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    I think you are mistaking the 1 free hour per day of Siel’s Energy. If you don't buy Siel’s Energy, then you get 1 hour per day of Siel’s Energy buff, if you buy then it lasts for as long as you bought it for (30days, 90 days)

    Since the Patch notes say that and there is nothing you can read about it I assumed it's like that. We must wait to see.

    I remember those was ATLEAST playable. Not like in 2009-2010 but still enjoyable. Then they just went and threw loads of pay to win stuff in the shop and that was the end of it. You don't know how much I miss battling in the Abyss, it was still kinda buggy and if people lagged you couldn't escape the damage. For example someone that lagged saw you still in the same position and you would just get damaged even if you were far away. I hope they atleast cleared that cuz we had like no aerial battles anymore when Abyss was empty in the later patches.

    Really my friend, I hope they will not screw up. I am 31 and I played this game when it was still under subscription with NC and I was 18.....

    Bye frenchie boy, I was harsh on you years ago but my hate was towards the company you work for and not against you. I wish you'll still be around from time to time, feel free to PM if you need to chat.

    You mean gameforge should give up on classic because of that? Despite of players spamming for it for years?

    Probably yes. Why - because many users R very scared about ow drop and drop in instances. U can revert some, to see ...

    If no, so rly trying hard to them (devs), to stop "troll".

    And in your opinion being like "Sorry, we decided to not release the classic because we couldn't made it perfect" would more profitable to gameforge than releasing classic the way it is?

    What's the part you don't understand about the situation?

    They are making so many mistakes and they KNOW they are just because they want MONEY. On NA Siel's aura (here siel's energy), if you buy it, it'll never last 1 hour, it'll last forever just like the Goldpack. If you read the patch notes there is something like ''1 hour'' even if you paid for it. To have more minutes you have to buy tickets to increase the time of the Energy.

    You said they can't make changes without permission....mmmmhh on the NA siel's aura and siel's energy bonuses are different but hey they can't make any changes.
    I don't want to be toxic cuz talking about these things makes me REALLY mad, cuz we lived the entire situation when Gameforge first published the game.
    It was good before Gameforge published it, really really better.
    You said that they need to pay money to make changes.....then they would have just LOST money doing that.

    Aion Live was changed SO MANY TIMES that NCSoft KR should have become rich at this point with all the money GF should have given to them. Think about it. They already have the permission on the contract to change those things that make profit OF COURSE hence the fact of having a Goldpack to whisper, where in NA you didn't need the Goldpack to whisper!! Those are client side changes, in the codes.

    Now about the Items drop rate, well I asked once Galeas and he can't give such info. I asked him that cuz I wanted to compare them with KR and NA. They won't let him tell us what are the percentages because they know we know already there's something wrong in it (Not talking about Galeas, talking about who manages things about Aion Classic and Aion Live).

    Is it fine for you that in one version you could get like (example) 4k Kinah from one mob and then in the other version only 150 Kinah? It's like spoiling a kid with 4 candies a day and then all of a sudden from night to day he receives 2 candies. Kid is gonna scream and be mad at you. Same thing are customers, if you spoil them once with something they like and then you take it away they will just say ''F**k off'' and you won't see them again.

    He wrote a goodbye letter on the introduction section, he won't be CM anymore after the aion classic release. Maybe he's taking a break till he has to change teams.

    https://cmsstatic.aion.gamefor…atchnotes_EN_final_v2.pdf here is the link of the patch notes.

    I have one question. Even if you buy the siel's energy it has a timer? If yes what happens when it runs out? You bought the siel's energy and after 1 hour you return at the status of ''not-bought'' or you have unlimited energy time?

    Please explain, because I'd rather not buy tickets over tickets of energy as is written in the patch notes.

    And over the ''Loot items'' voice, it says when it is on you have unlimited if it's off it goes back to normal. What does ''Normal is?'' How much is normal? Transparency please.

    Edit: Will there be a Siel's Energy Subscription like it is in the NA version (Siel's Aura Sub'' or not? If not then it won't be worth it.

    Having HEARD customers and not putting pay to win stuff into the game and just letting the subscription do the job was a good thing in my opinion that they could do.

    If companies worked like GF did then you would just lose money. If you make the right decisions then you have happy customers and money coming each month.
    Has GF EVER made any suggestion Poll or asked the community feedback on anything? No.

    Read people review on Google about this company. If companies work this way why should they have so many BAD reviews? You know it's like a pasta dish. If you cook it well you'll have more good revewis than bad ones don't you think?

    Like the other Aion? Korean version had a different plan than GF. Gf modified the client anyway on the other Aion. So yea they can change things.

    They can request things from NCSoft to change/implement, but it's down to NCS to accept it or not.

    And why had we different things in the client? Different drop rates than NA on the other Aion? Why on NA we could atleast play without goldpack and on the EU version with GF you HAD to buy the goldpack to even whisper? Isn't that changing the client?

    Edit: And something else, adding all the pay to win stuff was worth it? I mean they KNOW it'll cause the game to die on the EU side eventually but they still do mistakes over mistakes. This company just tries , in my opinion, to take money and nothing else. They have no passion in what they do AT ALL.

    Like the other Aion? Korean version had a different plan than GF. Gf modified the client anyway on the other Aion. So yea they can change things.

    Well, it wont be the same Aion as it used be in terms of apples to apples version. It will have adjustments.

    If it will be fiesta...who knows. There are many variables that cannot be predicted. I will give it the 3-months shot bcs that "pack" is better value than pure Siels Aura. If it goes badly, I will quit...if not, I will stay as long as it is fun and I will have people to play with.

    My only problem is which class to start with 🤣

    Problem is, if inside the 1 month subscription they change something and make it bad or maybe after 2 months it'll ruin the experience anyway. Even if we think about it, it will be the same thing as before, with pay to win stuff after some versions.

    It's a matter of time anyway. I don't wanna say ''it is good till it lasts'' but you know, with Gameforge you can never be sure. Just read all of the Reviews on Google about their company. Mods know it, they read the reviews and they know where the problems are but it's like saying ''you made a crime'' and the other person says ''Forget it and go on'' and that was their policy till now. If they can make something better out of their mistakes then it will be good. If they want to go the same way as they went with the other AION then it'll last 1 or MAX 2 years and then you can say bye.