

    No, the problem is that they are buying an item that you can't get no matter the amount of farming or tryhard you do through ingame means, the rates doesn't matter. RNG just makes it even worse because it makes it unfair even among the people who can spend.

    Please explain:

    What, except of deavanion essences, isn't available ingame?

    ahmm...for starters

    Manastones? Where you can get them? By that i mean not 1-3 per week or rng bags where you get block & evasion.

    Ulti stones? Again by that i mean actually getting one, not rng nolife farming. So there is morph 2 per week much wow. What if i need pvp & pve one?

    Lege forms? I don't consider getting 5 forms a year, that the item is "avaliable" ingame.

    The crucial items are "obtainable" ingame. But kinda non existent. So debateable.

    I can't figure out if you guys are serious or trolling, but 30 accounts? 100 accounts? If anyone has that many and has even leveled them, please take them to the closest mental hospital.

    It is not trolling, this is how people gear up faster nowdays. You really think people get these +12 stones and stuff with snap of a fingers or being patient?

    Either you hustle or then start making accounts.

    As someone who recently joined the game again, this is rather ridiculous in my eyes. Where's the fun in leveling tons of alts? Like, I'm gonna hard grind for a year just so I can play/pvp after? Ugh..... damn.....

    Last december there was 1 week where you could farm unlimited kinah, yes unlimited. So some nolifers still got 100b +, so they control the market.

    So you make idk lets say 10 accounts you use 1 gp, you level up 12 alts/per acc to level 10 and after you can buy stigma stones for the next decade to come.

    So you basically login 10 accounts per day 11/10 gg gameplay i know. Or you won't be relevant with stigmas till the next leap year. This is aion 2020, sorry pal.

    All i know is if i go to store and i wan't to buy apples, i wan't apples not strawberries, for the money i spend. I know its not the same the aion shop is a gamble, but lets not fool ourselfs we wanna get what we pay for not garbage. But apparently with rng boxes they earn more income.

    At this point 2 years after introduction of kaisinel having 1 for 200€, that could be gifted does not seem to be very off to me. Considering imo cca. 90%+ of players will never see one the next 2 years, if all stays the same as it is now. So in the end it's debatable.

    Still no answer about fragments etc xD? So back to 6.2 when ancient form is only a luxury. What's the point? Noone will really cash for ancient forms in you super shop.

    As you can read there is not even 1 person here that like the change.

    Soooo can you remove this epic baloney with the next maintanance and bring back what we had, thank you.

    They removed fragements from the morph on the patchday, the day we all waited for months just to be able to craft some stones (warehouse).

    Now we are sitting on useless fragements in account warehouse :scensored:


    - Zapiel