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    whats more funny that there is no response nothing,i mean they are AT HOME RIGHT?working from home?....why not even a f....about whats going on?Is it even worth to bother?

    Sometimes I imagine them laughing at us while we criticize, I can't find another explanation for such a [...] event

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    Galeas ARE YOU really JOKING with the server limit of Meririnerk selling legendary contract and Vison chest?????????? DO YOU REALLY WANT SO much PUNISH community which left here???????

    ITS impossible to by it , it was sold in 0,5 second so what now everyday must people wait like IDIOTS at npc at 9PM and try luck or what????? IS this really need it ???,

    YOU really need to punish us so much at XMAS event?

    Merry Christmas

    tell me exactly what is so nice about this event

    Yortus if that was adressed to me ;) dunno what u mean? i failed so many it seemed impossible to reach i went safe route..i used 100% stigma stoens from 11-12 on 6x stigmas and i did same from 14-15.....

    This is the Safest way i found without ragequitting.

    but most people don't have that many 100% stones, neither the luck nor the money to buy so many, I have 3 in 12 and 3 in 10 and you can't get an idea of the stones I have used

    but do you think you have invented something? I have a whole account full of equipped alters where I farm stigma stones, and it doesn't give any results, they fail in the same way, so let me tell you that I absolutely don't believe anything you say

    I find these events a shame and that they are on Christmas dates ... you are laughing at the aion community, you want to end the game and you are going to achieve

    they dont care about destroying the game,there is plenty of revenue being achieved and HISTORY and past incidents have proven that the company is like 99% revenue focus and 1% community lets not forget that x-mas is here how they can be spent?

    It's so obvious that they only care about money that I'm ashamed

    From bad to worse, and the stigma rate that I think is an urban tale

    youre definetly still competitive, just get new accessouries some odians and youre good to go. And to your question, stigmas are really easy to enchant especially during stigma enchant events. You can get if youre lucky 1 stigma to +15 with like 20-30 stigma enchantment stones. There is a safe spot at lvl 6, 9 and 12

    easy to enchant according to whom, because they fail me the same as always

    primero que el evento lunar lo han hecho de una manera tan retorcida que ya no es ni el apice de lo que fue... y segundo, el ojo de tiamaranta da unas recompensas de risa, un numero desorvitado de monedas para un fragmento de una transformacion legendaria y restringida a 1 a la semana, dos piedras ultimate pve a la semana... 3 piedras legendarias a la semana.... No hay runas mayores.... no hay por donde coger ninguno de los dos eventos

    Well, it's easy, use dps to put in the sieges honey, I don't have to lie, whenever you want you can come with me to an instance and I'll show you the dps I do

    the next day I copy and paste the dps of gelmaros boos and divine pvp

    divine fortres (ALL PVP)

    <<Players>> Adrenalizeme: 9,576,221, Yortus: 6,294,735, Frykan: 5,911,373, Mjiu: 4,449,859, Squall: 4,436,929, Jare: 4,393,294, Akasaki: 3,966,214, Skillndeed: 3,329,162, Lightning: 3,320,308, Szmoludek: 3,153,398, Warkings: 3,122,669, Bluefunk: 3,064,065

    frortres gelmaros 1 boos (only sm)

    <Ulsaruk> Exult: 8,966,749, Mitri: 6,758,919, Yortus: 6,445,154, Evander: 5,273,619, Ameeray: 4,425,183, Ashtarotth: 3,609,785, Holybird: 3,313,781, Tajma: 3,147,181, Hajimari: 3,056,938, Bdsmka: 2,591,429, Cassidi: 2,547,776, Bjornz: 1,902,106, Ondine: 1

    fortres gelmaros 2 boos (only sm)

    <Ulsaruk> Exult: 8,932,187, Mitri: 8,792,339, Yortus: 6,528,613, Ashtarotth: 5,129,399, Evander: 5,006,022, Ameeray: 4,396,345, Tajma: 3,692,035, Hajimari: 3,277,802, Holybird: 2,693,029, Bdsmka: 2,346,588, Bjornz: 2,017,530, Cassidi: 1,343,297, Ondine: 1

    by the way my stigmata are at +10

    Gunner or ranger are fast food if you know how to play your class and you aren´t undergeared^^ SM is really the most broken class if played right no other can be as cancerous as this class.

    Your experience propably comes from being undergeared compared to your mentioned classes. But with same gear you should be able to handle them.

    Gear differences are your worst enemy since 6.0 anyway, it´s just not playable if you can´t keep up with most peoples gear status. Thus imo those tier lists are pretty much obsolete since i bet many people compare situations(without knowing) where one has way more gear than the other...

    honey I've been playing for years and I have the best team I can have, I'm not talking about not beating one player or the other, I'm talking about what the classes are like right now, the ranger and the gunner right now are the most broken classes in pvp, if you don't want to see them there. I have no problem using my character, I am usually the sm with the most dps in sieges and the third in pve

    the sm is good 1v1, in a group you are focus and you have no resistance, there are more broken classes like the ranger or the gunner