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    When Aion Classic was realeased GF put a lower drop rate when looting mobs. This was a very bad move, but i guess they wanted to prevent bots from farming to much. And for active players this was pretty annoying but still, manageble.

    So what was the result of this move? Did the bots stay away?

    No, we still had bots but paying regular players had a hard time with SS, getting stigmas ect. BUT, still manageble.

    Now we are in 2.4 and, as many has noticed - Tahabata's population is declining.

    In this patch there are alot of important items that needs to be farmed - like balic items. We use these for leveling craft and in crafting purposes.

    Since the drop rate is nerfed, nobody is farming them and the few that are on broker quickly gets bought. The prices skyrocket and nobody can level craft or even craft these items.

    This is a huge problem and needs to be solved RIGHT NOW. 20% of the game is not accesable.

    Since bots still exist and prices get fixed with supply and demand. Why wont GF just up droprate with a significant amount if no merge in near time?

    And even if we get merge - Why do we still have a bad droprate? Makes no sence.

    PLEASE GAMEFORGE - Fix this now!


    Everyone on Tahabata