[Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer

  • What is the fastest way to level DP deavanion skill from +11 to +15?

    Merging books only rarely gives DP skill (ofc i would use essence to level it up), but using random books with essences doesn't sound promising either, judging by the number of random books it took to get from 10 to 11.

    What did you do?

  • I did +15 DP with using random books, bc as U wrote - during fusion the DP output is very rare, and if rarely = wasting books. Just need some stock ... 10 > 11 no essence. 11 > 15 used essences.

  • I was logged in game today afternoon. Now I can't log in. To the mail they sent me message about trying login BY SOMEONE.

    I wanted log in - gameforge client told me "game is currently not available for u. please contact support" - xd

    I used password reset. I resetted.

    app told me succesfull BUT !!

    BUT New password not active XD

    I used again reset link.

    Resetted several times.

    Now they stopped send me codes XD

    I sent a ticket to support, but they probably will contact me tomorrow or later. I know their steps. It will be a week or more, because always that time happen.

    It means event is already over for me, not by my fault. But what can I co now? Any Community Manager could reply?

    Why password reset link is bugged? Now I have probably blocked my account, because gameforge.com also unavailable. Great job GAMEFORGE