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    1. The Rush
    - the spell is kinda akward but it's enought to jump, thus updating your heading for the cast

    2 + 6. You can't do that whilst mounted.
    - I would even add the possibility to switch Key (weapon) without having to wait another 8 seconds to be able to mount again

    3 - 4. Vampiric Wave etc.
    - most annoying thing about AT is that it have abundance of Mana Regeneration spells even that this one chain (even if not completed) will refill your mana. One more HP healing spell would be really nice even if not that much needed, maybe adding better healing % if you are using Vampiric Wave on single target?

    5. Rage Brand (Taunt)

    - the taunt can be applied almost nonstop if not entirely (using it automatically as primary chain so I lost count)

    - other than the bug that even since it appears off the CD it still cast the other spell I think it's fine

    7. Gliding (or lack of)

    - if you want to use wings (on any class) while standing (fe. in HT) you just spam the Spacebar anyway since they cannot be canceled RIGHT after they are deployed so I'm not sure if that's not more YOU problem - no hard feelings, depends on many outside elements that you cannot control (fps, ping, how good u are at spamming buttons ^^)


    by creating wiki zone and let everyone edit ?


    have you seen what states are the websites or shops in? Even dark style for forums had to be done by other players. Now come back to earth and think about GF doing wiki-like style website for AION. :D


    At the end I see problems that players that didn't get lucky to get inside some group have it hard to get into certain instances like PW HM, Lab HM. Not even talking about Senekta or Mansion. In 6.x there were at least some Makarna groups made on SW that you could join, now I don't see any players creating SW groups for the bigger instances. I would say stop doing instances for Fton of players, those are things that should be made for World bosses etc.

    So Elite Veteran rewards are back. Thank you so far :)
    Galeas could you please tell us the reason, why there is sill no selectable (even selectable if physical or magical one would be nice) legendary transformation contract?

    The whole community asked and complained about it while GF released the last Elite rewards.

    Additional we now have 20 legendary forms ingame, but the one we get is 10 types.

    I (and in my opinion some other guys too) would appreciate it, if you please could tell us the reason why GF decided like this.

    Because why there would be. When most of the people would get the Legendary Trans ppl wouldn't buy that many of next transformation scrolls.

    Hi there, thanks Tahak. Yeah, considering I have around 500,00o kinah and the stigmas are going from 7 to 15 mill on my server I am not able to purchase, don't call that cheap really it is a mad price.

    Good idea about the runs through. I wouldn't know who to ask though to take me through as my old guild on Asmo side seems to have gone and nobody really answers me when I put messages in chat :(. That is why I was hoping for the quest really, but if I cannot, thanks for the reply anyway x Thanks so much Sita for posting those I shall take a look :D x

    If you come to Asmo side I would help you :D But thanks to Sita you now know what quests to do. And 7-15mil is nothing as you will find out ;)

    In that case it would be better to create a new game. :S

    You can keep the story from start, but leave the old engine/graphics/systems behind. This is applying 10x for AION, why would I want to play classic with :censored: FPS. I can do that now on live.


    - Zapiel

    -It's lacking convenient features that we have from modern Aion,such as custom skill chain,spamable skills,you need to weave because high skill cd(this fixed in 6.0 update),marker of mobs and NPCs,updated skills and stgmas

    Mainly this line.

    On top of that you forgot that when/if you get all you wanted what's next. There is no patch coming, no new content to be exited for.

    I would say delete it completely. But otherwise yes. As Zergie explained. You will never have everyone able to buy, so you would have even faster and bigger gab between ppl willing to pay and those who don't.