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    Again with this gdpr and "my" data bullshit.

    [...] too much blah blah [...]


    The core mechanic to compare rotations and improve oneself is great. However, I dislike that MyAion automatically involves players that did not explicitly consent and forces itself upon them passively. It developed into something like a webcrawler mining data.

    1. MyAion does not mine any data, the data is already being sent between client and server, MyAion just reads it.
    2. There's nothing to consent since you do not own anything from the game except your private data which nobody but gameforge can access.

    There is literally no real concerning and based reasoning behind hating the name tracking function unless you do stuff u're shameful about and you want people to forget you.

    ToS violations

    MyAion and DPS Meter violate various sections of the ToS (privacy, data mining, augmenting the game experience and so on)

    There is no violation of privacy, already being discussed ages ago here.
    There is no data mining.
    There is no game augmentation whatsoever by using dps meter.

    Can a mod delete these posts already ? Tyvm

    Everyone is saying it's bad to start/return and then complain about low numbers of players. Hmm I wonder if there's a correlation... :/ Perhaps it would be more enjoyable if people were more optimistic to new/returning players -> more activity -> more things to do and easier to catch up :O

    But is not easy to catch up. P2w players can have everything in a few clicks with their credit cards while f2p players need to play for years to even get close to them, yes, YEARS.

    Hi, as a returning player after reaching level 76 you'll have the season 2 kerub tutorial quests available. Make sure to relog after reaching lv 76 to have the icon available as in picture below.

    From these quests you can get full helper gear +15 (including accs and +9 stigmas) from there you can pick an AOE build for upper TOC where you can farm stigma ench stones and legendary/ultimate encht stones. For everything else you can use the 2nd build. If you don't like the feeling of any skills u can always replace and tests other builds till you find something you enjoy. Good luck !

    AoE Build
    Most common build used everywhere else

    check the post again =]]

    The lags are on mobile cpus that struggles to reach over 3 GHz speeds.

    The "trick" I used to tell ppl to use is to change process priority to high and remove CPU 0 and 1 from affinity. Helps a lot players without SSD on their machine.

    This offtopic should stop. Your problem is with the player that uploads the data, not with myAion so track down that player (if u can lol) and argue with him.

    If GF and/or any other publisher will state that they no longer tolerate dps meters then the project will most likely stop.

    have you taken into account fusing GS?

    He did,

    The amount of bonus attack necessary on a GS (~950) is more than what you get as a difference between GS and S+S
    =>+~625 in favor of GS of a maxed-out comparable type (GS ambush + senekta vs S+S double ambush).

    yet idk why would anyone fuse ambush with senekta, that's like 420+264+26 vs 479 + 269 on x2 ambush ... That's 710 vs 748 but he forgot to add the enchantment bonus which differs on one hand vs two hand and that is: 223+36 vs 371 (def is 61+158 vs 101) (259 vs 101) that's adding up. So total diff between ss and GS would be 860-206(654) attack if we compare ambush + ambush(ss) vs ambush fused with ambush(gs). And since on GS you may not be having a crit build u might wanna add attack stones that's about 120~138 (leg/ulti) vs 444~516 crit which is roughly 3% crit chance(depending at what number you actually are, might be higher if ur crit is lower).

    Anyway, me personally with 38% perma crit chance in stats + 1080 from +5 rune and empyrean fury used on CD (total boost to 43% crit) was experiencing crits on actual fights of about ~30 34 % and that made me think having a vision GS with about 6k crit in stats would be more than enough to have good crits in actual boss fights and would boost me more than i could do with a full crit set and vision sword. But since i do not have any of those to actually see the numbers, it's just a theory so i use what i have (x4 +15 ambush) alternating from using more GS to using more S+S depending on how i feel at that time. As i said many times before, try experiencing it yourself and see how you like it more, by the time you get the optimal weapons you will have a lot of experience with both GS and sword.

    Sirkka (if my mind is not playing some tricks on me right now) I think we need your how to use pverankings post from the old forums updated on this one :D

    [...] Anyhow, I think the blame is on GF because they accepting this kind of behavior from the players and they don't realize how bad the community is affected. Everything is a rush now to be on myaion top!

    Why is GF's fault? Not at all, most of the good hearted players you talk about either have their premade of similar ppl to play with or they quit the game.

    If you don't have vision weapon and/or high crit like misto then imo you should stick to GS with hybrid manastones and switch only for Heavy Shield blow + when you need to tank something where u need extra def. You'll switch less and you'll have higher base dmg if ur crit chance is low, then if you get the hang of it and/or get a vision sword you can start using sword more.

    2 different classes. Early and late states of the game AT is better in dps output.
    But imo you cannot compare the two classes, make them both 80 and see which one fits ur playstyle better and then focus on it. Mid state they have very similar outputs.

    If no main gunner replies to help you, just do some digging here
    You can find skill rotation, when they change weapons, what buffs they use etc. You just have to 'work' for the info instead of somebody else telling you everything, but the info is all there. Good luck.

    You can do that as the new player (aka the person who is first time playing aion) or as the new account (of someone who know the game and keep playing it since quite a while by now)?

    As a new player, the method I'm getting kinah cap is with fresh alts without gear (they have protectorate tho, still counts as fresh alt for me as that can be achieved with one or two nights of afk botting), or collection, or anything else, figured it on my own and was not influenced by the game experience I had and it takes me roughly 4 hours to do so. Before you start a new discussion which may be off-topic I just wanna say that I'm a very efficient player in any game and before starting to play a game I spend some hours of research to be sure that I can do stuff efficiently. I won't reply to any of your new replies which may be irrelevant to the thread.


    Going too much off-topic on a new server discussion thread, if you're looking for fast kinah farming make a new thread and you may find a lot of possibilities if ppl are willing to share.

    New server won't help new players at all imo.


    ( now to make kina you need to work your @ss off grinding small instances on multiple character/accounts)

    I disagree. As a new player you can get kinah cap in like 4h of gameplay per week (starting with 2nd week of gameplay). Idk a faster way, but imo 4h for kinah cap is pretty nice.