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    Tu as de l'énergie de Siel d'activés ou tu es en mode gratuit avec seulement une heure par jour ?

    Si tu es en mode gratuit, quand tu as dépassé l'heure, tu ne peux plus récolter (les spécificités sont indiquées quand tu survoles)


    Change the language of your game, then launch the game. Afterwards, put back the language you want

    You should not have the login screen on your game.

    from what drestam said, we will be able (one day) to access again the part where we had our rewards

    but no new round, only unassigned reward to already existing characters.

    the question is when?

    what should have been a few days/weeks, is now months...

    That should be equal to an ban its still a 3rd party tool program..

    while yes, indeed, it is a third party tool, it does not give you any advantage in game.

    in this case, discord, mumble, TS should be forbidden, as they are third party tool allowing you to communicate with other players.

    OBS or any streaming tool, too, as technically speaking, it is a 3rd party tool.

    And i can go on, the list is long.

    imo, the 3rd party tool rule is for any software giving you a clear & unfair advantage in game (no anim, no fly, botting etc)

    not by harrasment other players!

    it has nothing to do with DPS meter and everything to do with the mentality of the players.

    (and tbh, if it is forbidden to use it, players will just stop linking them in game, that's all, as I don't think GF has any way to check if someone is using it in real time)

    interdire aux joueurs d'utiliser des scripts illicites

    techniquement, c'est déjà interdit :D

    bon, ok, j'arrête de faire mon andouille, j'ai très bien compris où tu voulais en venir.

    Certains jeux utilisent en effet un "shield" qui se lance avant le jeu (de mémoire le client aion RU avait ça, Valorant a également ça, et bien d'autres jeux)

    mais là, il faudrait voir avec NC je pense, pas sûre, pour mettre en place ce genre de barrière.

    (et sincèrement, je suis pas fan d'avoir un "add-on" de ce type, c'est hyper intrusif au niveau de ta machine)

    On the other hand those rules allow VPN software like Battleping while some sources say that it is forbidden on classic. One example is from Daveius, yet there are a couple more and also it was mentioned on Discord (=heresay).

    no, it does not allow, it tolerates the use of VPN "at your own risk", it means players can use it, but if they get ban because of it, they need to contact the support.

    And since the DDOS attack prolly came from under VPN IP addresses, it seems logical to forbid it.

    And some players used a VPN for other not legit uses - like buying cheaper aion coin.

    PS: for some streaming content, i need to use a VPN, and i once forgot to logoff my VPN, I just couldn't login on my GF account. i had an error, something like "password/email invalid"

    But if people starting flexing about this and useing this as excuse to other players and dicscriminate players for using it you may end up beeing baned beaucse you use 3rd party tool....

    additionnal game rules - DPS meter tolerated since forever

    DPS Meters

    These are currently tolerated, however any information gained from these tools will not be used as a valid claim in support tickets.

    I use it my self to improve but wouldn't tell player you suck beacuse i can see ur dps are bad you not have this numbers

    thats a smart way to use it.

    however, while i won't tell a player he/she's bad because his/her dps is too low, i might refuse to take him/her if i see the dps is way too low for a lot of instance while he/she has the gear.

    a player who has "no dps" but is also low geared, it is normal. however a player with "no dps" but who has a end-game gear or at least a very good gear, that might be a red flag to not take this person in an instance. (you might want to check not one but multiple run)

    and even before we had a website to check dps online, when it was only AionRainMeter, we asked other players to do a test at Sanctum/Pande to check DPS. honestly, it was "as discriminatory".

    and asking the player for the gear was not better.

    (but yes, i can understand this point of view)

    For example DPS metter , how u can tolerate this? Its not part of the game.

    DPS metter is the best way how to dicscriminate players.

    Honestly, checking the stuff of a person was way too much of a hassle back then.

    And even with the gear, no proof that the player knew how to play.

    I'm not saying that everyone use DPS meter in a smart way, but when use correctly, it is a great help.

    We got banned once for account sharing and I had to write a ticket to the support that we are in fact multiple humans playing in the same household using the same IP. It got resolved within a day.

    oh :o

    that was bad luck for you

    played for 8 years with at least another person under the same roof, and sometimes IRL friends also playing aion were home, never had a problem :o

    however, i know it can be a problem on the forum and you must tell the mods team, but that's all