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    Is it only me or does the all-seeing eye not work properly anymore since 7.7? Or is there a new kind of hide that can't be detected anymore by this skill?

    sounds like the rates are much better than last time.

    Griver83 isn't having the improved stigma then reward enough? xD

    Im still waiting info regarding the 20/32 LOCKED Legendary contract....when we get the 2nd item for it?

    i hope u dont make us farm 20/32 and after tell us 2nd item gonna come in the future in some other great event...

    u need inform us regarding this so we know to waste our time or not....

    you just nailed it! :D

    It was already confirmed in the german forum that the second part of the legy-contract will be part of an event starting next week ..

    I got informed by our server members that if you get 24 cards , you get all possible rewards under 24 combination title , including Kaisinel + Marhutan , is it true?

    Yes that's true!

    BUT be aware of the fact that not all cards have the same probability... so even if you buy 10 000 cards you will probably have 23/24

    As already said there is no benefit of a merge, regarding the fact that we have all those cross-server maps. But there are several points that could be improved:

    • Cross-server gruop building for Runa
    • giving the possibility to go Dumaha/Kata/Lakrum while waiting for dred entry (to be productive ^.^)
    • Cross-server broker

    You won't get boosted beyond +12

    Every boost so far was between 9 -> 12

    At rush hours my game is lagging like hell when loogin in to inggi-home-base. And that's only on Odin …

    Considering that, the game would be probably unplayable for many ppl if we get even more players on one server.

    btw: Lakrum, Dumaha, kata are already inter-server so where is the need for a merge? We already play 70% of the time on the same server.

    hab das Spiel auf Deutsch also sollte /alert das gleiche sein wie /Hinweis

    ist beides der orange Chat mitte Screen.

    Aber /Hinweis funktioniert nicht im Makro

    Würde gern ein Makro für Prome HM 1. Boss machen:


    /Hinweis Poison on [%TargetOfTarget]


    nun zum Problem: wenn ich das ins Textfeld eingebe kommt der gewünschte Hinweis. Verwende ich es jedoch als makro wird der Legi-Hinweis geändert

    Kann mir da wer helfen?

    I know new shines are far from reach for most, but still doesn't make any sense to go through the grueling process of enchanting.

    As a reroll/returnee no one should subject themselves to the horror of enchanting. That's what makes most people quit, usually.

    Good point … but so far the new shines are out of reach for me.(and probably for many others) And the old stuff was already enchanted.

    But yes for a reroll/returner i would always suggest Dumaha/Kata. The enchanting is now even worse than pre.7.5. Due to the limited ench-stones availibilty...


    I was just wondering which feather-bracelet-wings is the best for DPS in 7.5 ("for DPS" means dmg over def)

    as the dumaha and kata gear has same stats i will always compare Silent Black Feather (+15) to Dumaha.


    It can be seen here that old wings are better (main point +75 more Attack)!!!



    (as they have both same values, I compare only feather here)

    Here things get tricky, but as a DPS you gain 2x41 Attack by switching to new bracelet & Feather. So imo this would compensate the lose in Def.

    This result als hold for pve (compared with intruders-set)

    What are you thoughts and your way to go in 7.5?

    ofc there are other things to keep in mind as soon as we also bring runes in the discussion...