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    Because they try to slow the game progression to milk more money. Later they can add them as new content. AP gains are still pretty limited and biggest source now is dredgion. Fort instances will be available in the next patch I believe.

    I'd expect the classic news to come out in feb-march. March to-April if they release the info in Daeva tavern. Probably february or march though.

    Any new mmoprg has some level of P2W these days. Reading what other ppl write here about p2w and such, I think you guys need to drop your expectations a bit. The game will have some level of p2w and the faster you accept it the better the patch is gonna be for you if you are thinking to play it. I doubt it will make the game unplayable for f2p though. Aion was never perfect and classic will not be perfect either.

    What you can expect is that gearing is going to be slow and drops from instances are going to be low (probably 100% better from the first patches though). You can boost ap gain and drops rates with amulets or shop buffs (some premium model). That's what we've seen on Korea at least. Some bundles with candies, scrolls,enchantment stones, manastones, titles and idle animations (like the boxing animations similar to ninja etc), skins etc. GF version might slightly differ though. Bundles might be less available if those are more expensive. The bundles were a way to bring these items fast to the game. It depends if it's a good thing or not. At least it makes gearing easier for everyone when manastones and enchantment stones are more available to the game and it makes the whole server advance faster. For example getting upper forts and core fort in the abyss is going to be faster. Where in the old patch it took months before ppl reached the gear to even cap abyss core fort.

    What could ruin the game is items like candies. What we've seen in Korea is that ppl can sell the candies to NPC to get kinah (not worth but it's a choice). These old patches don't have many ways to delete kinah from the game or at least I can't remember any way to do so. Shop items could possibly inflate prices which could possibly ruin the game markets. It could make goldpacks and other items too expensive. This is pretty much the only thing that could totally ruin the whole experience for f2p players.

    So in short. It's going to have some level of p2w. Gear progression in general is faster but still limited by drops. Getting ap is going to be very limited at start (no dredgion, just open world pvp). You are going to see a lot of candies and other shop items that are cheap in the shop. Skills are from 2.7 so every class is already "updated version" even in 1.2. There's still no class balance as some classes will be op. There will be bots and is probably harder to manage in EU than in Korea. Scripters and AHK is probably gonna be a problem aswell as there's no anticheat.

    Even with its flaws, I'm still definitely gonna play it with my old friends. Like Squall says, he's gonna try it, not cause of the game, but cause there will be old aion players trying out the patch. With all the flaws in the game, I'm pretty sure we can still enjoy it while it lasts. It's not gonna be perfect but it's still the old Aion.

    If you increase incomes and don't increase outcomes, it will only make inflation worse. If the game has no natural way of deleting the kinah from the game, it stays in the game. That means it would affect GP price aswell. Again... if you make ppl more rich, inflation gets worse. This would make Gold pack even more expensive and you wouldn't catch up with anyone. You need to get rid of the kinah, not increase it. By increasing money incomes, you have to increase all the expenses aswell like enchanting costs etc. This needs help from NCsoft and probably takes a long time to find the right balance.

    Most likely more ppl will quit and servers will look more dead now. I'd guess there will be a huge drop on general activity now

    If Gameforge do nothing, I agree with you.

    Galeas said they are looking into ways to balance the economy.

    Those who think a kinah sink would not work don't need to post here, or at least please suggest an alternative.

    Gloom & Doom posters always claim what you do, but it never happens.

    I'm not really dooming or bashing. Just saying an honest opinion. I even said 3 options there what they could do. I just don't see a good way and I still think reverting the event would've been the best option but it should've done asap. Now it's too late.

    I doubt that it will increase the activity though. There will be a hit on numbers cause ppl will get frustrated on the kinah differences. Rich ppl will just focus on stuff they actually need to do. General activity will drop and it leads to ppl getting more bored with the game. I might be wrong but we will see.

    And as I said, will not do instances if they don't need the drops. I doubt they do more instances for drops now. Pretty much ppl used to use all of their cooldown before aswell. It's more likely they do less now, cause they don't need kinah, only drops.

    I honestly don't think that kinah sinks would work. First of all, Gameforge won't add stuff that could be in the store and bought in the game with kinah. For them that would mean losing money. So most likely if they want to add kinah sinks, you would see that using the kinah wouldn't be worth it. Rates will be bad even though the rewards would be good. If ppl just hold on to their kinah, they are covered for the rest of their aion life for the future patches aswell. I mean lets be honest here. There's no way GF can offer such deals in the game that ppl would waste their kinah on and lose this kind of advantage over others.

    This means these ppl don't have to farm kinah probably ever again. I don't think there is any good ways to fix the situation. If GF won't budge and offer really damn good offers for a lot of kinah, it won't happen. Even If they did, it would create imbalance as a lot of ppl would get a HUGE gear boost and skill boosts that would wreck everyone else in pvp.

