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    it's not a recent thing. there have been big chinese mmorpg games doing this before we heard the name aion. korea had some degree of it too but ncsoft started later with this... around 2010-2012 with other games. it's seen as only recently because that's how late the western industry started to catch up with it... since our mentality here is different and we never seen this as a good thing.

    I may be wrong, but didn't old cash shops give you actual items for money? Because that's why I said this is relatively recent. Cash shops have been a thing for some time, but usually you know what you get if you pay money. Nowadays the cash shop gacha model doesn't give you items concretely, it just gives you more chances to engage with RNG.

    According to Wikipedia, gacha system has been starting to be used widely around the 2010's, but it was mostly used in mobile gaming. There were probably AAA game titles with this monetization scheme popular in Asia, but as far as I know there wasn't any globally popular game to use this system.


    You are confusing Aion with Path Of Exile :) There is no builds here :) The game has few mechanics and that's it

    Don't get me wrong I know this very well. But it doesn't have to be this way. The game used to have more variety in sets, it would not be such a hard change to slowly implement more complexity again.


    This game is not made to give you such a high ground of complexity and was changed according to publisher requests to be as much as possible p2w. Do you want to make a boss in 1.30 mins? Easy, put like +1k euro into the shop (as premade). This is the only mechanic you have to think about.

    1k euro if you're extremely lucky on a korean mmo. 3.5 million $ if you're not so lucky


    I am playing the game as I was playing it in 2009 - 2013 really active and because of the p2w and rng I can't even reach 50% of the performance I had in "2009 - 2013". There I was full pve and pvp gear as final content of the game and I was so active in pvp and siges. Made countless kills and took so many forts, etc. I was general at that time. Now ... all that counts is wallet not how good player you are.

    I feel you fam QQ. I'm pretty melancholic too when I think how fun this game used to be. That is the only reason why I still bother with this game and this forum.

    Maybe if I contribute just a little more feedback, things will change, but the trend is always against me and others like me. Still it gives other outsider people information about the Aion EU experience and if I manage to inform even 10 people with my opinions, then the time I took to write was not wasted.

    168 days more exactly. Almost 6 months. So yeah I will edit my post, but my point remains the same.

    Also you don't get them by logging in for 1 min, you actually have to finish lugbug quests for them.

    The powder will be bought from the shugomatic.

    Nothing to do with lugbug missions.

    Also you don't get them by logging in for 1 min, you actually have to finish lugbug quests for them.

    No, you get the shugo coin in the atreia pass and the fragments are to be bought in the shugomatic.

    Nothing to do with weekly lugbug.

    My bad then, I'll edit my post again. It's confusing sometimes with different people saying different things.

    STILL my point remains, 6 months + 6 gold packs for ulti form is ridiculous. That's if the powder doesn't cost more than the free coins you receive weekly. I don't know about you but I like being rewarded through gameplay, through challenges, you know, like in a videogame (which we are presumably playing), not by literally having to wait months so I can click 2 times per week for some powder.

    Let me also give you an example of a good game design and reward system. Let's say that transformation contracts drop from the bosses themselves. So for Prigga form you have to beat Prigga and so on, but each with its own challenges. Like kill Prigga solo in 1:30 minutes for legendary contract, etc. Wouldn't that be a game that you want to play? Imagine people actually using strategies, making tests, creating builds, the potential is huge and I just thought about this in 10 sec.

    wasnt it 4-6 months? and what kind of grinding do you mean? logging in everyday for 1 min?

    168 days more exactly. Almost 6 months. So yeah I will edit my post, but my point remains the same.

    Also you don't get them by logging in for 1 min, you actually have to finish lugbug quests for them. You get them by buying powder with shugo coins, my bad.

    6 months of grinding + 6 gold packs to get the ulti form? Too little, too late. The game is mostly dead, the servers are empty. Most of the time it's already impossible to make a group for instances and sometimes there isn't anyone even to pass your instances. No group play and no solo play. Dead!

    Ty GF, see you in 3 years when you finally change the enchanting system to be 0,001% improved rates.

    The jokes aside ... ngl, gameforge will never ever change the payment model of AION. People complain in this Forum for years already but nothing will change. Just get used to it and have some fun every now and then or play another game. Its better for your mental health.

    Nothing will change? Wrong! Discussing your experience with the game has a lot of advantages and this passivity which you are encouraging works exactly in favor of companies like GF. Why it is useful to complain about the game:

    • Let's say that because of a miracle GF now wants to listen to players, now they know exactly what is needed;
    • The negative experience discussions work to slowly chip away at a company's reputation. It's not for nothing that GF is known to be a game destroyer. That would not have been possible without people complaining about their practices;
    • And most importantly, it helps the players! The posts and comments are public and anyone can see them. So Youtube channels, for example, that review MMOs or just games in general can have a very good idea of how the game is being handled by the publisher. And when they write or publish a video about the game they can accurately portray the playing experience.
    • So someone who wants to start playing Aion for the first time now has all the information they need to stay far away from this game and others like it and ultimately hurt companies like GF who manipulate their players, including actual children, to gamble and get addicted to the gambling mechanics.

    This needs to be stopped. If you do not have anything useful to contribute, stop encouraging people to censor themselves and just accept the manipulation! Throughout history, change has always come from the people who have the courage to say the truth, even if detrimental to them personally (not really the case here, but you might risk a ban for even saying things like I just said here if you don't word it carefully).

