Balic Materials and other crafting items/designs

  • Balic material/Crafting material droprates need an increase? 43

    1. No, it's fine as it is. (5) 12%
    2. Yes, Increase it by a LOT. (38) 88%


    Would it be at all possible to maybe increase the droprates for Balic materials and other crafting materials like designs by a factor of maybe 1000?

    Right now as it is, a huge portion of content is being deprived of the community.

    The crafting is damn near impossible.

    Leveling a craft uses firm balaur materials, however these do not drop enough for crafting to be viable unless you have 1 billion kinah laying around.

    Back in the day you were able to actively spend your days farming balaur mobs in gelk/ingi/BT, and you could make all the kinah you needed that way by looting balaur materials and selling them.

    This is not possible right now. They simply do not drop.

    Same goes for designs needed to make expert/master weapons/armor/acccessories.

    They are almost non existent.

    I would like to enjoy the crafting experience that 2.0 "potentially" has, but as of writing this post, it is not posisble.

    We are now a month into 2.0, and I've seen maybe one or two people with a 500 level craft.

    I haven't seen any designs drop myself and I can assure you I've been farming countless hours.

    We are not in Korea, they might be ok with this, but this EU community really wants something different.

    The longer this is not implemented, the more Classic Aion will suffer.

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  • Yes, It is a nightmare, I ve played on this version of the game on the live server and I never had an issue dropping or buying a craft design, here since the new release, I ve seen 1 single craft design in balaurea. Even when you look at the broker, some potion craft are rare or non existing. I understand you limit the drop rate due to botting, but as there are so many bots anyway why do you not increase the drop rate as it looks like decreasing the loot in order to reduce the botting does not really works and the only people which are annoyed by this are the players.

  • While at it up Manstone rates as well. The prices are already disgusting af. And with Eternal PVP Gear around the corner it will get worse if you dont do something.

  • It's a nightmare . I m stuck at 460 handicrafting . As you said , near impossible .

    My only goal in Aion Classic was to craft nice stuff at 2.0 .

    Nosense loot table . Aion is over for me because of that .

  • Hello.

    When Aion Classic was realeased GF put a lower drop rate when looting mobs. This was a very bad move, but i guess they wanted to prevent bots from farming to much. And for active players this was pretty annoying but still, manageble.

    So what was the result of this move? Did the bots stay away?

    No, we still had bots but paying regular players had a hard time with SS, getting stigmas ect. BUT, still manageble.

    Now we are in 2.4 and, as many has noticed - Tahabata's population is declining.

    In this patch there are alot of important items that needs to be farmed - like balic items. We use these for leveling craft and in crafting purposes.

    Since the drop rate is nerfed, nobody is farming them and the few that are on broker quickly gets bought. The prices skyrocket and nobody can level craft or even craft these items.

    This is a huge problem and needs to be solved RIGHT NOW. 20% of the game is not accesable.

    Since bots still exist and prices get fixed with supply and demand. Why wont GF just up droprate with a significant amount if no merge in near time?

    And even if we get merge - Why do we still have a bad droprate? Makes no sence.

    PLEASE GAMEFORGE - Fix this now!


    Everyone on Tahabata

  • Are we going to get a response from Gameforge?

    Reveiw this and give an answer fast!

  • I ve seen the craft design of potion instant (the magenta) twice only in the game , it is impossible to buy it at that price .

    the price I ve seen was 120 Millions of kinha...