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    Well, I do not comprehend why one would take current NA as a good reference. I stopped playing on NA when EU hit first day , ranked above thirty. When I logged in yesterday my character was still ranked above eighty. Tells me enough about how active/competitive NA is and that it is not a desirable outcome for EU.

    Open world and sieges still were the core mechanics for me on retail. The game is dull if one has to hide in dungeons all day long for a white drop or a firm balic material once a month. Whereas I used to farm in Memphis Farm or Undirborg area, including random PvP encounters, waiting for dredgion entry, now I just idle in Inggison being bored. Sadly one could as well just reduce all the maps into a small area offering four daily medal quests where players can gank each other non stop while trying to finish quests. That is pretty much all there is left of end game open world.

    While I dislike any form of daily content, one should see it as options the game offers one to choose from, not as a checklist to complete everyday.

    If one ran all the daily/fixed content the game would certainly feel more like tedious chores to complete:

    • [Daily] medal quests
    • [Daily] arenas
    • [Daily] Tiak Research Base
    • [Daily] Dredgion
    • [Daily] Radiant Ops quest
    • [Daily] Silentera kill quest
    • [Daily] Heliotrope craft
    • [Daily/Fixed] sieges
    • [Daily] coin quests
    • [Daily] Crucible Challenge {2.5}
    • [Daily] Padmarashka’s Cave {2.5}
    • [Daily] Daeva Pass
    • [Daily] Event Pass

    However, as Caliph wrote, after all that stuff one did not:

    • run Esoterrace [1]
    • run Udas Temple [5]
    • run Lower Udas Temple [5]
    • run inner chambers [3x3]
    • run Beshmundir Temple [7]
    • gather materials (essence, aether)
    • farm balic materials (impossible right now)
    • farm designs (impossible right now)
    • farm manastones (mostly impossible right now)
    • farm stigmata (mostly impossible right now)
    • kill some world boss or legendary
    • craft anything (potions, skins, whatever)

    With the cooldowns right now we could consider the Udas Temples, Beshmundir Temple and one chamber daily instances.

    Solution for me would be to change most daily content to weekly content. Either by enable it seven times a week (like Beshmundir Temple) or just once a week and increase effort/reward (for quests). Atleast I could go all out on the weekends.

    If you already are expert in one craft, you have to master that one before being able to expert another. Also be aware that one character may only be master in one craft and expert in one other. Ather- and Essencetapping are both handled separately.

    why mobs in balaurea keep giving me atreia items?

    balaurea is part of atreia, just neither elysea nor asmodae.

    That is debatable.

    Another question would be, where are we actually supposed to farm level 55 balic materials? Just give us the loottable from Assault on Balaurea back, instead of invalidating the open world content. Farming a few hours a week in Forest of Antiquity and/or Hanarkand used to be exciting due to the chance of PvP and used to be rewarded with rare designs/recipes, godstones, green manastones, sellable loot. Whereas now it is a waste of time and consumables.

    I do not know the asmodian version, but mayhap this is just the prequest? One quest is to get to know the NPC and her order and the followup is the actual quest for the armor part.

    Edit: In that case I recommend to contact their support. I am going to try the Elyos version this weekend.

    In fact we have many, more or less subtle, differences to the release of Aion Classic NA, which followed more the traditional path. So it is better to stop comparing those two publishers patch by patch.

    Yet even on Aion Classic NA the solo instances, mainly for campaigns and easier leveling, were integrated with the teleport functionality in 2.4 and were not part of 2.0.

    ...since there is only one quest which optionally awards platinum medals, apart from the new dailies, it should be easy to track those.

    If by that optional reward you refer to the quest in Sanctum/Pandemonium where one could choose between gold or platinum medals, that was an Aion Classic NA 1.x exclusive reward which got adjusted later on and did not make it unadjusted into Aion Classic EU.

