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    Logically every event, which bases on killing ingame monsters could, be implemented and/or enhanced using "Hero Trial".

    For instances they could replicate the current quests as daily "Hero Trials":

    • Kill 20 Sunwa
    • Kill 20 Outlaws
    • Kill 20 Lame Rega
    • Kill 20 Super Rega

    Each quest could reward ten Dumamond and instantly one layer of randomness is removed. The point is, they do not want to.

    There should be no "rarest" reward in an event.

    This might be an opinion not many share, however, for me events should not provide progression related items. Events should foremost spread joy and fun, offer a difference to the normal routined gameplay and none should ever have to feel bad or fall behind by missing such. Events should be here to reward skins, motions, skill animations, mounts.. goodies which are nice and/or pretty to obtain yet do not interfere with the usual flow of the game. Especially those "login-events" as well as events like the boss which merely rewards a limited fraction of players for various reasons, which provide or can provide items players usually have to play for months or longer I detest. Preferably I achieve goals and/or progress on my own (not in the context of "alone") and certainly not by jumping on spot with various characters while watching television.

    I do not want to say that the current state of the game seems well. Nonetheless, I rather had no event at all than the last two hunter events we experienced on the server. Those two hunter events were, apart from obivously being bugged and too long, broken in making every progress up to that date meaningless and rendering every part of the game during the event period not worth it.

    Surely, I prefer token based systems any day, yet since we write about the future I would rather see the issues fixed in the actual game and not bypassed by broken events temporarily.


    Grab some Dumaha Distillate and earn valuable items.

    The Quests

    The quests are simple and mostly quick, yet would take alot longer if the factions actually fought each other. It is nice that some overlap the Lugbug dailies, so one can do both in the same time. The repeatable which provides a Daevalite does not make sense to me since, even apart from the bugged reward, it is not repeatable and can not be used for anything else. Sadly those quests are daily and I really dislike more stuff added to my daily ingame "chores". I would much prefer those quests to be weekly (14) instead of daily (2) to catch up on it on weekends. The quests can also be completed by other characters on the same account, which I do not mind in this case due to it requiring activity.

    Daily login

    It is not really a daily login, it is a stay logged in during a day. Daily login can be seen in the Atreia Pass.

    While it certainly feels nice to receive goodies for just being online, I genuinely dislike the laziness of design. Furthermore, those can also be obtained by other characters on the same account. Just unlimit the amount of intervals the rewards are distributed so players who merely want to be busy with their main do not miss out to players who also idle on five other characters a day. Lastly, rewarding one of those bags which contains three Dumamond each hour would sound much better and even out on the "boss-bug" a bit more.

    Lugbug’s Missions

    A nice add-on and actually a nice idea. However, compared to the other rewards of the event this one is far behind and does not really motivate to run an instance if one does not have to do so for other reasons as well. It is not entirely clear whether one gets an extra reward for completing all the quests or not. I assume not for it being greyed out, even tho different "steps" are showing on the lower part of the window.

    Elite Enemies

    The two villains Snuwa Grand Chieftain and Rega Hospodar appear to be on vacation which make this part a huge mess.

    As top first to top third painter I used to get rewards on my server until the end of saturday. Sunday I looted three bags at the start of the noon spawn wave which were the last ones I have seen. I did not participate anymore after sunday evening and left there after thirty minutes without gain. An event should not favour either factions nor players. Even if one runs the rest of the event on all characters possible on one account s/he falls behind a person receiving fifty bags a day in two hours from this boss. Asmodians on my server allegedly created Elyos to participate in this event, which was a smart move, but should not have been necessary. I agree that players with gear could and/or should have benefits, sadly excluding people entirely from parts of the event has always been the wrong way to go.

    Three bosses should spawn once during the time frame and everyone hitting it and being in range while it dies should get a reward bag. Analog to some account wide Hero Trials we experienced lately.

    Rewards bought with Dumamond

    Items one may buy using Dumamond seem decent. One unfortunate point in the enchantment stones expiring after seven days remains.

