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    by creating wiki zone and let everyone edit ?


    have you seen what states are the websites or shops in? Even dark style for forums had to be done by other players. Now come back to earth and think about GF doing wiki-like style website for AION. :D


    At the end I see problems that players that didn't get lucky to get inside some group have it hard to get into certain instances like PW HM, Lab HM. Not even talking about Senekta or Mansion. In 6.x there were at least some Makarna groups made on SW that you could join, now I don't see any players creating SW groups for the bigger instances. I would say stop doing instances for Fton of players, those are things that should be made for World bosses etc.

    So Elite Veteran rewards are back. Thank you so far :)
    Galeas could you please tell us the reason, why there is sill no selectable (even selectable if physical or magical one would be nice) legendary transformation contract?

    The whole community asked and complained about it while GF released the last Elite rewards.

    Additional we now have 20 legendary forms ingame, but the one we get is 10 types.

    I (and in my opinion some other guys too) would appreciate it, if you please could tell us the reason why GF decided like this.

    Because why there would be. When most of the people would get the Legendary Trans ppl wouldn't buy that many of next transformation scrolls.

    Well actually in this case, you gain some advantage by using that. It depends wether we can call this fence a "bug" or not.

    You basically get advantage by pressing PrintScreen :S

    But I always have to laugh when community have to figure out the way around the bugs that are not fixed cause devs are lazy.

    You must open DPS meter when select server/login(selecting last server automatically) on the server, you can start it before entering SW also since that is new connection and is detected.

    To me it looks like every week they find random person on the sidewalk and tell him:


    "Here is database of thousands of items, pick few similar looking and slap random price to them ranging from X to Y"

    Otherwise it is not possible that we getting 90% of crap items with 100% of crap prices.

    I would rather see possibility to sort by time again, not by alphabet. Since most of the time I'll search for last NPC in list - also that should be hotswapable due to a PVP dmg etc etc.

    I use OBS mode setting to show dps meter on obs, but transparent mode has really obnoxious green background, can I somehow change it to transparent or at least black?

    Most likely you won't record WHOLE window of the DPS meter but only members of group, so just cut that and chromakey the background of user-list

    Since they dont give us any chance of acquiring a legend contract via events or sth ,atm of course people will start asking about if as a shop addition,since they starve.

    Wait 1-2-3 weeks,shugo game will come and some wallets will vanish :/

    don't get me wrong, I get that ppl want legendary transformations, just saying it is not a good way to put it into a shop

    Tahak putting Selectable legendary with a limit of x1 per account shouldn't be a problem in my eyes.

    And yes I would pay for such thing tbh and many others as well.

    You know that it would cost minimum 10k AC?

    like that would stopped someone to buy tons oof those

    Tahak putting Selectable legendary with a limit of x1 per account shouldn't be a problem in my eyes.

    And yes I would pay for such thing tbh and many others as well.

    take it from their side - since they don't have many other items in shop that are attractive to players (mostly GP + luna and maaaaybe some skins here and there), they cannot give you Selectable Legendary Trans because why would you buy any other in future. That is why there could be at top Package where you would have possibility to have Random Legendary Trans, not saying it would have astronomically low chance to get + it would be expensive.

    I don't care they put Fragments in shop tbh, what I want is for them to put LEGENDARY Transform in shop. Almost June is here and we still didn't get legendary contracts .

    You cannot mean that seriously. If they put legendary transformations in shop you will cry if you don't get the right one and on top of that more players would throw money at it (if you could buy more) and get to Kaisinel -> more crying.

    Or maybe you mean that you want to see how much % from the group u dealt, different story.

    That is exactly what am I thinking, otherwise I like it very much

    Maybe when I click copy all it should actually should copy all and let AION letters cap to take care of the rest. This way I cannot even save anywhere else because I will get info about 6-7ppl (in case of makarna for example)

    So far I enjoy the DPS meter. As far for enhancements I would suggest following:

    1. Ignore list for mobs/players/skills
    2. Possibility to delete just one player from the list -> clear/clear all
    3. About section -> you would be able to see who created it, link to website, last change log maybe, etc.
    4. Go to 'ME' -> if you are on the siege for example and you want to check your DPS comparing to other people, it can be hard to find yourself in the list. Maybe even some kind of search bar so you can find anyone you want.
    5. % of all DMG -> if you are in instance it is nice to see your DMG but it would be nice how many % you did on target :)

    As far as bugs go, sometimes it doubles some players and make duplicate of them in the list. I would record this but the windows appears as black box in the OBS

    Cheers and looking for updates.

    btw. love the autoupdate part :elyoslike: