Siege Delay and Lag

  • Greetings to all.

    My current problem are sieges and i can say most greek people and from other countries are facing the same issues, generally at the start of the siege the delay-ping spike is huge or even you can get disconnected, making them unplayable, and unrewarding as it is, even on large bosses you cant dps and you are lossing contribution a lot.

    So i have no internet problems with my line , the ping before siege is great but when you are in a siege its terrible.

    This doesnt seem to be my client side issue but rather server traffic issue of all the players, its 2023 we are playing from europe and still have siege problems... u need to FIX this.

    I dont seem to understand why ping-reducers are against ToS, its unfair as it is that some people play siege smoothly while we cannot even go to siege.

    I've read other threads and people saying using ping-reducer programs are helping them in general gameplay and sieges so i cant really understand why this is bannable.
    Sieges are a server problem and thats your problem you arent willing to fix , either fix the sieges or let people play with ping reducers cause this is gonna be a huge problems for medals next patch.
    This problem to me is gameplay disrupting and i could say for more people having this problem makes the game undrewarding , with no progress and certainly not fun.

    Thats all.

  • 2.0 hitted and siege still unplayable get dc everytime , this is unfair to so many people on this server , u need to fix your game and quick or people will stop growing in gear and leaving the game

  • Exitlag its what you need It fix all my problems with Disconnects on siege also my ping is way batter from 30 to 120-140 spikes to 30-60

    i was using Exitlag on NA, it was great

    i would use it here to, just for more smooth play, but i can't cause you can get ban here for using ping reduction software, which is dumb