    There are two "bugs" and/or curiosities here, which I noticed:

    Noble Water Shield

    The version I purchase for Dumamond is stackable, whereas the one bought of the Gold-Sand-Shop is not.

    Instant Return Scroll

    By having one in invetory a message, which tells that merely one can be in the invetory at a time, occurs. Funnily, by breaking Dumallond one gets two at once in the inventory. It can also be seen here.


    Luck is basically required in two parts of the event. First to transform Dumaha Distillate into Dumallond and second to get a decent reward from Dumallond. The 25 free daily Dumaha Distillate sometimes result in five Dumallond, sometimes one, sometimes eight..

    I did open 298 Dumallond yesterday evening with the result being, that I need not to worry about consumable and stars nomore. And yes, it makes me jealous as well as frustrated to see the same players getting contracts after each boss while I put not less effort into it.


    Overall the event is, like most of them lately, luck based and favours a fraction of the playerbase. I would have loved the event with weekly (14) quests together with the loggedin-reward change I mentioned above and no boss(es). However, like this, I rate it 1/5 and hope for it to end the sooner the better.

    I hope to not have mixed up Dumallond and Dumamond.

    I agree that some things should be made more available. Nonetheless, events are the wrong tool to provide ingame required resources (in large amounts).

    Those items should be permanently added to the shugo vending machine, the gold-sand-shop as well as weekly hero trials (like Lugbug). Events can easily be missed for various reasons yet missing an event should never be a disadvantage in regard of gear progression. The best and latest example for that is the first week of the event "THE GRANKERS ARE ON THE LOOSE!". Gameforge actually has enough tools to fix the gear progression issue or atleast to make it less severe. However, like mentioned in another topic, they are and/or do not want to use those.

    Well, failboat made a nice summary of some things going wrong in the games design and from what we can see in the next patches preview, it is not getting better.

    Additionally, I wanted to add that everytime the game offered PvE with actual mechanics and/or challenges players cried out for simplifications. Currently, it mostly consists of dealing as much damage as possible as quickly as possible to avoid all mechanics and brainlessly hitting one target. Even now people seem overburdened by running in and out of a circle, distinguishing red from blue squares as well as fully geared players killing themselves on balaurs using reflect in dredgion. Also there are situtations where knowledge of a boss just will not help since one lacks the gear to cope (=one shot/buggy/troll mechanics).

    If you enjoy challenging and rewarding PvE, this is not the best game choice for you to start with and, excluding a few exceptions, certainly not your playerbase.

    Like many others here wrote, the game can still be fun in certain circumstances. However, in the long run I doubt it being worth the effort and/or the time for repetitive gearbased brainless PvE alone.

    @Xeon: The person asked about PvE, which you wrote yourself to be boring. Not saying that you are wrong, yet he explicitly mentions to not really be interested in PvP. Would you recommend the game to a person who is looking for a challenging PvE game without any interest in PvP?

    Come on twardy , those players were working their butts off for one weekend to earn their stuff. How dare you suggesting to remove all those hours invested solely because you are a jealous casher with less time than them? You are just scared to lose your advantage and seek on monopolising Aion. Show some respect.

    The above part may contain traces of sarcasm.

    On topic

    In my case and for my type of player kinah sinks are easy without harming anyone:

    • Skins (all I need)
    • Housing gimmicks
    • Mounts and pets
    • More storage space

    Other spontanous ideas, which only provide temporary benefits:

    • Sell that overpowered Katalam weapon which is limited for one hour in the shugo store
    • Those jams which can be exchanged in the currently running event for tradeable legendary PvE/PvP stones for a high amount of kinah
    • Legendary transparent transformation potions of ones choice

    In my opinion it is important that those sinks do not provide any real benefit over others or that such benefits are temporarily. So that people with alot of kinah can have fun for two/three weeks and feel stronger, but after we are done and back to normal.

    You can have all my billions for one set of my beloved balic dragon skin.

    @Rym: It was abused (=intended) yet not exploited (=not intended/bugged). Philine is correct in it being a semantical issue (for him/her).

