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  • As you all know, with the classic we have returned to being right at the dawn of Aion. Although we have returned to the beginning, there are new aspects that will soon be included with the new patch 2.8, aspects that are very useful and that improve the game a lot such as the separation of the CD of some skills. But what I'm going to propose now is some possible improvements that maybe in a future patch 3.0 can be useful. The aspects I propose concern all classes and improve both from every point of view. I begin with the mage's class and its subclasses.


    The first change concerns the two stigma branches of the spiritmaster. Here are the changes I propose:

    • Dot Branch
    1. Eliminate the stigma Hand of Torpor and in its place insert the stigma Sympathetic Mind
    • Spirit Branch
    1. Replace the Enmity Swap I with the Spirit Wall of Protection
    2. Eliminate the stigma spirit hypnosis and insert the stigma Spirit Burn-to-Ashes/Explosion in the brach like last skill;

    These few changes make the character much more performing. Now let's see some skills that if revised greatly improve this class:

    1. Elemental strike: I propose to remove cast time and make this skill instantaneous. Cost MP increased;
    2. Spirit Ruinous Offensive I: Insert the ethereal touch effect into the skill with each spirit and remove the slowing effect provided by the spirit of the earth. MP consumption increased from 200 to 700 and damage unchanged;
    3. Elemental Disharge: Insert this skill, but with some changes, in particolar the skill will have instant cast, increased MP consumption from 500 to 1020, the spirit does not disappear and stuns surrounding opponents for 4 seconds in range. CD unchanged or CD increased from 3 to 5 minutes;
    4. Soul Torrent I: Reduce the CD to 1 minute;
    5. Armor of Light/Darkness: to increase Magic Boost from 700 to 800;
    6. Cloaking Word I: Insert this skill as basic skill and insert in it a second cast level as if it was a variation. The CD of this skill is unchanged. The first level of cast is intended to send an entire group invisible with the penalties known to us for the duration of 30 seconds, while the second level of cast whose time is 2 seconds, provides the effect of invisibility only for the charmer and for the spirit summoned. The duration of this second level is 1 minute and the cost in Mp of the second level is 2020 MP and the penalty on speed is less heavy than the first level being only for itself and is 20%; (Basically the second level is like a HIDE 1, but with fewer penalties on speed, need to be cast, and has a 5-minute CD);
    7. Replenish Element: In addition to restoring the spirit's HP, it removes fear and sleep from spirit; HP cost unchanged and inserted MP consumption by 700;
    8. Sympathetic Mind and Armor Spirit: CD shared and if the caster uses Sympathetic mind, the effect of Armor spirit finishes, similarly the opposite
    9. Sympathetic Mind and Armor Spirit: Same CD equal to 30 seconds and duration of sympathetic mind increased to 5 minutes;
    10. Armor Spirit: I propose to increases the magic boost provided by the skill from 400 to 1500
    11. Sympatetic Mind: Increases +10% magic damage with ignite eather, magic implosion, infernal Pain, cyclone of wrath;
    12. Insert Elemental Spirit Armor skill
    13. Insert Command BodyGuard


    Some skill will become basic skill:

    1. Sonnolence: insert this skill like basic skill and insert it to lvl 60
    2. Lumiel's Wisdom: This stigma will become basic skill;

    For scout's class and its subclasses i propose these changes:


    1. Shadowfall: This stigma will become basic skill
    2. Shadow walk: This stigma will become basic skill
    3. Brak Away: Insert this stigma to lvl 60


    1. Silence Arrow: This stigma will become basic skill
    2. Call Gryphu: This stigma will become basic skill
    3. Feint: Insert this stigma to lvl 60

    For Warrior's class and its subclasses i propose these changes:


    1. Unwavering Devotion: This stigma will become basic skill
    2. Doom Lure: This stigma will become basic skill
    3. Punishing thrust: Insert this stigma to lvl 60