    I think the game now is officially on it's dying bed because of these pay to win """"events"""" we've had these months. Especially in the last 2 weeks I see way less players online. And yes, I am posting this in the EVENT thread, because this is the reason for the drop in playerbase. God knows there isn't any other way to get the most desired and important thing in this game: ulti form. And the players have had enough of being treated with contempt.

    Yesterday (Saturday) at noon there wasn't a SINGLE instance on SW, nor anyone available to pass my instance, even after spamming LFG. And this when most countries still are in lockdown and people are staying inside and playing video games more than ever. Also you can see this reflected in the prices at broker. Highly unusually expensive items, and some cheaper than usual one, because there are less people available to sell or buy them. So less and less items at normal price, it's only something expensive or something cheap.

    Maybe it's just a temporary drop in playerbase, but do you actually think it's a coincidence and not because of the poor events?

    But that's the thing isn't it? This isn't a video GAME anymore, it resembles a gambling platform with fancy graphics and sound.

    If you want to know an extreme example of how exploitative these monetization practices can be, there is a recent news story of a guy who spent 3 MILLION DOLLARS on Lineage M.

    @Dropkickmurphy, the white knight is back with his classic "stop cry" replies ahahahaha.

    Misto, I really mean no offense or bullying towards you, but you are embarrassing yourself... Are you that incapable of stopping to dramatize everything? Is every discussion a "cry" to you? Or do you just want to look cool. I'm telling you there aren't enough tears in the world for how many "crying" accusations you say to people.

    Also people are allowed to complain, especially when they are treated with contempt. This is how things change and how GF assesses the community's reaction, and there is no shame about it.

    You try again and again to force this "opinion" on people that the game and events are good when they don't help even alts or new players. Your logic is painfully twisted and just generally FALSE.

    Here for example, do you think we were actually thinking this event is for veterans? No, that is not even the discussion, the discussion is that the event is not useful for ANYONE, not even new players or alts.

    Let me be more clear why your logic is almost non existent, and why it's clear you are just writing for attention. You contradict yourself more often that others contradict you, but you don't seem to notice this, so I'll help you out with an example:


    "The event with increased enchant is nice for newer players / alts"

    "You should have enough books / essences saved up from playing / Hero trials / events / elite rewards etc."

    So if you are a new player how do you have enough books/essences saved up from playing or from other events? Therefore, from YOUR WORDS, it's clear that the event is NOT useful to new players, and yet you still do not see such an obvious contradiction in your words.

    Man, how sad is it that it's a general opinion that current retail Aion has no future... And all it would take is to give us a chance to get ulti transformation by just playing and removing a few RNGs here or there. Not even a radical change, just literally ~5 changes and people would be pretty satisfied with the game.

    But we have to milk the cows some way or another

    You can do that as the new player (aka the person who is first time playing aion) or as the new account (of someone who know the game and keep playing it since quite a while by now)?

    As a new player, the method I'm getting kinah cap is with fresh alts without gear (they have protectorate tho, still counts as fresh alt for me as that can be achieved with one or two nights of afk botting), or collection, or anything else, figured it on my own and was not influenced by the game experience I had and it takes me roughly 4 hours to do so. Before you start a new discussion which may be off-topic I just wanna say that I'm a very efficient player in any game and before starting to play a game I spend some hours of research to be sure that I can do stuff efficiently. I won't reply to any of your new replies which may be irrelevant to the thread.


    Going too much off-topic on a new server discussion thread, if you're looking for fast kinah farming make a new thread and you may find a lot of possibilities if ppl are willing to share.

    Mind telling us how you make 300kk, or whatever the limit is, in 4h using only fresh alts? Bc I smell lies :)

    EDIT: also I make 500kk in 30 mins. I won't tell you how to do it because it is O F F T O P I C C C C ;) Hint: I use 500kk lvl 1 characters

    Funny how you leave out the fact that you need good ping or else you get rolled back (happened 6 times in a row casually). Or sometimes it's not even the ping, it's like an RNG, so if you're unlucky you could go from 1st place to last in 3 sec just because the game decides to roll you back 1-2m.

    Players like you must be GF's favorite. Praising them like a good boy just so you get attention when it's clear that GF treats its playerbase with utter CONTEMPT. You know they won't give you anything if you white knight like this, don't you?

    Sidenote, I also love the "stop cry" people. That's their only response to anything and it's extremely amusing to me. Some bad jokes incoming:

    "hey guys how is everyone doing?"

    "stop cry lol"

    "lf cleric makarna"

    "stop cry"

    "what, my stigma enchanting just failed for the 612th time..."

    "stop cry noob *links his improved stigma which cost him >5000 real life euros"

    The playerbase is too small for a new server.

    You have to understand that no one who has a legendary/ulti transformation will easily leave his character because [...] has made it extremely hard to get them.

    So the new server population will be mainly new or returning players. And let's be honest, how many new players do you think there are? That new server will be dead within a couple of months.

    Edit Olly : Disrespect.

    Do you guys use RCS-RDS ISP? Because this was an ISP issue which has now been fixed. Basically we had a lot of package loss and that's why the game had 400-500 ping and disconnected.

    You gotta hand it to GF, they know their players and they know how to make money. Betting agencies would be immensely jealous of this expertly crafted hooks and lowkey addiction exploitation.

    What does everyone want? Transformations transformations transformations

    What does GF want? Money money money

    It's like they said: "Alright we're giving you your damn transformations, but we will take every single penny you have in return. Sounds fair right? No? Well tough luck lmao $$$".

    There's a growing theory in the gaming industry, that developers/publishers began to hate their players because they created a market for these shameless exploitative monetization schemes and now they are making too much money to stop. I'm starting to believe it day by day with examples such as these.