    Mostly I am disappointed by Gameforge..

    first for insisting it to be working as intended and insulting many players (sadly not everyones) common sense. There still was time to react and prevent most of the damage the first time someone voiced concerns on the board. Now we have the ruins I mentioned in my post in that topic.

    second for still not communicating properly what is going on or going to happen next. Could atleast have paused the event to cause further harm, unless it was intended afterall. There still was no real clarification on that.

    I do not really care what happens with the kinah or gear, altough I would benefit alot from it. Getting kinah and gear from this event, even if I were in need of it, just does not feel right and is not the way I want to play this game.

    Intended or not, I am just very disappointed that it even came this far and continues further.

    Just a few points basing on my own experience in siege:

    1. The scrolls which provide more abyss points as well as lodas silver stars do not seem to enhance the contribution indeed.

    2. Gates and also the boss are not really worth it if one wants more contribution.

    3. I totally agree that everyone participating should atleast get some kind of reward.

    Some changes I would welcome to see:

    1. Put a soulhealer in Reshanta, please.

    2. Remove the honour points gained by slaying weak guards and add some honour point reward for attacking gates and boss instead.

    3. Sometimes I get pulled over half the map (atleast 50 meters) and like every other minute I get Word of Destruction cast on me from a cleric +50 meters away. I am aware that it can happen based on bad connection, yet it happens far too often for that.

    I would like to have a detailed explanation of how the contribution system actually works, yet that seems to be a guarded secret since release of the honour point system.

    @Buburuza: Yes sure.. according to your logic we can remove soulhealers from the game.

    In a way I like this event since I was finally able to finish my gear enchantment and stat rerolls in a mere four hours. Not ever having to run Luna instance anymore is a little plus as well.

    However, for a very large part I dislike it because it totally invalidates everything I played for the last year. Also now I have nice PvE equipment but no actual reason to use it. The event would have been acceptable without the additional kinah and just stones in my eyes. Should have replaced the kinah with manastones and/or stigma enchantment stones.

    I do not see how the economy should recover from this since after the event is over there is nothing I need to buy or can buy. The PvP stuff mostly was untradeable either way. Which means I can sit on my billions of kinah for ages.

    Anyhow, as stated before this is intended and players seem to enjoy it. So, I am going to join, enjoy the ride and watch the huge pile of ruins once the event ends. Yet, I still believe this was a huge mistake.

    Well, the positive side surely is that everyone gets something out of it, if it remains that way for the whole duration. Unfortunately, if it does not stay up it is going to end up in an unfair benefit for some.

    Still I am certain that this is not how the event was intended and even if I agree with Wassermelone to some extend, both ways of events (both extremes) are not the way events should be held. However, that is another topic.

    To my knowledge the [Rune] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types) drop in Dumaha has never been part of that official announcement, hence the confusion.

    It was mentioned by Sparx once in Transformation Coins and later confirmed by Galeas.

    @Galeas: Well I might be wrong, yet if I remember correctly it was not communicated in that announcement post. That is why people were surprised about Sparx mentioning it in the other topic.

    The ingame translation is unclear and in a way both examples you provided are incorrect. However, it indeed reduces the damage you suffer and not the damage you cause. Yet merely from attacks which were initiated while the protection is up.

    If you are still not convinced two quick hits at any random dummy around Lakrum will show you.

    Not writing that the drops are great, that is a different topic. However, I can confirm that the stones together with other items from the special loot table still drop in 7.2 in both Lakrum and Dumaha.

    @Xeon: Like I wrote, if those drops are great is another topic. Yet those always were announcet as "rare" drops. As you can even see in the quote you provided. Certainly, I agree that farming Open World is unrewarding and not worth the time in its current state.


    Players were able to choose what goal they wish to achieve and the path leading to that goal. Crafting, gathering, farming, dungeoning, dueling, rifting, sieging, and so on. Players were able to choose their timeframe to play in (except for dredgion & siege) and besides a few exceptions players were able to farm or trade any item at any hour of the day.. manastones, enchantment stones, relics, godstones, coins, skins, materials, stigmata, recipes.. it usually, not always, felt like time enjoyed and time well spent.

