Drop rate non-existent

  • I was trying to farm in Theobomos at the level 49-50 mobs, and I did like 9 million exp doing it. And every mob gives 34k exp.

    Now do the Math, they were like 265 mobs and what I got? 1 white ring that sells for 34k kinah. 265 Mobs for one ring.

    I made the thread here in the bug reporting because it can't be right guys.

  • Drop rate doesn't suck ass, but every mob has different item drops and different rates, your sample size of 265 is also too small to come to any conclusions.

    Try Calydon Sorcerers/Shamans in Theobomos, but what you get in an hour is all down to luck.

  • Hello,

    since this is not a bug and intended and you posted in the forum section for bug reporting, I will close this thread. If you think there is more to say about the current situation, please use the following thread, where others already discussing about the current situation regarding drops. We will forward all of your feedback from this thread to the AION Team :)

    "It will be worth farming monsters"


    ~ Sparx ~