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    As for me, CM stated on forum that in case of discord problem ppl should contact the support.

    If in over 2 weeks there's literally no answer, then I guess it's worth to know that in case there's no point bothering despite of what CM says

    Well, problem is that they are covering that Fregion power abused me on discord, that's what they are covering. It's impossible that he bans people for a QUESTION (and it was a polite one) and then you stay banned on their discord forever.

    Fregion did it anjd he won't be punished, I asked a polite question and I get banned.

    As expected, gameforge doesn't care, my ticket wasn't yet answered since 28th May. Still waiting, I wonder what are the mods doing.

    So you admitted you use bots. If a game is meant to be grindy and you don't like it and you need to use bots for that then sorry but can leave, sincerely. Another game-destroying fck like you isn't needed.

    He won't reply to you, Drestam must represent GF and gameforge is greedy, do the Math :DD.

    I still haven't been answered to my damn ticket on the Gameforge Support.

    It's since the 28th of May that I wait an answer, DO YOUR JOB.

    bots are already part of Classic, cheaters too because these new bots can teleport from target to target and from land to land and Gameforge gives no fck about it :)

    yes, the game probably has more bots than active players, however, bots never destroyed the economy, in fact, bots usually are good at keeping low prices at raw materials, you don't want to pay 15k kinah for a Minor Armor flux do you? since no player will stay and farm for decades for 20- of those or any other loot materials need it. Yes, that is a real problem, but to say bots destroy the economy is a false positive angle.

    And that was the important thing about playing aion. The economy goes around because of the bots and that's not correct my dude. Aion was meant to be grindy because of his Eastern Model, and that was the thing that fascinated me, you could be a crafter and sell things, gatherer and sell raw materials. I mean THAT was the conomy, not these shitty load of bots that you nowaday see. It's unbelievable.

    I myself ask together with the thread's author to ATLEAST hire 1 or 2 GM's because reporting players that behave strangely is OUR concern iif , of course, we wanna teach them a laesson on how to behave but reporting something that was created as a third part to advantage people like bots then by selling money with gold sellers is another thing. And Gameforge (as is written in the contract) doesn't accept ANY third parts in the client. Then Gameforge DO SOMETHING for the bots, it's your duty to hire someone else and not tell people ''report them'' because you don't wanna do the dirty job. You hire, you pay the people to keep the game safe PERIOD.

    Just one question.

    Where can I find the Miragent quests? I finished the campaign quests but still there's no miragent set quest. Please tell me.

    Hello, for all those who have problems with the IP, you can call the internet company for an IP change due to video games, it fails and they change it for you. It worked for me now.

    Yea but the problem shouldn't be ours. The problem is theirs. And we aren't Gameforge workers, THEY should do something about this. We are trying to find fixes on our own and that is not correct.

    They can delete, modify for foul language, but they can't lie. In EVERY websites where Gameforge gets reviewed you have 1 star reviews and even 1 star reviewers that spend 1 star else they can't review!!!

    I mean they can't hide themselves, internet is around and they know it and still they don't work to get better reviews. And the funny thing that the good reviews are the ones from ex workers and actual workers in Gameforge and that is sad, self promoting to be really good when it's not.

    You can work peacefully in their company as someone who stays in the office, but who administrates the game side of the company should repeat the class because this is not a good thing, a company that anyway earns millions every year and they weren't capable of getting a good DDoS protection or atleast before opening the servers, on the 25th of April, to take measurement regarding security and protection or even upgrading their servers. It's these things that get on my nerves because THEY KNOW IT and they act foolish in our eyes, face to face selling that they are working on it.

    At Gameforge, please open your eyes and do something about this really because without people giving money to buy stuff from you you'd be without jobs really.

    And if you delete this post or even hide stuff I wrote then you can call yourself an Hypocrit because you hide reality.

    This is just unbelievable, since last week really. And on Twitter they say it's a new wave of attacks....but guys come on, you had ALL DAY long (maintenace day) to do something with the protections and what idd you do other than adding items?

    Please open a ticket on Support, Board side and we will have a look at what happened there :) Don't forget to include your Discord tag in the ticket!

    Yea Drestam and I did that already since last week and I?m still waiting for sokmeone to answer me.

    discord channel Aion full ??

    Have you been banned?

    If so then yea you can't go in anymore.

    I have been banned and I am waiting for an answer from the support team since last week. Being banned because I asked Fregion ''Why was he answering toxic to the community'' in a polite way and he banned me. Got proof of Athority Power Abusing and sent to the support Team and they still have to answer back.

    I was trying to farm in Theobomos at the level 49-50 mobs, and I did like 9 million exp doing it. And every mob gives 34k exp.

    Now do the Math, they were like 265 mobs and what I got? 1 white ring that sells for 34k kinah. 265 Mobs for one ring.

    I made the thread here in the bug reporting because it can't be right guys.

    Yea but Sparx, if you see the frustration of everyone because these Attacks, and GF at the same time not having any kind of must understand that this Team must do something wrong. Am not an IT engineer, but with all the money GF makes they can afford atleast SOME KIND of protection.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna name all the companies but on one company I heard about DDoS attack just once in 10 plus years. I mean once in those 10 years. Here we have it daily. You understand now that there is something that GF gives less interest. From all the mistakes, they MUST learn if they want to keep us excited to even play the games. It happened and I can understand, but I can't understand that in 2023 you don't expect any kind of Attacks from third parts.

    Plus, this happened when GF opened the atreia charachter's making. You know how many Bots were created at once? People do this daily, people created programms that automatically FORGE Bots, like the other day where we see a ''little train'' of bots in Sanctum where trhey were teleporting everyone of them with a timesplit of 2 seconds. Every 2 seconds one bot teleported.

    And Gameforge must do something about this too, I mean hiring some GM or even importing some Antibot or something like that. I mean atleast do something. We know how it ended in Aion Retail(Live) where BOTS were there and Gameforge didn't do anything to stop them, and don't answer me on this thing that GF cares, because the frustration of the people is enough proof.