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    My guess is, NCsoft is planning to implement some type of p2w bullshit in upcoming patches.

    This new class brings bad memories already from a similar path on retail.

    We know gameforge speaks with NCsoft in order to make more p2w possible.

    starting previously to 2.0 will only make it slower for gameforge to make money.

    The guy from NA asking gameforge to focus on the long run, lol my guy, you clearly don't know gameforge, they focus on everything except the long run, quick buck is the name of the game, increasing revenue so they can have their Xmas bonuses.

    The proof is in the pudding, after years of dog lvl events where you don't get anything, aggressive monetization and absolute disrespect for players on more than 1 occasion, and players asking for certain things just to get the middle finger, what do you expect seriously? that they gonna redeem themselves all of a sudden?

    2.0 is only cause of money, just like i said before classic wouldn't be released until retail was dead, and so it was, its not hard to figure out this company once you understand these vultures.

    You guys seem to have short memories, I don't.

    They told on an dev livestream,

    They will change the lore of the game after 2.7.

    Means Aion will be different at 3.0 and keeping basic class.

    There weren't any new classes in 3,0

    tankerking mentions in a stream that there will be a new leather class in this new patch. or maybe i didn't understood correctly.

    just let them milk 8.0 a bit more with random boxes, and ppl get pissed or bored and leave to the point the game is not even worth remembering and they announce classic. just don't forget, they couldn't cause there is a will eventually fail the question is how long will it take to fail. If I had to bet I would say sooner than later. If your think otherwise you are either very naive or just wishful thinking.

    the fact that EU has 4 servers in 8.0 doesn't mean squat. actually, I always wondered why they keep 4 empty servers instead of having 1 full, but you just showed me its cause of people like you.

    Everything else you said about language is just you projecting.

    I say, increase the loot and make the boss a lot harder, like a lot.

    How sad is it that the main boss of the patch is already down after 1 week!! what kind of puny adversary is this?

    I wish for a boss (maybe fregion?) that will take all daevas (server's) effort to kill and maybe kill him after 9 months or something.

    Jesus much lack of creativity in these companies...

    I'm unsure if gameforge:

    A) is unaware how small aion population is

    B) ignored the fact that majority of "active" playerbase are ppl who just afk farm and don't really play

    C) plans their events like few years in advance, when the playerbase quite higher

    D) had this event managed by an 6 yo kid who wouldn't be able to do math anyway

    E) all of the above?

    I said it like 4 months ago or something, gameforge won't release classic date before they release 8.0...

    It has nothing to do with any technical problems.

    Gameforge is a multi-million dollar company, there is no technical issue that they can't fix in a matter of days if they want to.

    classic delay is all about money (milking).

    Lol i doubht they multi-million dollar company.i really doubht that.

    it's public information since they disclose it