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    so refreshing, after months of me warning we were going in this direction and you critizing me at every turn and standing by gameforge, look where we are now...better late than never i guess

    go back on gunner if u want to pvp, At is subpar compared to gunner. its fun to play but thats about it, and since its not a popular class in korea it rarely is given any atention to it. or go glad, they are basicly the same like ATs but better

    and you know the owner of these ultis(not anak), dont even go pvp...whats the point of having all this just to afk in front of broker or doing pve...mind bogling

    I'd imagine, outside of the usual geared noobs, most decent players take no pleasure in rolfstomping undergeared players. If more would catch up, it would make for some interesting fights.

    But then an aethertech came and killed me with 2 critical hits with his improved skills. That made me realize that it will take me 6 more months to die in a 20-30 seconds fight, which is the goal.

    every class can do that. Im AT full geared and im getting killed by most classes under 2 seconds except for maybe templar glad chanter everything else burst u like u have no gear...even those "nerfed" sorcs can kill u under 2 seconds...

    I agree, specially some type of anti hack agaisnt AHK, [...]

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    You sure about that? -> Aion 6.5 Feedback

    -butchered class changes (personally, being unable to use silence while on cannon just makes my class feel slower and duller. If you wanna nerf smting, do it but not at cost of dumbing the class down and making it less player friendly and simply inconvinient. )

    rly? complain about gunner? this class is meta in this patch like it was in previous ones and u cry like u did in 6.5...what? is it unplayable? u cant kill ppl in 0.6 sec only 0.9 is that it? give me a break....

    fair point

    Well acording to similarweb gameforge saw a decline of aproximatly 5 million visits from 2019 to 2020

    Acording to google analitics they had a decrease of 40 overall and specificly they had a increase in metin2 wich is one of the old games they have and kindom under fire, a newly released one.

    they had 352 employes in 2018 and are now at 300 in 2020, having at some point (2010) had more than 450 employes

    they had a revenue of 140millions in 2011 down to 83.1 million in 2018

    yes...they sure know what they doing alright

    you know, some players have sucessuful companys themselfs, its not only gameforge that knows how to run a company.

    But let me ask you this, have you seen many new players lately? cause i havent.

    All new names i see are renames or rerolls. gameforge is unable to bring new players and if you cant bring new players and retain the ones you have then there is only 1 direction to go.

    This is a good strategy? please...

    After all this years you still dont understand one basic thing: how are they suppose to run a free to play game with Item shop with skins or motion cards? The pay to win in inevitable aspect of Aion. It has been this way and will stay this way. Wake up and stop crying.

    you think they dont make money? lets speculate.

    Aion eu has what 4k people?

    lets assume 3500 people have gold pack

    each gold pack cost around on average 5euros depending on the country.

    3500x5€=17500€ per month.

    17500x12= 210k per year.

    For the sake of conversation lets say there is around 1500 acounts that are alts that equates on extra 90k per year.

    Total 300k.

    now, lets say there is at least 100 people that spend around 1k per mounth, perfectly doable wouldnt you say? thats a total of 1.2 million per year.

    so from p2w items and gold back they making at least 1 and half million euros

    not even gonna take into acount the rename tickets, skins, pots etc etc.

    Lets say ncsoft takes a cut of 25% thats 322k

    so gameforge is making at least over a million per year with this game, if we consider that 1 there is only 4 server.

    Running a server is not that expensive

    they have less and less employes in aion. Just see how many patches/events/etc are released untested. And now they dont even bother to translate npcs.

    I wouldnt be surprised the employees have miserable wages.

    what happened was just absolute greed from these 2 companys nothing else.

    they could have made this game allot more enjoyable and still make a good amount of money.

    6.5 could have been a good patch if they wouldnt have been so greedy. both ncsoft and gameforge.

    i liked the premisse that everyone could ( to some degree) could be on same lvl, that is not the case now.

    here is my view on it

    1-They shoulnt have implemented +15 stigmas +15 daeva skills, no class should 1 shot anyone.

    2-Following the previous, balancing wise, all face offs should at least be 20 seconds, not 1 or 2 seconds like it is now, its fk ridiculous right now. there is no strategy or skills, 0. its just spam everything u have, either if ure a defensive class or offensive.

    3-Max transformation should have been Legendary.

    4-There should have been viable ways to get this by playing the game.

    5-They should never have implemented 20% pot.

    6-Crafting, gathering and trade should have been kept. Part of the charm of playing a MMO its the roleplay, and social aspect.

    7-Extendable weapons should have been easier to get to the classes that needed.

    8- They should have implemented events that would increase open world activities.

    for example, kill 1800 ppl in pvp during 2 weeks and get a ancient transformation( if there was no ultimate, with ultimate get legendary) its over 20 diferent legendarys so to get them all you would still need to farm for 1 year. / kill 100 ppl get 1 legendary stone. etc

    9-They shouldnt have implemented all these garbages skills from kata gear, weapons from events etc. its so frustrating being in pvp and watching those skills pop left and right passively, no skill/strategy required.

    10-Once they removed the godstones, they shouldnt have implemented minion skills. Enought with the RNG ffs.

    11-Transformation should only be available during siege!! its absolutly ridiculous that people use this like they using a regular buff. on even number group vs group etc.

    13- they shoulnt have items that break the balance of the game like PVP JAM, 100% pot, dispel 3 debuff pot etc

    12-Getting legendary/ultimates should have been easier. Actually overall gearing should have been easier. they should have bet on the fact that aion has so many classes and ppl want to play diferent classes. this was a missed oportunity.

    they were so fixed in limiting every thing players do, that in the end what we end up with is a game that is in a complete coma.

    this notion of long term goals was absolute garbage. people want to enjoy the game now, not in 2 years time man.

    i had quite allot more to say, but overall you get the idea. 6.5 was a missed oportunity and now they realize this game is only going downhill they milking every bit they can. a big fat MEH

    So....if it was free in your opinion, why don´t you have one when you say everyone has tons of billions and alt accounts?..

    this was ONE OF the reasons that made me quit. I didnt had acess to aion during this week.

    I basicly got screwed over on 1v1's by gameforge. i just cant be arsed to fight vs someone who has 30k extra hp (Basicly +- 40% more) avalaible just cause he was here that week and i wasnt.

    This wouldnt be such a big problem if further ahead you could get it somehow without having to cash like a morron.

    This is basicly one of the biggest problems with this publisher. Everything is unattainable unless ure here during the events (or worse, promos that dont give anything) .

    Things should be attainable during your normal gameplay. IF we have to wait for events to get anything done then im sorry but thats just bad and certainly not enjoyable at all.

    There is plenty to be said about this hillbilly p2w model but im not gonna go any further on the subject.