Weaponsmith problem

  • Hi , i just finished today journeyman weaponsmithing 399 points and anteros gaved me a quest was something like make 18 weapons for governor something like that. After i finished the quest i went to him and handed the quest. I guess as this point i should receive the blue quest to finish the expert weaponsmith which didn't happened. I read something on internet where 1 guy said that if you didn't finished alchemy 449 , that might me the problem. I am only 439 , i hope that this is not the problem. Do i need a GM to unlock anything ? or is it me that maybe forgot a step? I would also like to state that i am expert in essencetap and aethertap 410 and 400 atm

  • If you already are expert in one craft, you have to master that one before being able to expert another. Also be aware that one character may only be master in one craft and expert in one other. Ather- and Essencetapping are both handled separately.

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