    Whereas now there is no real benefit in login in anytime else between 6pm and 10pm server time. It is all based on dailies, weeklies, altars, sieges day after day.. and one night to rush those instances for kinah.


    The snow covered fields in Beluslan as an Elyos rifter; the peaceful atmosphere in Poeta gathering Aria; the frosty mountain peaks of the Sillus mountains; deciding which profession to pick up first; the beautiful and wide range of soundtracks and skins.. there were many maps and atleast at the start a more or less structured lore to follow. One was able to battle for hours at the Western Shard of Latesran; earn golden coins in Theobomos; farm elite balaurs for rare recipes as well as crafting materials; or just a relaxed aether gathering evening in Heiron; dueling was not just a damage race; and much more.

    These are the two things I wish to be back in the future.

    To be fair, I do not play as much as I used to, so my gain of legendary PvP enchantment stones amounts to approximately thirty a week. From those twenty are from sieges, five from weekly altar coupons and five from random reward bags. I have thousands of ancient stones in my cube, yet the morphing recipe is too much of a hassle (fragments & morph crystals).

    I just want to point out that I agree with failboat on this one. There already exist many tools to improve this game, without changing mechanics nor the game itself. A few examples for that:

    Gold and Sand Shop

    Provides a tool to purchase goods for kinah and surely might be altered to specific regions.

    Shugo Vending Machine

    Somewhere I read that this was implemented by a request of our current publisher. Items in there are exchanged for Shugo Tokens which could be rewarded on different ways and/or in a larger amount.

    Veteran Reward

    Another system which could be used to provide a bit more current items instead of some which can not even be used anymore. As far as I understand, this one is also pretty much customisable by the publishers request. Right now I am buying years of game time which I might not even get at the end of the day.

    Hero Trial

    Also something specific to our current publisher, which failed alot but worked out nicely the last time it was up. Just putting rewards on small difficult targets instead of huge quantities of scraps seemed to do the trick for me.

    Atreia Pass

    A system giving out freebies by daily login.


    As far as I know, pretty much any item can be put up there at any price (even free) with conditions like account limited, weekly, and so on.


    Not a fan of events, since you miss out alot on missing a good event. However, if those are made more regular and/or permanent, I do not see any disadvantage. Specially their special loot table event "[Boost] Lakrum and Dumaha drops".

    Luna Craft

    As we see from other regions, the crafts can be changed by publishers request.

    Those describe tools which allegedly could be used to help provide or augment any item needed to progress. I do not want to dictate which item should be in there or in which quantity, but the tools to change the situation are there and have been for a long while.

    The login on the website is the same sa the actual ingame one, whereas the login to the forum can differ entirely. The other questions are up to the support team to answer.

    The link to the support is on top of the site, for which you are going to require another login as well.

    @Tahak: You are right indeed. I was not aware of this possibility.

    I am not looking forward to the garrison capatins being easier to slay. That means it is going to be much more difficult to spawn world bosses due to single players rushing inside and suiciding on it.

    Grouping up

    Two big issues I have are that the quests are limited to group and that some players are reluctant to group up. So instead of everyone spending thirty minutes for three assassin spawn rotations at a garrison players spend up to ninty minutes until each group and or solo players with nice damage are done. Even if it is a free choice to do those, it is just.. silly.


    Furthermore, there is no obelisk in there and according to the patch notes, once someone dies one is supposed to get back to ones bind point or wait to be ressurected by a fellow player. However, with kisks possible this does not make much sense to me. I am happy about being able to kisk in there, just wanted to point that one out.

    There are no resurrection bind points in Red Katalam. Anyone who dies must use ‘Lunamon’s Rescue’ or wait for help

    from other players.


    Those are just not chosen very smart and in general I dislike content which happens during a restricted time span or is happening at specific times. Personally, I had no issues with that hourglass yet, but still I vote for removing that requirement.


    Currently I do not enjoy Katalam with all the waiting, camping, sniping and kill stealing quest monsters. Ultimately, after the first week it just clogs up my quest log.

    I am glad to see other players enjoying Katalam. Yet it does not seem to be my cup of tea.