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    It's a community-made tournament, not GF's, you make your own rules.

    If the host wanna use dpsmeter as cheat detection, he can put it as tournament rule that everybody have to acknowledge, no matter of dpsmeters accuracies.

    If dpsmeter triggers something, tournament ban (GF is not involved).

    Reporting them to GF support is another topic.

    and that is the real problem, not the existence of bugs...

    Also curious that fixing takes so long

    Fixing a bug is an assessement of the following: Impact, Fix complexity, expected cost.

    But remember that that assessment is made within NC/GF POV.

    IMHO : such issue has no impact in sales (talking about lootboxes).

    Because of that : not a priority and best effort so.

    It´s 2020 and there are people still arguing that Gameforge is only the publisher and not the developer? Srsly, who cares? Only thing that matters is "who takes my money I invest in this game?" I don´t care, if Gameforge can solve problems with the product they sell to me by themselves or not. If they can´t solve a problem with the product they sell to me by themselves, it´s still their job to get someone who can solve the problem. In a manageable time frame. And to report the progress to the customers. With this actual bug Gameforge seems to fail with both, with getting the problem solved AND with reporting any progress......

    2020 and there's still people wanting quality service for a FREE feature.

    Chromium bugtrack

    So this is the bugtrack website of the core of some of the most used web browsers over the world, managed and funded by one of the most proeminent companies over the world, with an annual income of tens of billions.

    Since this one is open source, many over the world, including expert in their field of various companies (including major IT compagnies), contribute by developping and testing. They are not noob developpers.

    This project has CI (Chromium CI) so be assured automated tests are performed very regurlarly.

    Still bugs.

    7 years old thread, still applies.

    Back to topic. GF has little communication on bugs. Galeas answers on discord are usually:

    -"I'll report it"

    -"I'll ask the team"

    -"I'm only told what they told me"

    Except shop issues (obviously).

    A tester only follow the test plan he has been provided for. Nothing more. And most of the time, written tests are functionals tests, regressions tests are too wide to be implemented.

    So any bug that is not related to the test plan, unless obvious and big ones, cannot be identified.

    Test plans are defined and validated by project leader according to coverage, delay and cost.

    About automation (and let's talk about CI), yet again, you only automate a test plan defined and validated.

    You might want to keep previous automated tests but, the more time passes, the more versions appears, the more features are implemented, the more code rewrittings are done, thus, the more old tests have to be rewritten or disabled.

    Maintaining automated tests is a big cost, and in our case, it is not up to GF to verify NCsoft code quality.

    They might ask NC for such and proved quality check but yet again, it adds delay (players want to have updates asap), and cost (obviously, NCsoft would charges GF for that).

    The latter would explain why the current issue was left unnoticed by NC (GF doesnt pay, NC dont bother test) and by GF ( they obviously dont test features that were successfully tested in previous (at least 2) patches)


    If the devs were capable of writing flawless code then there would be no need for a testers.

    What the client wanted, what the analyst produced, what the developer built

    Well, we all know that there's stigma enchantment event every month.

    So you can stack stones from various means (gold ingots, nickel coins, fame NPCs, multi char, multi account).

    Blaming shop is now irrelevant.

    For RNG : yes it still can s***** anyway.

    Le riz : farmable côté instance.

    Miel : farmer les lapin, les missions,

    Aiguille : 3/jour, 10/semaines, au pire farmer sur les spots le soir (concurrence, tout ça)

    En fait, vu le nombre de try, le facteur limitant c'est les kinahs.

    C'est totalement ridicule de dépenser autant sans assurance d'un gain utile (autre qu'un gateau brulé).

    Claquer 100m pour n'avoir que des gateaux brulés....

    C'est quoi le prix attendu d'une transfo leg? apotre? de Tiamat?

    Comme la dernière fois, on ne fait que farmer les gros. Les odians nobles et les runes supérieures sélectionnable (au skill ou buff près), 3 de chaque par perso par semaine, gros +1.

    Aurait pu mettre des pierres de polissage aussi. On est en dèche de tout dans cette maj (faut des insignes pour tout). C'est rageant de faire 6 insigne, pour acheter 1 aile kata pour la dez (et ne pas oublier l'extracteur qui coute bonbon au final).

