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    It's about preferences I guess. I've played both sin and glad pre transformations and after and the classes got 100x more fun with max atkspeed and lower cds/shorter durations.

    For me, yeah it was a QoL improvement. As was for many, as I rmmber, everyone started playing gladi back in 6.0 cuz it was so damn fun. These 5min/10min cd limitations may add some strategy to arenas but are in no way more fun for the playability of classes, at least imo.

    I'd argue about ur strategy point also as things like "qq u used 10min cd buff to win noob" or "qq i lost arena cuz i died and lost UD at start" is smting Ive heard way too many times.

    Idk man, Aion 6.0+ class playability was sooo damn good for me, but everything else went downhill due to p2win forms and heck, even pve died out due to p2win cubes.

    This game would still be blooming after 6.0 if content and "longterm goals" were done right

    Also, opening classic server doesn't only bring old ppl back, it also likely kill the 7.x servers as they're already deserted and if even an part of ppl would move to the classic they would be pretty much dead. That wouldn't be the smartest move to just open the classic anytime soon while they're still got quite alot of stuff to milk the players.

    You are right, but the most important question is: the people who quit the 7.X retail servers to travel back time and play on classic server, what will these people do when they check that playing on classic server isn´t remotely similar to their memory they have? What if they get dissapointed (what will happen), because they check that the rng-p2w-shop on classic server is similar to the rng-p2w-shop on retail server (what will happen)? Do they return to the retail 7.X version they hate or will they quit AION at all? And if they quit, will we see the death of whole AION, retail and classic, 3-4 months after classic server release? So many questions [...]

    Edit by Isobel : Not totally wrong ;)

    There were ways to play "classic" server alrdy and honestly, you're fully right - we all forgot the crappy parts of those patches. Couldnt continue after being reminded of long cooldowns, slow af atkspeed once the 3m cd 20sec buffs expire, 3 billion skills with no options to bundle those on single keybind, waiting 15secs inbetween using the 4 scrolls i need every 5 minutes??? and ton of other things.

    In no way could I play classic old aion after all these new patches that improved the game playability and qoL so much.

    But then again, I dont understand why ppl hate on new aion so much either - yea its p2win asf and some new stuff like autoplay and cubes make no goddamn sense and all new content is crap but all in all, game playability is better than it used to be imo. Old Aion for me offers nothing that current Aion doesnt and ppl will just realise that and quit again fairly quickly, maybe even quit altogether bcz 7.x servers will be empty.

    - Fire Dragon skins WITHOUT skills. Same for water and lightning.

    - Autumn school uniform
    - Forest Popuku skin

    -Tiamat Crusade headskins
    -Old skill skin cards, the 3 versions


    Galeas We need ur Cash shop Manager active on forums, taking requests like Mookie used to do.

    This makes no sense, the skins in the shop havent been updated in FOUR MONTHS.

    ure just losing money ^^

    Having same issue, I binded myself to Heiron cuz the constant 1s freeze in Ingison city is unbearable.

    Everything else is fine, except Ingi city. And its most likely cuz of all the teleports? rather than players [it was same at 5am, felt no better].

    I hate that lugbug gives rewards directly now, making a mess out of my inventory xD bundles were so much better :(

    You sure about that? -> Aion 6.5 Feedback

    You're linking a topic where I'm complaining about the AOE skill --> 3x repeat skill change which made the class, guess what? less entertaining, slower and more annoying to play, considering you have to spam the 3x repeat skill every 7s. Especially without Kaisinel. Can you try and guess why they made that change? Hint: cuz they want you to $$$ for Kaisinel. Try it with and without and come back here.


    idk. I loved the 6.2 gunner style, it made me feel so useful is grp pvp with that aoe. wish they simply nerfed its dmg by a lot and called it a day.

    And if your attention spam was high enough to be able to read more than the first 3 words, you'd understand that ure just proving my point and that then and now - I complain about class mechanics inconvinience rather than nerfs and performance. l2r



    - Zapiel

    Balaurea event is a promo.

