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    Wondering why only elyos are talking about this "issue".

    Root cause is no competition for top elyos players since race balance is joke on EU servers. Why top elyos players should invite anyone to share free stuff? Asking for some rewards that everyone gets or better rewards is more retarded idea. Drop should be removed from Adad and Agent, only quests should be available.

    Dont expect any eta / aproximative date from them,
    They couldnt give any ETA from this strange "launcher" issue,
    While Japan, Taiwan, China, NA got Their Classic version.

    The annoncement of Aion Classic Eu will pop out of nowhere,

    If they don't even talk about the resolution of launcher and co,
    be sure that you can wait 1 more year without any news for sure.

    Could you name any company that running Aion Classic, beside China SDO? SDO is different story since you can't run any game yourself at China and need partner at China for it.

    My theory is NCSoft want to run Throne and Liberty first, then let other companies run Aion Classic under license.

    Yes, because other people playing the game earlier than me. How is good to put person - lets take player from 4.5 and player from 5.3 or 6.2? Game is changing or staying the same, but experience on main and experience in-game is always increasing.

    but your experience stuck somewhere in the past

    you think i lie for a game , you are wrong ..... and what can change if i share you my profile loool

    to be sure you were farming some easy instanes like "new comers players", but now asking for best available accesories

    finnaly im not the person who applaud for shit .... this update is really anything and our gm must move and do something ...

    I doubt something will be changed bcz a couple of players think it's hard for them to play

    you saying anything bro , im sure you're full everything thats why you dont care , im playing for 2 years and i have 2/9 blessed +2 and 4/9 +1 and rest +0 , and if im speaking like that because im not selfish , so i think about new comers players what they can do !!! but it seem the new strat of dev of this game are looking for p2w players that come to buy extreme stuff with 20000 aion pieces and in one month they up to +11 and +12 etc ....

    Could you share your myaion profile? So we can check what you did for 2 years. Asking how new comers players should get best available accesories is a insult for players who farming them for few years.

    +2 slots are not supposed to be got on first day

    Yes (?) I play Aion.

    "Gladiators skills - patch notes just messed:" - cool. I dont touch sorc and asas. I touch glad. Buff for its routine's skills ! And U also dont write about Total Balance Lab, what this mod comes from - specially or rly dont remember.

    Glad skills changes are here since 8.0 part 2. Wondering why you just now start complaining about Glad skills.

    do you actually play aion?

    items from instances for Item Collection - easy, can craft any item

    class S minionite - better, can buy with ap

    Abyss Points - can get up to 20kk per week from apsharanta quests

    Gladiators skills - patch notes just messed:

    Assassin, Sorcerer and general skills are correct

    everything else was already imlpemented

    But sure, I highly suggest to ban people for putting items into the broker. Would be a nice feature.

    In normal game they devs would simply disable the trade options for such items in advance, but we all know that neither gameforge or ncsoft care enough for the leftovers of the playerbase to do anything like that.

    Also I believe it is the publisher job to counter scamming and any behaviour that ruins others players game experience, but eh, different ppl have different standards

    In normal Aion devs don't expect disabled relic, relic time should have been increased till 8.2 with new relic.

    Galeas the Celestine event is so awesome that i left speechless again. I hope you feel the irony and sarcasm. After feeding the pet and receiving the gift i got sunset crystal which costs around 400 kinah.

    Are you sure that did correct feeding? Looks like you got reward for time with Pet.