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    due to the bug, that everything only gives around 600k Kinah, my Inventory and my Warehouse are fully stuffed.

    How should I play the next days?

    Is it maybe possible to get the missing Kinah from the Support? I´d really like to play, but why should I visit Instances, if I cant loot because of a full inventory?

    GF knows about the issue, already assured us to fix it, they apologized for it and you have nothing better on your mind than to load this nonsense on top of it? To actually blame them? To ask for compensation?

    I am sorry, but I simply can't understand your reasoning behind this demand. There are many other concerns right now which are more pressing than your greedy talk right here.

    Also maybe someone know kinah rate that morph crystals were exchanged

    IMO some 50k kinah per 1 morph crystal. I guess so because i had ~400 crystals for my one char before 7.5 patch and after maintenance my kinah there increased about ~20kk (or a bit less).

    Yep, I can confirm. About 4k crystals got me around 200kk.

    That's where the money came from..

    Warte doch einfach die nächsten Serverwartungen ab...

    Im gefühlt jedem Patch gab es in den anfangs Tagen, wenn nicht sogar Wochen Bugs, die nach und nach aufgehoben werden

    Auch wenn man mit der Qualität der Patches nicht wirklich zufrieden sein kann, finde ich auch, dass manche hier zuhauf übertreiben.

    Die kritischten Bugs sind bereits bekannt und es wird daran gearbeitet. Hier deswegen ein solches Fass aufzumachen und andere Leute vom Patch abzuraten, ist sehr diletantisch und hilft keinem.

    Es ist und bleibt ein Spiel, Leute.

    Hier mal ein Video wo man alle Locations für die Manastein Mobs findet ;) Schön dass solche Videos in großen Legionen rumgereicht werden, aber der allgemeinheit verschwiegen werden.

    Der Allgemeinheit verschwiegen?

    Then at least post it in the correct section of the forum (and stop linking Galeas' name to every little thing you guys find).

    I have tried with GeForce experience optimisation settings for Aion but I'm not convinced they are being applied so I will change a few 3D things in Nvidia control panel like vertical sync and see what happens.

    I personally don't recommend to apply Optimization Settings, because these usually don't improve your gameplay and tend to mess up the graphic settings. In general, I don't recommand to use GeForce Experience at all. It's pretty useless, takes up RAM and is very slow. Just manually update your drivers occassionally and you'll be fine.

    Also I got really lucky. I bought "some" transformation scrolls and got Kaisinel via fuse from 2 duplicate legendaries.

    Now it feels quite to overpowered to use this Transformation.

    Your level of progress in the game basically exceeded 98% of the player base. And you play since Tuesday..

    Congrats on that

    ah... nice joke.. afk event again.

    why so useless rewards?...

    Why do you consider it as afk?

    look at rewards and price of this.. u can enter and wait end to take some consumables or kinah. random manastones - just a joke with my luck

    That's exactly the point. The event is not an AFK event, you make it one.

    Just out of respect to the guys who actually enjoy these run events, please don't ruin it for them just for some rewards you don't even appreciate. Thanks

    Umm thanks for everyone for the help :)

    I have few more questions:

    1. You guys talked about weaving, what is that and how do I use it?

    2. So if I understood you correctly, the way to play chanter is to not use custom chain skills and place all of them on the skill bar right? (that would mean I will have it super full of skills and have to click a lot with the mouse also and not only with the keyboard)

    3. About manastones, should I use physical attack or crit strike?

    1. I would not think about weaving at this stage, there are more relevant topics to consider.

    2. Don't drop custom skill chains too fast, as some chains offer the potential of simplifying your playstyle and make it less prone to errors. For instance you can apply skills that are triggered by a successful parry in one chain (as long as they have different CDs), so they are both available with only one key.

    3. Focus on crit first to get to decent amount (6k buffed), then you can continue to go for attack.

    Is this ever going to be fixed or are you guys just going to act like this is nothing

    Maintenance is over, EAS is now available.

    Additional information: Transformations have been fixed on EAS. You can now use the Transformations you have on the main server on the Battlefield. If you opened some Transformations on the Battlefield, they will be added to your account as soon as possible.

    Have fun!