    Yep, you can get 35 coins for free and thats it. Hardly an event since you just do 1 quest a week for 6 weeks lol

    UNLESS *drumroll pls*

    The event currency [Rune] Finest Balaurea Coins can be acquired in numerous ways: You can find a special bundle containing Finest Balaurea Coins available in the AION Shop during the event, plus a number of other bundles which also contain coins.

    Lms tyvm, that actually helps clear things up a lot. Like, I didnt realise you can get Katalam accessories for insignias, I thought its from WBs lol. Helps a ton knowing this and certainly makes the gear rush towards engame pwhm/AI less hectic and needy [aside for heal classes lol, but seems theyre nyerked in terms of HB anyway, since you can't re-id Ara accessories yet :l ]

    Is there a way to make normal Odians into glowing? Considering you need 5 normal odians for 1 skill, they seem rather meh compared to glowing.

    -butchered class changes (personally, being unable to use silence while on cannon just makes my class feel slower and duller. If you wanna nerf smting, do it but not at cost of dumbing the class down and making it less player friendly and simply inconvinient. )

    rly? complain about gunner? this class is meta in this patch like it was in previous ones and u cry like u did in 6.5...what? is it unplayable? u cant kill ppl in 0.6 sec only 0.9 is that it? give me a break....

    I never cry about how strong or weak the class is.

    Its just very inconvinient and not player friendly to make such a huge change to classes mechanics that has been there since 4.0. It ruins the classes playability more than anything else.

    You wanna nerf a class? Nerf the dmg and cc, dont make it annoying.

    + there seems to be incentive to do stuff and be rewarded thru Fame system

    +incentive to win pvp instances and be rewarded with skill books and stigma stones

    +sieges only give HP, no more enchant stones so I dont have to bother with them (y)

    + good lugbug and quest rewards

    -insanely confusing and complicated gear progression for ppl unable to run pwhm already. The whole 'pvp gear thru pve' sounds rly bad in reality cuz pwhm is super hard without alrdy being geared asf and having 5 geared teammates. World bosses are snatched by big legions and alliances. So your PVP gear progression is stuck depending on pve and others? I dont like this very much considering I dont have a premade grp for these activities and who knows when and if ill manage to make them

    -odians are super confusing for me rn, no idea where or how to get em, yet alone how to enchant them lol

    -hourglass on most maps :/ like.. Why? Whats the point

    -ingisson is so bad as main map, broker one side, warehouse 3 miles away, bright as nyerk town

    -very laggy, im guessing due to a small map and everyone being there

    -butchered class changes (personally, being unable to use silence while on cannon just makes my class feel slower and duller. If you wanna nerf smting, do it but not at cost of dumbing the class down and making it less player friendly and simply inconvinient. )

    - 20 makarna scrolls gone for no reason?

    What I can think of rn. Not the worst patch content wise I think but awful when it comes to gear progression. Hope events will ease this up but since GF is our publisher, probably not. Lol

    Some guys didn't get S-Minions even if they farmed. They also survive in Aion without one ;)

    yea, cuz I wanna be "surviving" and "struggling" in a game


    but i can do the same content with my alts too without problems

    its my main lol, i dont wanna be doing some casual content "without problems". How is this an argument?

    So I came back to the game for the patch, only to realise I have no ways to get S rank minion anymore and am behind everyone else who does by 10.000 HP + other stats :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Why remove the world drops when you have no other source of lvl4 minions ? And now I'm supposed to what, wait 5 months till GF figures out a new way for us to obtain lvl4minions? Or wait a year till I get enough A minionites? :]

    Good start ... Galeas you should just add the world drops back to Ingisson ASAP, along with the fix to reroll AoA accessories.

    nah, theres not enough stuff for a 7.6 patch. We simply need to request/spam them to add acc rerolling asap with a minipatch.

    otherwise unplayable, its a bug basicaly lol

    well, GF should request a minipatch for that asap, waiting 5 months to get that with 7.7 is mad

    Any class that wants healing boost, wants those accessories and not PW ones. :l So thats rather nyerked up