Early Access Server FAQ

  • How long will the server be open?

    The server will stay open permanently after its launch date.

    Can anyone access the server?

    Everyone can register and play there, however please consider that the server has a limited capacity which may result in login queues when the server is full.

    Will I be able to transfer my progress to the live servers or transfer my live server characters there?

    No, you will have to create a brand-new account with new characters for this version of the game.

    Why a new account?

    As new patches also have an impact on the databases where user and account information are stored, it is not possible to use the same account to play on different game versions in parallel. As a result, the server will have its own ecosystem, including its own shop, account management and settings that are not shared with your account on the normal game servers.

    Which languages will the Early Access Server be available in?

    The game will always be available in Korean first, and additional languages will be added once they are ready. This will always be in the order Korean, then German and finally English and French. You simply need to select the language you wish to have in the launcher settings to download the correct language files. If the version is not yet available in your desired language, it will download the original language files by default instead.

    Will there be a shop?

    Yes, there will be a normal shop which you can purchase from using AION Coins. Please note that there is no connection between this account and your account on the live servers. It is not possible to transfer AION Coins between the two, so purchases must be made on the specific account where you want to buy AION Coins.

    How can I play?

    Simply create a new account and download the specific version of the client through this link. Playing on the Early Access Server requires you to start it from its own launcher.

    Which version of the game will be on the Early Access Server?

    We will update the version regularly with the latest version we have from NCSOFT. You can find the latest patches here.

    Will the levelling speed be increased?

    Yes, there will be an XP boost active so you can level up faster.

    Are you offering any kind of support in case of issues?

    Yes, you can contact our support team in case of issues with the shop or essential game features. Please remember to specify that your request is about the Early Access Server when sending us a ticket.

    How can I help testing content? Will the content come with full patch notes? Do I have to use the standard ways to report bugs (support, forum)?

    We are not expecting you to test anything on demand. Just play as you like. There won’t be any detailed patch notes as these usually take months to be fully prepared and translated. You can report bugs in a dedicated topic in the forums or via a support ticket.