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    It's still 2,5-3,5 months away and we don't know much about the patch. I think they don't want to advertise it yet. December is pretty bad for the advertisements visibility because of the holidays but marketing probably starts on jan and release is aimed to be on feb. I'm guessing they are starting testing phase soon because of the holidays so there probably won't be major changes to the patch. If it would be delayed further, I'd guess they did some changes to the patch. That's just my speculation though.

    It would be helpful to know the reasons and logic behind the decision. I'm sure there was a lot of discussion and weighing of pros and cons. If there is sound reasoning, it might make it easier for people to accept even if it's not their favorite decision.

    Yeah I agree on this. For those ppl that feel frustrated, It would've been easier to accept it. GF stream is supposed to air on early december and it feels a bit far from the announcement. I'm sure we hear more details then but it could've been a bit sooner.

    I'm happy that we finally got at least a time frame for the release date. We still don't know what the actual 2.0 patch is going to include. I'd suggest that ppl calm down and wait for more info on december. It's going to be a custom patch so it could be better than what the majority are thinking.

    I also made a suggestion on the voting section about emulating 1.9 with the 2.0 update. Would be a good compromise for everyone that are missing the classic feel of Aion. I'm pretty sure that we can't get a new patch anymore, but restricting content to make it close to 1.x as possible could be done with some small changes.

    You could take a look at it and say your opinion or make other suggestions.

    Personally I would prefer 2.0 over 1.2 or 1.5 but I think the best compromise would be to have 1.x content for a month or two before going into 2.x. 2.0 comes with bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more content that I think it's a better solution in a long run. However, I think it would be a good compromise to have 1.x content for a short period of time to have a compromise for ppl. I'm guessing going back with an entire older patch is probably too difficult because aion team would have to start from scratch preparing it, so here's my suggestion:

    Restrict content to emulate 1.x classic feeling. I'm not entirely sure what needs to be done here but probably it's a lot easier to adjust 2.0 patch to emulate the classic feeling for 1.x patch.

    You would have to restrict leveling past 50, restrict access to gelk/ingi (just lock entry q and remove npcs maybe?), adjust upper and lower siege timetables so that we have more sieges than 2.0 (2.0 upper sieges are just once a week afaik) and also adjust siege rewards to 1.x. If there's anything else I'm missing, people that played na classic can probably add it to the list. There's maybe some other changes like Zapiel but I'm sure ppl can list them here. Imo it would be a best solution for everyone and everyone could rift and enjoy the old content for a while.

    go away! You are not helping at all -.-

    You should just stop trolling us. This is getting mean by now :(

    I just shared the link, because someone was asking.

    I have nothing to do with this and no influence to it at all, but i can forward your thoughts, if you want.

    I was mostly joking but sure, forward our thoughts of endless torture and pain for not knowing what's the current situation ;( . Most of us were thinking it's not coming this year and we can just chill for few months but now they started tweeting about it. Meanwhile we are being told that it's still unsure if we get classic at all. Getting mixed signals if announcement is even close or not. Some clarification would be nice.

    We still have our community discord for EU in case you want to join. It already includes a lot of gathered info about classic patches and stuff that is good to know.

    If/When classic comes closer we will look into more stuff and already have some plans for some special things. Also I'm planning to gather a list to organize which server/faction people/legions are moving (if there are several servers). It could help choosing a server and a faction. Hopefully it would make the server more balanced and competitive.

    They MIGHT bring some news about classic on next stream which is supposed to be before next retail update. The update hasn't been announced yet. Don't have your hopes up for a fast release (if it ever gets released).

    The candy problem is a bit exaggerated. There will always be bots and kinah sellers and soon they will sell kinah cheaper than if you would buy the candy from ncsoft. Inflation is inevitable as long as there are bots farming. I'm not saying it's a good thing they have the candies but they will lose their effect as the game progresses. Whales will eventually just use kinah services. It does suck that the candies are too easy to access though.

    The good thing about daeva pass and the candy situation is, that it's boosting the pace of the game. Gearing and sieging will be faster and easier as items seem to be a lot cheaper on the broker. Hopefully the economy will stabilize in the end.

