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    I don´t understand all parts of your table, maybe there are mistakes in it? For example: Silent Black and Intense Battle have both 1049 Crit and 1190 Acc, but Silent Black has -23 to 7.7 gear and Intense Battle has 0 to 7.7 gear? Same for Magic Resist and Evasion. Or am I just too stupid to read your table right?

    What ? :)))

    both differences are 31 for MR, evasion and 23/25 for crit acc.
    Where do you see that difference between Intense Battle and Severe Thorn is 0 ?

    In this reference pic physical leather armor was used.


    But if you did this instance and worked hard for beeting it, then you don't want people to get it for killing 32 times the first boss.

    Because of rng I had to wait 46 runs until I got it.


    NC never did and never will care about you having to wait 1000 kills to drop it, they will add easier ways to get best gear all the time, they did with every major instances, they did it now also.

    Well getting this new PVP gear looks like it will be a real grind, is it worth the effort for 5% and no sign of 8.0?

    For me personally it isn´t worth it. I have full blackfeather, part of it with extra skills from katalam treasure chest, I won´t change my gear for sure. The difference between blackfeather and the new gear is way too small.

    Are you sure the difference is 'way too small' ?
    I've made this and for me it looks like the difference is higher than the dif between silent black and intense battle.

    Honestly it is "known" that the aether has more dps than the gunner, but it depends on how you use it, a lot of times I beat aether in the PvP (and they had a better set than mine) and also in the PvE, then it depends, I'm two completely different types of gameplay in my opinion

    Gunner has better dps in everything compared to AT, pvp & pve.
    The only part where AT is king is just when it comes to AOE dmg in pve, imo.

    You won't get banned. Botting is allowed now if you're not using 'illegal' software and stick to the in-game bot, so there's no valid reasons to ban you for opening more than 2 clients.

    Trying to stay on topic and not go into endgame discussions.
    killjoyy gunner is a ranged class, kite the enemy if you don't wanna use pots and rest after every mob ;) Pretty basic imo. Just because some classes can oversustain the dmg taken it doesn't mean that every class has to.

    We need the classic server:thumbup::thumbup: (lvl 50 max)and many ppl will come and play again.

    But GF will never give us this , so i am rdy to farm/jump stay afk ||||||||||||

    And I don't think it's GF who does not wanna do it, but NC. GF will not get support from NC if they wanna open an older version of aion [...]

    Edit by Isobel : Out of ToS.

    Whether it is on my laptop (8Go RAM) or my desktop (32Go RAM), one aion process uses in average 2,5 to 4,5 Go of RAM, no more, whatever I am doing in game.

    Going up to 8Go wasn't normal, as I wasn't doing more than everyday. Moreover, the game crashed without crashing (it didn't respond anymore, and I had to kill the process through task manager).

    And yes, the AionBot has memory leaks.

    Too many account of people having crash issues or game going wild (big freeze of 30s and 10s of fluidity) to be ignored.

    Well, i wasn't talking about AION's process, but the concept of memory and processes consuming it in general.
    Even though we are playing on 64bit client, it is still acting like a 32bit one. The poor coding behind the game leads to memory problems like these, which are the cause of every bug, crashes, fps drops and disconnects we get.


    Same with the event. Was online the first 5 hours of the day, even one hour before the reset of the day (as in the picture), and did not get my daevanion book. Basically, I wasted 6 hours of electricy and have to wait another 5 hours for the same book I didn't get.

    I call this bullsh*t. I collect the daeva on 3 chars daily without any issue even though the display bug occurs every day on every char.


    Same with the event. Was online the first 5 hours of the day, even one hour before the reset of the day (as in the picture), and did not get my daevanion book. Basically, I wasted 6 hours of electricy and have to wait another 5 hours for the same book I didn't get.

    Nothing in inventory ? Sometimes (everytime), "Login to Reward Event" window is bugged.

    Did you try a character screen ?

    Character screen is not fixing the item's timer or them showing up, logging out will.

    No matter if you see the items or not, you will get the rewards. Remember at what hour you logged in, you'll have to wait for 5h for the daeva skill :) If you were disconnected or anything related, ofc the timer for items will stop.

    After reading your replies i guess u have no ideea how RAM is working.

    Of course if you open 2 clients and 1 will bot while the other is afking the one botting will consume more RAM, because the bot does not stay put, it moves and gathers info. Where is the info stored ? in RAM. If your bot is moving a lot on the map it is normal for the aion process to consume more RAM.

    And don't worry, AION will not kill your PC, the operating system knows how to handle data and will start ditching data that is not used very often.

    I made a mistake by trying to explain the way i did, i'll try to rephrase it.

    What is RAM ?
    Random access memory. What does that mean? It means that the processor has access at every address at any time.
    Why do we need RAM ?
    It is needed because of the high speed difference between processor and storage. Accessing the data directly from your storage ( SSD/HDD ) will cause a huge bottleneck and will slow down your PC. What RAM is doing is 'downloading' data needed by processor from the storage for a faster access.

    No matter how much RAM your PC has, a process needing data will always consume as much as possible for faster access. If your PC has 128 GB of ram, letting a bot in aion for 8 hours will end up using almost all the data from the aion folder. The more data stored in RAM, the faster the process will be.

    Galeas can you please tell the board in charge with aion's in-game and event rewards that we would like to get a guaranteed ulti form, by working for it and not praying to RNG gods ? Come with feedback if u do please.

    Seeing players getting tiamat contracts after using 22 coins in total and quit the game after 2 weeks while active players are still not having an ultimate form is very demotivating.

    The original event only had merciless, noble splen + the legendary variant of merciless... So be happy you didnt get noble splen or legendary instead.. xD

    There is no burning altar accessorys 0r starlights for a VERY long time, gameforge extremely rarely gives out endgame gear in events (which imo is good)

    If endgame was not intended then dumah/kata or floren but not merciless which are not obtainable in-game anymore ...

    If the events are planned months ahead so are the major updates also, they should at least synchronize between them