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    i stopped worrying what the developer cares about anything as some bugs have been in the game for 14 years and never were solved (that SLA is definitely over the top)

    also the bots have been here since forever and they didn't manage to stop it, neither NC nor GF - but in the good old times you had GMs actively killing one bot after the other (I was there in Morheim and watched :D)

    regarding publisher, we still have "our" game - several other games were terminated, Tera, WildStar, SOLO.... idk whats better

    and regarding certain legions/push money into the game for I don't know what reason or playing not legit - I recall a Spatalos divine siege where like the whole asmodian league disconnected - as players you had your suspicions, about this legion starting with RU and ending with FIA

    not sure if it's true, but rumours had it NC actually paid off some Ely legions to switch to Perento I think (Spatalos and Telemachus being heavily Elyos dominated)

    ye agree, that was the same other way round, n0w you have the buff, now ours complain, yadda, yadda, rinse and repeat just the colour changes

    you take the forts too much, the buff of the other faction goes too high, then you don't take ..., it takes ages for the buff to vanish, its not really working as a balancing measure

    and throw in between complaints, that the buff should be removed (you have that from both sides as far as I know)

    what??? excuse me that I laugh a lot...

    game has been in elyos favour for about 13 years, and only the last couple of months this has changed

    besides, you have the stronger siege buff ;-) you might want to look closer

    You could eventually check on players on - there you can also select aion classic sessions, and check out clerics and if their items are shown

    For group play back then it was mace and shield, there were hardly any staffs (only later on with mb) - if you have people you are planning to play with, go for support all you want, you will have the dpsers to carry you

    My experience with leveling a cleric in 1.5 is from 2009/2010 - and being in the last months rather alone as my people had quit, it was a pain to level (and people tend to be abusive towards healers)

    no - as it seems veteran and elite levels - Hero Trial Rewards will be available later (if I read that correctly)

    What happens with the non assigned items though? specifically in elites?

    No; Hero trials, Elite and Veteran systems will be gone forever. Only the items already there in manage bonuses will stay (until you assign there)

    will they be available before the end of the season?

    Having a deja vu there - when GF took over and NC delayed 3.0 for 3 months while NA went f2p with 3.0 straight away

    It wouldn't surprise me at all...

    Ye I am from old Spatalos - I quit a couple of months ago due to too much work and said I would come back if they finally get a classic server - seems my wishes will come true

    Morheim and Eltnen were open for rifting till level 50? the mobs in fortress of sorrow were lv 28, which when you have white or green gear max is quite hard, so when you have a lv 50 ely hiding there, it sucked balls. you had invisible mobs already on that level in Morheim, something that was completely unheard of in Eltnen, you had some idiots luring King Consierd to Salintus Rise, deciding if you wait or pay the soul healer or buy pots or skillbooks - I recall when having the lv 30 daevanion set was quite op, and having gold items was almost unheard of, I believe the first gold came from firetemple?

    is everyone forgetting how imbalanced 1.2-2.7 was factionwise? does anybody really think it will be suddenly balanced just because it's started new?

    The faction imbalance was one of the biggest issue back then, and I doubt they will change that (as they would need to adjust some parts of the game way earlier, just saying Chaos, Bolvig, Jeshushi)

    if not something is done right at the beginning to keep the faction balance, it's bound to fail again, or you can just patch Asmos out from the beginning - the early patches were heavily favouring Elyos, and I don't think many Asmos would go Asmo again, now knowing the benefits of Ely...

    someone remind me please why we haven't had a faction lock for the longest time...

    I would have thought that it should be really clear how it is working after Galeas post.... I stand corrected

    • Hero Trials user interface has been improved.
    • Progress for the main quest of the Hero Trials is not shared within the account. You will have to complete all 60 quests on the same character. To phrase it differently: If you do any quest on a different character than your "main" character, you will get the individual rewards on that one but it won't update the global counter (20, 40 or 60) and you won't be able to complete the global 60/60 quest.