    1. Unwavering Devotion: This stigma will become basic skill
    2. Slaughter: This stigma will become basic skill
    3. Magical defence: Insert this stigma to lvl 60

    Last class is Priest and for its subclasses i propose these changes


    1. Annihilator: This stigma will become basic skill
    2. Promise of Aether: This stigma will become basic skill
    3. Leaping Flash: Insert this stigma to lvl 60


    1. Punishing Earth: This stigma will become basic skill
    2. Saving grace: This stigma will become basic skill
    3. Retribution Lightning: Insert this stigma to lvl 60

    Moreover for cleric i propose other changes:

    1. Retribution Lightning: Cast time istant
    2. Sage of Wisdom: Cast time istant
    3. Amplification: Cast time istant
    4. Call Lightning: Cast time istant
    5. Replace Grace of Empyrian lord in the Atk Branch with Sacraficial Power

    Moreover insert skill basic lvl 65 with every subclasses to lvl 60 skill basic.

    As you can see the only subclass in which I have proposed some significant changes is the SM, in particular I have improved some characteristics of the Spirit branch, being the only branch ever used and moreover the spirit has only the utility of acting as protection at that time when there is the so-called Spirit substitution. Since it has already been a separate CD for the Earth and Blade of Earth skill chains, it may be useful to have sympathetic mind shared with Spirit Armor instead. In this way on the one hand the player decides to further increase MB, MA and Elemental defense of the charmer and also of the summoned spirit therefore a useful buff for both, and in addition the same skill since it has the task of fortifying the damage of the DoT and Dispel available increases the damage of some skills by 10%. On the other hand, instead of having a buff for both the spellcaster and the spirit, only the spirit is heavily boosted, allowing the latter to inflict good damage in battle. As for the other classes in addition to the improvements already in force in Korea, I proposed to insert some stigma as a basic skill being the character complete a certain combo or always have this buff present in their stigma set. The Templar and the Gladiator immediately understand that being the only two classes to have a buff on resistances, why not make it basic. Similarly to the sorcerer, skill CDs such as lumiel's wisdom, zikiel's wisdom and Vaizel's wisdom have been separated, but most lumiel's wisdom does not even include it in the stigma branch, so to improve the management of the MP in battle it may be useful to insert it as a basic skill. For the cleric instead I proposed more changes, because many agree that having skills every minute like amplification and Sage of Wisdom and casting them is absurd, so I proposed to make them snapshots along with other skills that are fundamental as well as proposing to put some stigma as a basic skill.

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  • So basically change all classes to waht they are at retail currently?

    That wouldn´t be classic.

  • So basically change all classes to waht they are at retail currently?

    That wouldn´t be classic.

    No, because they have included special measures that are not present in retail as the skills that previously had shared CD and now no longer. I proposed adding some stigma skills as a basic skill for the changes I proposed on SM. Keep in mind that cloacking word is not like in retail, here it is slightly different and has a CD of 5 minutes and not as low as in retail. With the proposed changes on MS, the latter is not like in retail, because in any case you can not acquire in your branch skills such as magic implosion and infernal pain or cyclon of wrath, but in their place insert soul torrent or body root, so it is conformed to maintain limitations and to have a certain style of play. Moreover cap of magic boost is 2700 and valure of armor spirit and armor of darkness/light are in such a way as to reach that cap with spirit. I did not propose new combos, but simply made some skills instantaneous. Not only did I propose to put call lightning of the instant cleric as glacial shard of the sorcerer, being the only class that has almost all the skills to attack with casting, so putting some snapshots can come in handy. Similarly some buffs, which still have a high CD, but at least are instantaneous. Changes that improve classic-style classrooms. The sorcerer, I proposed to put the basic the skill lumiel's wisdom, because that they will inserte the separation of some skills such as Vaizel's Wisdom, Zikiel's wisdom and Lumiel's Wisdom knowing that the latter does not put it in the branch is useless, and therefore unlike the retail versions where the sorcerer with a combo recharges MP easily, in this case partly recharges and partly manages better.

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