Event: Daeva’s Tasty Honey Cakes

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    Pat a cake, pat a cake, baker’s Shugo...

    The smell of sweet honey coming from a warm kitchen, where deliciously sticky baked treats lie steaming fresh from the oven, will make the cool autumn months easier to swallow. Take part in the biggest baking event the Daevas have ever experienced and create the tastiest honey cakes in all Atreia!

    Pick up items on the way such as the [Event] Dark Tiger’s Weapon Selection Box, [Event] Full Moon Wing Selection Box, [Event] Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone (7 days) and many more!

    Running: 8th November (9:00 AM) to 29th November (9:00 AM CET)

    Get Those Ingredients

    Before you can start, you’ll need the right ingredients! You can earn these by completing the following tasks:

    • Complete the daily quest Tromnerk’s Desire by talking to Tromnerk in the Guardian Garrison/Archon Garrison in Aphsaranta to earn 5x [Event] Honey per day. There’s also a slight chance that monsters in Aphsaranta will drop the tasty [Event] Honey.
    • Complete the posting quests. You’ll receive 3x [Event] Rice Powder for the first and second round.
    • Battle your way through dungeons to receive [Event] Pine Needles.
      • Ara Infernalia (normal), Heart of Aphsaranta (normal): 12x [Event] Pine Needle
      • Prometun’s Workshop, Makarna of Bitterness: 3x [Event] Pine Needle

    Mix the Batter

    Once you’ve got all the ingredients together, you can whisk together the tasty treat. You’ll need:

    • 4x [Event] Honey
    • 1x [Event] Rice Powder
    • 2x [Event] Pine Needle

    Mix these together to receive one of these potential cakes:

    • 1x [Event] Honey Cake
    • 2x [Event] Brittle Cake

    Sweet, Sweet Profit

    Once you’ve made your tasty cake, you can take advantage of it in numerous ways, as many of Atreia’s inhabitants can’t get enough of the stuff!

    Exchange Honey

    Pay a visit to Honeylips in the fortress in Gelkmaros/Inggison and offer him your Honey – he’s always hungry! In exchange he’ll offer you [Event] Imperial Couple Hanbok, [Event] Lodas’ Greater Golden Star and more great items.

    Honey Cake Basket

    Pay a visit to Nighteye in the fortress of Gelkmaros/Inggison and purchase an [Event] Pure Moonshine for 4,000,000 Kinah. Add this to your [Event] Honey Cake to receive an [Event] Honey Cake Basket. This may contain items such as the [Event] Dark Tiger’s Clothing Chest, [Rune] Transformation Contract: Triniel’s Apostle and more.

    Honey Cake Power

    Pay a visit to Catchmoon in the fortress of Gelkmaros/Inggison and pick up a powerful buff. It grants you:

    • +3,000 HP
    • +2% Attack Speed
    • +2% Casting Speed
    • +2% Movement Speed
    • +100 Magic Attack
    • +100 Physical Attack
    • +200 Crit Strike
    • +200 Crit Spell
    • +200 Accuracy
    • +200 Magical Accuracy

    Watch Out for the Brittle Cakes!

    Unfortunately, the [Event] Brittle Cakes were cooked just a bit too long and no one particularly wants to eat them. But they make perfect weapons for smashing over your enemies’ skulls and dealing damage! (Please note: Brittle Cakes can only be used in Aphsaranta.)

    Sweet Stuff in the AION Shop

    Rather than talking to Nighteye for your [Event] Honey Cake Baskets, you can also buy them directly in the AION Shop .


    You can find an overview of all possible rewards in our list of rewards .

    Note The following items will be removed from the game after the event:

    • [Event] Honey Cake
    • [Event] Rice Powder
    • [Event] Pine Needle
    • [Event] Brittle Cake
    • [Event] Honey Cake Basket
    • [Event] Pure Moonshine