    Donc l'enchantement des odians et des runes que l'on farme, pas pour tout de suite.

    Le PvP ne sert à rien (parce que se frotter à une ligue, bon courage).

    Voir si Sunayaka enragé vaut le coup, mais le normal ne mobilise pas (surtout au timer des altars).

    Je ne vote pas au final.

    Etape 1:

    Faire des gateaux au miel = farming, easy. Loot pas vraiment intéressant au pnj contre ces gâteaux.

    Note : chance d'avoir un panier de gateau mineur

    Etape 2:

    Pour tenter d'avoir la superbe caisse de gâteau au miel, il faut les paniers de gâteaux mineur.

    Soir en proc lors de la fabrication des gateaux (étape précédente), soit payer 700 000 kinah pour TENTER de proc un panier de gâteaux mineur.

    Avec ces paniers de gâteaux mineur, payer 7 000 000 kinah pour tenter de proc une superbe caisse de gâteau au miel.

    Pour les 2 items, RNG du drop (cf liste des récompenses)

    On se tape déjà

    -RNG de proc un panier de gâteaux mineur.

    -RNG de proc la superbe caisse de gâteau au miel

    -RNG du drop de récompense

    Faut aussi payer en kinah pour tenter la RNG.

    Je vais voir si je continue l'event, mais je vote non, on est déjà pressé par les kinahs (pour acheter les extracteurs d'exp vu que tout s'achète avec les insignes d'experiences), qu'on avait pas besoin de ça encore.

    Sorry but aside of the open world drop which you disabled there wasnt a single thing you did which significantly improved the game.

    Sure you added some "adjustments", but that's retarded to use stuff like instance npc (I legitly don't know single person who use it) to claim that you listen to our feedback. That's less than a tear in the ocean.

    Nickel : buy the 3 stigmas enchantment stones every weeks, and the leg enchant stones if needed.

    Ducat : for those who didnt get the senekta skills. Currently, ara burning items are also currenly sold (but need 50 ducats per item).

    Indeed not useful for full geared player, but useful for the mass who dont have those yet.

    For the rest, I agree about RNG.

    This 7.7 patch is RNG fiesta.

    -new PvP gear : better play RNG than wait 2 years to get the gear

    -lumiel transformation : 2 layers of RNG

    -item collections : Rng to get the right item, big resource consumptions for ridiculous earnings, to be farmed during 2 years

    Repeating myself, if I have to spend hundreds in RNG, I would play euromillions instead.

    I dont mind that GF's business plan about Aion is only focused on new players (face it, Aion is not newcomer friendly unless you throw €€€ to gear very fast). However, no matter how GF advertises/teases Aion on all legal means, community feedback on social media also has an advertising effect.

    Thus, GF may spend €€€ in advertising Aion (this includes paying CMs revenues:) ), but community spend NO cent to post negative feedbacks on social media.

    So if GF wanna keep on such business plan, better please the veteran. Because community is the mayor and FREE advertising force GF can ever afford for.

    Community happy = community advertises positively and brings in new people, and GF can earn a lot FREELY.

    Les fermetures de site relèvent de décisions administratives ou judiciaires. La machine administrative ou judiciaire est lente, surtout dans un secteur "pas essentiel" (par contre, Hadopi, c'est au quart de tour).

    Encore plus compliqué si les dit sites sont hébergés à l'étranger (là on passe au droit international et bonjour le millefeuille)

    Par contre oui, il est du ressort de GF de ban les cheater, avec preuves valides et vérifiables.

    Tu parles de quel abonnement autre que les lots gold?

    Je vois 2 fois le même problème dans ton post malheureusement... Si tu cherches à jouer à un MMO en solo, tu vas vite être limité...

    C'est souvent le cas pour des joueurs, soit étant décalé, soit ayant peu de temps de jeu (ne permettant pas de constituer des mates réguliers).

    Jouer en interserveur en PU permet de faire les instances EM, mais reste très limité pour les instances plus relevés ("EXP GG DPS").

    seems the patch notes are out so when is the update does anyone know pls waiting for it to say its tomorrow :(

    What I heard during this saturday steam:

    "When will we have 7.7?"

    "This wednesday"

    I might be wrong anyway.