    If they increase the prices in game, most of the ppl that didn't farm the event are in trouble and can't afford anything. If they nerf the kinah by dividing everyones kinah by a certain amount, new players/players that didn't farm the event are broke without kinah. There's no good options here and I think the dmg is far worse than GF probably even realises.

    Ppl that farmed the event are in a really good position right now. Since there was no rollback, ppl that didn't play the game are going to suffer one way or the other. Rich ppl won't bother with pve and most likely are more inactive in the game. Poor ppl will have to grind their gear still and it's harder to find ppl for instances and to find ppl to play with. Most likely more ppl will quit and servers will look more dead now. I'd guess there will be a huge drop on general activity now.

    Most of the ppl that farmed the event will not do instances if they don't need the drops. Ppl are filled with money so there's no need to farm instaces for kinah for a pretty long time. You can probably expect more inactivity in the game and the servers will look more dead than usual.

    You can't farm gold packs without buying them from the broker. There is no way of farming in the game so that you could afford one after the event is gone. So everyone that wasn't in the game during the event, can just uninstall the game unless the event is reverted.

    The event wasn't planned to be ran with 10 accounts at the same time giving more and more money from each loot. It is an exploit since running multiple accounts are against the ToS. You need 3rd party software to do that. This would be a opportunity to ban all the exploiters to get rid of the extra accounts that ppl have.

    There's no good way to go from here.

    1. You either revert and make everyone mad that farmed this event for hours.

    2. You do nothing and ppl that would come back to the game after a break, can never afford a GP on the broker ever again without buying it from the shop. This would mean the game isn't really f2p anymore.

    3. Or you remove a lot of kinah from the game from everyone but then ppl that didn't run the event are broke and it causes more issues.

    You could also multiply the costs in game and also the incomes but that would need more adjustments and is harder and slower to make. One thing is for sure though. If you don't farm the event, you lose money. Since the natural way of the money to disappear from the game is almost gone when ppl get too rich, like when you enchant your gear, even if you buy a manastone from the broker for 400kk, the money stays in the game and the inflation stays. Only good and fast option is to revert the event.

    Sad to see that this happened. They should've given just items instead of raw kinah. I guess ppl will realise what inflation means when GPs and everything that you can get from the shop are nonexistent and ppl can't play for free anymore. No one will sell items cause ppl don't need kinah anymore. Wonder who made the decision about making this event.

    In my opinion, the old versions won't work cause of the old bugs the game has. If the bugs would be fixed, then it would be more enjoyable. Remove gear and pot bug is something that ppl didn't know in the past but would now abuse it. Same as AHK, noani and instant gear change.

    The 4.6 you remember would be different today when ppl have more knowledge about the patches. If you could fix the bugs and renew the content, it could work, but we don't see that much effort from GF or NCsoft. You would have to develope the game eventually aswell or ppl would get bored with maxed gear and the game would die anyway. Private servers can potentially do that to keep the game interesting and that's why those are getting more popular now. I don't know if they actually do that but if they would, it would make them more succesful with it.

    All the new content has pretty much destroyed the small details that made Aion what it really was. New patches only focus on gear grinding and making the game more p2win than actually improving the game and it's environment. The "new" Aion seems a lot simpler and boring and it's missing the old spirit of Aion. You can see it in the features that are gone, like crafting or gousing for example. Other MMOs have more features and stuff to do for fun when Aion mostly focuses on gear and rest of the world is gone.

    Seeing how NA is still somehow "alive" I doubt that GF will change much since they still have decent player base even though the majority of the active community quits. After all they still have paying customers left. They just aren't so active in the forums. GF will most likely look more into the numbers than actually listen the players on the forums.

    There will be some actions when they see numbers dropping but I doubt anything major will happen. The past has pretty much proven that.

    It's silly to call other ppl low IQ cause they don't use alts cause I doubt that this is the way the game is meant to be played. It's one of the reasons everything is kept really limited aswell. It makes the statistics wrong and might change how GF acts on the drops and availability of things.

    Abusing alts by running stuff with multiple clients at the same time is one of the things that ruin the game for new ppl or the ppl that don't have multiple accounts. Same is for veteran rewards. Old players can stay f2p cause of these things. If for example GF wants only a certain amount of items to be in the game in a month period, most of it goes to the old players that abuse the accounts. Leaving a lot less for the others. I don't know if they view statistics like this and make adjustments accordingly but it still distorts statistics and the actual availability of those items in the game.

    So from a player that has broken ToS several times during the years, you encourage everyone to break GF ToS and not get caught? If they don't abuse the system, it makes them stupid? Not everyone can abuse the system and run more than 4 alts at the same time to reach some necessities in the game. Some ppl just refuse to do it.