    Ok, ich bin emotional ein klein wenig aufgewühlt gebe ich zu, aber WARUM kam man auf die Idee, Esoterasse plötzlich 51+ zu machen, als wie damals 50+????

    Warum werden in Classic willkürlich Instanz Entry Levels geändert?

    Da Esoterasse auch auf Aion Classic NA für 50+ zugänglich ist, gehe ich von einem Tippfehler aus. Der Stream zeigt auch 50+ an.

    • One can only downgrade insignias, not upgrade

    Where and how can we downgrade insignias? I never saw an NPC like this in NA or any screenshot about it. And what is the rate for downgrading? 1:1?

    Just right of the entrance there used to be two NPC, kind of the ones we have now in Aion Classic EU. Like selling miscs, herbal- and mana-treatment skins and such. Those two daevas would offer bundles containing lower insignias.

    While I do not have the NA client installed and 2.7 patchnotes removed those two NPC along with all previous insignias, I am therefore unable to provide a picture. Nonetheless these were the items:

    5,000 Apprentice Crucible Insignia Bundle of Chaos

    5,000 Apprentice Crucible Insignia Bundle of Discipline

    Not an official answer, but just sharing my epxerience, assuming we are getting the same as Aion Classic NA did:

    • The old insignias remain untouched (=apprentice insignias)
    • There are different insignias past level 50 (just insignia)
    • One can only downgrade insignias, not upgrade
    • All the current items which require old insignias are still going to require old insiginas for the same price
    • There are going to be new NPC with new items requiring new insignias

    The only time insignias were altered by the system was with the 2.7 update.

    ye, but i wanted a list of all available quests. ac limits the list to a hundred using preset delimiters like race or region.

    It is possible to fetch a full quest list from AionCodex using its query service and leaving the type parameter empty. Unfortunately the service also includes markup, which needs to be sanitised.

    For example:

    1. Navigate to AionCodex (due to CORS)
    2. Open the console of your browsers DevTools (usually F12)
    3. Paste the code below
    4. Execute and store the csv

    Adjust as you see fit.

    Sadly I am not going to be able to attend it either most of the time, like dredgion. For me 22:00 o'clock until 00:00 o'clock would be nice for both instances.

    Sofern es gleich bleibt wie auf Aion Classic NA:

    • Esoterrace sowie Krotan/Kysis/Miren waren wöchentlich. Esoterrace brachte zwischen 20'000 und 90'000 Abyss Punkte pro Besuch ein (=persönliche Erfahrung mit sechs Leuten plus Baum). Miol hatte ich nie eins darin gesehen/gefunden.
    • Botmeldefunktion ging seit 2.0 in Balaurea. Da gab es so unangreifbare und unsterbliche Sensenmänner, welche zu viel gemeldete Charakteren angriffen
    • Nochsanapass wird der Daevapass für die Charaktere unter Level 40 sein. Auf NA hiess dieser Beginnerspass und enthielt die gleichen Gegenstände wie der erste Daevapass
    • Die Eventpässe wurden leider auch mit 2.0 eingeführt. Dazugehörige Tokens konnten jedoch auch ohne Daeva Pass für nützliche Gegenstände eingetauscht werden. Die Anzahl Tokens für die grossen Belohnungen konnte aber nur durch den Premium Event Pass erreicht werden (Inventarvergrösserung/Miol/Skins)
    • Alle Pässe werden separat bezahlt
    • Die ersten Zonen in Inggison/Gelkmaros waren nicht PvP frei. Verwandelte fielen oft beim Obelisken in Inggison ein und das wäre so gewollt gewesen
    • Verwittere Objekte waren enthalten und die Droprate dafür in Ordnung

    The case sensitivity on blocked characters works inconsistently.

    Given there is a character named Ariel:

    one may now either add Ariel or ariel to ones blocklist by typing the name. Both removes the character from appearing in the Partyfinder. However, by typing ariel the chat is not affected. One can still see messages from that character. Whereas it works correctly using Ariel.