    Aion EU Discord is going to support the classic hype as well since there seem to be quite a lot of EU players trying it. I've been following the Kr classic since it's launch so gonna gather a lot of info on our discord tomorrow. Guides, old pvp videos, patch info etc. I'm also talking with few legions to forward EU ppl into same place by recommending a legion and a side. Some legions I know will be good and friendly with some old players that know the game from old times. If you are interested, join our discord for more info. Link to join is right here: Aion EU Discord

    I can't do much today unfortunately but I try to gather as much info as I can before launch and during it. We also give future info about GF updates and retail. Info about tools you might want for aion etc. Hope to see you there even if you don't play classic! You can also pm me directly and give advices or suggestions that we should add or change.

    Less players doesn't mean a better community either though. There's no guarantee that with less players the community would thrive stronger. Aion west is a good example of that. They have no content creators and you never hear from them. For EU it's a lot different. The community would be even bigger and more active if there were more efforts to support it. There has been few initiates to support content creators but unfortunately it seems to be only short and temporary things.

    i'm not sure if you address this to me or not but i will respond since it followe mine.

    It wasn't. I'm just trying to understand Doris, why he thinks that old Ncsoft times were better when there were less players. I still can't understand how the companys income is considered better than having more players to play with, more active community, more streams and youtube videos to watch. So companys income is more important and that's what measures if the game is a success or not? With that logic, current situation should be perfect! Less servers, so there's less expenses. You have whales that pay for everything and the publisher makes more money.

    When you look at financial data only, that's what usually kills the games. Activision is a good example of that. When you try to make short sighted goals and make more money, it usually kills the game play. Instead companies should put more effort towards the community and plan good games. If the company makes good decisions, the money comes as a result.

    So let me get this straight. So according to you, it was better when Ncsoft was making more money out of Aion before GF? So your point is totally financial? Not how many ppl were playing the game. Not when queue times for instances were shorter, not when LFG was more alive and there were more ppl to play with? Because before GF took over there were merges and only a few servers with around 1k population left. Even though those numbers don't really prove that they made more money than GF did. So even though game went F2P and it made the player base 3-4 times what it was, it's not better?

    Then why are you against p2w if the developer or publisher is making more money? If you don't support p2w, why do you come up with financial results how they made money back then? You just contradict yourself.

    Hopefully it's a good thing. All the old patches have their own problems (constant balance issues, abusable systems etc.) and they could make the patches a lot better with the data they have now. Not totally convinced that they will put enough money and effort to it though.

    The worst some bad idea of ncsoft was not bad if it was exploited correctly

    For example transformation level 75 in 5.x was not bad but they never should allowed this skill in arena

    The worst part about the patch was that manastones were nonexistent and the only source was luna weekly. I remember farming luna so much on alts to stay competitive that I burned out and "gave" my accounts away at the end of 5.6. Haven't touched my cleric ever since. Apparantly someone is still playing her these days. No idea who it is though.

    Hopefully it's a good thing. All the old patches have their own problems (constant balance issues, abusable systems etc.) and they could make the patches a lot better with the data they have now. Not totally convinced that they will put enough money and effort to it though.

    You don't seem to know anything about me. No clue why you keep telling everyone else is a whale that disagrees with you. Since you opinion is based on "stats and facts" like you stated previously, can you show us how Ncsoft was flourishing before GF took over?

    it wasnt gameforge alone who turned this game into an full p2wgame

    If you first look for numbers, data and facts in the past, you will see who made the breakthrough through Freetop(l)ay and thus p2w first.
    I'm not blaming NC Soft for just copying GF (to make a lot more money).
    Both company`s & many others thought it would go on forever, only they cut themselves neatly.:rolleyes:

    No offense but I don't know if you are just trolling here. What data and facts? Even though GF has some major issues, F2P made the player base explode in EU and it lasted for few years. When the game was under with sub model under Ncsoft in EU, the game had a lot less players and was dying. In NA Aion was more p2w and died a lot faster than in EU. There hasn't been Aion streams for NA region for a long time in twitch. In Korea, the game has always been more p2w than in EU after Gameforge took over. Korean forums were full of complaints about p2w during the years and even streamers in twitch said they wanted EUs system back in 3.x-4.x.

    Ncsoft made good systems around Aion like veteran rewards that GF took over and they implemented their gold pack systems into it. It seemed to work really well at start. GF just never improved or made better systems around Aion and that's their major issue. When the systems that Ncsoft made stopped working, it started going more downhill and nothing new was done to it. But the main reason why this game is failing, is because of bad game development and that GF can't really adapt to the patches anymore.

    Without F2p though, there would be less people that tried aion and there would be less ppl that were interested in classic. Without F2P there probably wouldn't be a good market for the classic server here in EU.