    This part of the game should be done unavailable and the items should be more available in the game. That's just another reason why this game is messed up. It shouldn't be an alt simulator to achieve the necessities in the game.

    Imo everyone pretty much agrees that the progression in the game is way wayyy too slow. Probably the best way to approach this would be to promote pvp and pve with more and better rewards. If HT is working again, it should be used more. Here's atleast imo the two most important things that needs to be fixed and why i believe so. There's several ways to make these things happen and there should be even tools to do that right now.

    1. Adding better pvp rewards either through HT or some other way would be a good way to try to make pvp more active again. This would help to keep the old players that like the game for its pvp more active and doing stuff more frequently. It could even add more competition to the game between the other groups. In general, you need to make ways to make the game more rewarding. HT would be the easiest way right now.

    So maybe Gameforge should start thinking if they value the items way too high? Events and the game in general doesn't feel rewarding at all and the long term goal seems to be a lifetime goal. This is the main reason ppl are quitting the game right now. This strategy probably worked better before when there was less stuff to gather and to enchant. In the recent patches the amount of gearing has increased quite a lot but the progression pace is still on the old level of things. Like honestly with current progression rate it takes years to reach the end game gear and we have more stuff coming in with the new patches and that makes the goals further and further away. Progression and the long term goal are imbalance and it's just simply killing the game in EU. Increasing the rewards and making more ways of getting the items on your main, rather than your alt, would be a good way to start.

    I believe the old Katalam patch was really succesful cause it had rewarding ways to farm in Katalam and it increased the activity in world pvp. There was battle medal gear that was somewhat fast to get and made you atleast somewhat relevant in pvp aswell. To be competitive, you still needed to farm ap and rank gear. But you got easily started with something.

    In the current patch, that's gone. Gear caps are way too huge and you are mostly just a 2 shot insect to old players. It's demotivating to gear up knowing the pace of gearing and knowing how limited everything is.

    2. So still imo, the best way is to try to invent ways to help ppl come back to the game, ways that doesn't feed too much of the old players that already have their gear, but ways that make new ppl catch up atleast a little bit. This is a huge challenge but it would be best for the old players aswell, as if they see more activity in the game and they might get more ppl that can fight back in pvp. Old players need to feel being rewarded aswell though. That's why the first step is important aswell. Reworking veteran rewards would've been the best way. Can be done by using HT aswell though.

    In the very late end game, progression should be slow. Now it is just everywhere and in fact, it's the slowest at the start of gearing up if you don't have maxed veteran accounts and many of them. This is one the factors that keeps gearing progression imbalance and new players don't benefit old players in any ways. If you make something more available, old players get it tripled if not even more. That's why you need to invent ways to make it more even. Veteran reward system should've been reworked long time ago and the items from the rewards should've been more available in other ways in the game. It was never done, so this problem still exists in the game and everything is really limited and ppl are "forced" to abuse the multiple accounts they have.

    Also I added my discord server to the document because I was banned on the EU Community Discord. They don't like sponsored or supported Gameforge content and started to bully me there^^ so I told em my opinion and got banned after I left.

    That's not actually true. Our bot is promoting Gameforges social media and events everyday. We reached out to GF many times but it's not really up to us who they wanna work with. They don't like when we promote wtfast but there's Gameforge partners promoting other VPNs but for some reason, it's a different case for them. We'd like to do more, but it has become very clear that it's not possible. We just accepted it and moved on. Discord server is still aimed for the community so events and all what is happening around Aion is part of it.

    At least YOU have got that mindset. The permanent "bullying" for being Gameforge partnered by Mods of the Discord. Then the deletion of my links to "sponsored" Streams on FB group (after I had gotten banned for saying my opinion on Discord) which is tied to the EU Community discord which also allows paid P.Server adverstisement on the Group and Discord^^ says it all. It might not be "entirely" true, however I do know what I said and why I said it before I left the Discord and followed by a ban. ^^ Anyway back to topic. I know, you can't account for their "mistakes" but don't give me that please^^.

    Facebook is totally different though. I just joined a part of group to admin that group. Other admins have been admins there long time before me. Different group of ppl and different opinions.

    I started the Discord server and gathered the ppl around the project. The ppl deciding about things in Discord seem to have similar mindset to the things. Most of the ppl in both are really old players from the early days of Aion and still remember when you first quit Aion long ago and bashed the game on forums and social media even though you quit the game. So their opinions reflect to the past quite a lot.

    I didn't say anything about the bullying part though. I don't see things as you do but I get your point. When you are more visible to the public, there are going to be ppl that disagree with you. You were in the same legion with those ppl in solo killers and it wasn't much different there either. I get where you are coming from so I didn't even get into that. I just corrected the Gameforge part.