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    THIS. I wish my addiction to this game would go away

    keyword: ILLUSION

    The whole point of the game is to frustrate the playerbase by slowing and restricting their progress in-game so that they are forced to spend money in the shop. The game needs to make profit after all.

    They entice the playerbase too by providing multiple layers of RNG and those who get lucky with such (i.e. ulti transformation) give hope to the less fortunate ones that maybe, they too, can be lucky. It's like the lottery! A lot of us buy a ticket hoping we would be the next millionaire. After all, it's not completely impossible right? Someone won. Therefore, we can too (maybe).

    This is how the game is now. Except, I'd rather gamble my real money for real money; not for some pixelated game that sooner or later gonna get shut down anyway

    also use kaisinel/marchutan potion, go to a place with no people, jump 3 times and do /roll until you get below 10

    This way you please all mighty RNG God. If you do all that and it still fails, it means somebody angered him and blood sacrifices have to be made. You must go to lakrum and slaughter innocent low geared enemies to earn back His favour:

    xD I can't....this is too much xD

    For many years since Deyla (now Stormwing) was formed, it has been the most populous server on EU. But just these last few weeks, the numbers have drastically lowered to a point that Odin is now the largest server. Additionally, Sillus has the biggest change and the biggest drop of numbers as it was much populated, with a player-count close of that to Stormwing.

    I think we can all agree about the possible reasons why:

    1. The biggest reason: Frustration over Katalam Sieges which a lot of players are unable to attend due to limited entry.

    2. Frustration over morphing enchantment stones. It's much significantly slower to farm stones specially PvE stones now.

    3. Frustration over the lack of rank A minions due to the removal of world drops which was welcomed greatly by the playerbase.

    4. The mobs in Inggison/Gelkmaros that are killed to farm EXP for Insignia of Experience are much slower to kill, slowing the progress needed for people to gear up. You need a lot of Insignia of Experience to buy valuable items.

    5. Lag. Not the biggest gamebreaker but the lags are just........

    Are there any planned solutions to tackle this rapid decline? How long do you think can this game last? I know people have said the game is dead since 3.x but this time, it literally feels like it's on the brink of dying.


    why give them ideas bro? :'(

    So I came back to the game for the patch, only to realise I have no ways to get S rank minion anymore and am behind everyone else who does by 10.000 HP + other stats :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Why remove the world drops when you have no other source of lvl4 minions ? And now I'm supposed to what, wait 5 months till GF figures out a new way for us to obtain lvl4minions? Or wait a year till I get enough A minionites? :]

    Good start ... Galeas you should just add the world drops back to Ingisson ASAP, along with the fix to reroll AoA accessories.

    welcome back Noctis and sorry that's unfortunate that you miss it. The only way to farm for rank S minion would be to gather a lot of Rank A minions + Rank A Minionites and level them up. This would be a VERY slow process :|

    I played with u in Makarna I didn't know you were a returnee. Also, my heart sank upon hearing you getting Kaisinel contract fusing 2 legendary transformations while I've been trying since they introduced the transformation system back in 6.2 which was 2018...20 FU**ING 18 xD

    You are asking the wrong question here Max.
    To complete PWHM, firstly you will need a competent premade. If you just wanna kill first boss, or maybe even the 2nd then LFG would be doable, hard but doable.
    Also practice group healing as cleric, that's more important than some reachable stats. It's pointless to have 10k HB if you're only using AOE heal

    lower HB is perfectly fine, but defence is a must have. You will not survive jotuns skills with low defs (and you cannot avoid them, the boss picks his target at rando)

    This is very helpful. I've completed the PWHM cubes apart from Prigga. I am gonna wait till 7.5 hits because pointless farming Starlight now when there will be new accessories incoming.