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    1) éviter aion via Steam :D

    2) pour ton compte retail, essaye de contacter le support. Avec la migration sur le client GF, ya pas mal de chose qui ont changé.

    1) if people were just honest when applying, saying that they are newbies, LFG group maker would be more encline to tutor them and gives advices.

    Instead, people tends to hide it, impacting the mates'who then, start to have stricter requirements.

    2) Aion is supposed to be played in legion. Any newbies should find legions that accepts them. Even "elite" legions shall accept newbies, at least to tutor them and provide assistance (information sharing, stream runs and comments)

    Those community issues are independant from what the meter is doing. Fix them, and what is published on myaion is no more an issue.

    Philine you missing the proper stand. Those meters contributes greatly for the community.

    Continue to ask for more restrictions and some features would only be available on forbidden and private software. Advantages, like the one you said, would only benefit to people with suspicious behavior.

    Aion is flawed with technical issues and NC will not fix them, we all know that. But if the meter can do it, any one with proper programming skills can implement similar tools on its own and benefit it to its circles. And there's many engineers playing the game.

    So your claims, although somewhat understandable, will not fix anything in the end.

    Visiblement oui.

    La version (stock) me semblait propice pour ceux qui ne voulait que le skin (et pas le stuff avec l'effet de set).

    Donc si tu veux l'effet de set, pas le choix, farme udas/udas inférieur pour avoir ta part.


    Maccuracy only to increase success rates of controls (silence or sleep arrow...)

    Only relevant in pvp.

    PvE : unless you have low lvl accessories and wrong weapon, you don't need to socket accuracy. So Crit manastones until cap then attack (or HP for survival)

    So what's the point?

    Nobody makes you buy the gear

    You wanna Drop it, do your runs.

    Unlucky? Sad, 1 missing part won't prevent you doing next patch instances.

    Wanna finish the skin? Drop rate uses to increase at next patch.

    You have no time playing a MMORPG? Then go play lol.

    You're not fit to do endgame instances? Well, the first issue is not with the game mechanics.

    Why do you care about what other people do?

    Retail, 3.5, after 1 year+ of daily instance of tiamat fortress, no bow. Saw it dropped once, the only one time a 2nd ranger was in the group.

    Aside that, many players cannot afford to spend hours on the game on a daily basis. Not even doing their weeklies..

    For those unlucky players, and those that cannot spend many hours, wanna make them feel they are always late, up to leaving the game?

    This topic has been opened 1 year ago.

    What kind of project management has so few advances in 1 year?

    The more delay you add, the more it costs you, unless you are putting no cent on it...

    Juste pour un ordre d'idée.

    Au lvl 85, 10% c'est environ 1.7Mrd d'exp.

    Sinon, quand tu regardes certaines quetes qui te rapporte de l'exp, il y a indication du % de ta barre que ça te rapporte.

    Plus qu'à extrapoler.