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    is it just me or premium pass should be open to use for everyone that have Siel Energy active, not free 1h but one bought from shop,

    if you using f2p account only quest from 'free' side can be completed

    standard pass premium cost 1320 quna, event pass premium cost 870 quna, so its like 2200, and 2300 quna pack cost 1600 daeva coins witch cost like 40euro i guess, depends on country + siel (dont know how much novice pass cost)

    leave just feature to be able to buy aditional lvls for quna if you didnt complete full pass or if you want all item at the start of seasson/event

    anyway, its like 3am, maybe im overreacting, but hey, just say what you think of it

    i just wanted to ask why prices and content of reward got changed

    on previous event Enchantment Chest costed 60 event items and could contain either 3xL75 or 2xL80 or 2xL85

    this time from similar chest that cost 90 event items you can get 3xL70 or 2xL75 or 2x80

    just wanted to buy box today but i noticed i don't have enough items

    and you can get max 180 items from pass, so now 2 chests (not including premium witch cost like another 15euro)

    ps. why is there "Use the Rift 1x" quest in pass

    This is unbelivable I dont have words for this

    look what happended

    thanks i lost drop

    HOTFIX MAINTENANCE - 21.08.2023 18:50 CEST

    and why do you even post this

    they announced hot fix maintenance 10min before doin it, ppl were already in all kind off instances, they lost entry and time

    and from what i heard reason for maintenance was totally different, and no one will be banned like always, some ppl gained huge advantage from sth that shouln't even be here in this patch

    Exitlag its what you need It fix all my problems with Disconnects on siege also my ping is way batter from 30 to 120-140 spikes to 30-60

    i was using Exitlag on NA, it was great

    i would use it here to, just for more smooth play, but i can't cause you can get ban here for using ping reduction software, which is dumb

    so, I will start, my thoughts about event

    since you need 300k for map, and you have 3 daily quests (you can do 2 of them practically) so you can get 3 or 4 maps, so its like 900k-1,2kk for shugo

    and rewards are a bit low value compared, yeah i know, its gamble, enchantment stones are worth it, if you get 3 golds or attack from bundle its nice to

    but I think, personally, its kinda kinah sink

    what do you think

    is there any chance to start two clients simultaneously? or will GF enable it like with live servers?

    and why is it blocked, korea version nor NA version has this limit

    The problem aren't even the drop rates, in dungeons or farming elites , it still drops pretty decent, but it requires hard bashing.
    The most annyoing & frustrating part is the kinah selling hard cap = around 2mil i guess, haven't checked that, but when i reached that out i was like : WTF ! Srly!

    Drops aren't terrible but even with hard bashing you can't make money , because you are limited by the game. Game me out !

    give me some locations where i can farm 2mil a day easy :)

    Heiron Elites =) Bolvig Area. Theobomos bashing on whatever drops. Aint too hard to reach the 2mills on npc vendor. Dungeon's drop quite well so far, Tlab, made couple of times, i was getting out with 200k + 50 from boss (diamond), around 50k from SteelRake (15min rush) + eventually stigmas. The hard cap can be reached quite fast & that is just terribad ! & frustrating to death, i pay for a premium & i can't farm.

    Even blizzard who likes $$ more than anything, did never ever tried this kind of stuff.(Gladly)

    there is no problem with kinah cap, make second account, trade gear to him and sell, 1h siel free

    but your logic has some flaws, like you only have 5 runs for sr, 7 for tl, all those as you said will add to like 2kk, thats just one day cap

    but grind itself isnt rewarding at all, i played aion na classic from first week, and it was a lot better, i mean with drops from mobs, a lot more

    sure, candy were issue, made a big inflation but drop was better

    i got similar issue, i make like 3-4 attempts to log-in, disconnected message (sometimes i even dont get message, just "bing" sound)

    in instances i dont have the problem you mentioned

    but also i have issue when i want to join dred, after i press "enter" button i get disconect, nad need to start game few times before i can log in, and dred is started already

    So after the discounted Siel's aura 30Days (300 coins) expires, The Siel's aura will be 399 coins and 10 euro worth of coins is 380 coins, that means i have to spend 15 euro to buy 19 more coins for the Siel's aura?

    This is really scummy...

    i guess its different for each country, i mean outside of euro zone, like e.g. in Poland for 49.99pln (like 11 euro) you get 475+10 coins

    it sucks cause i bought coins for 22 euro, bought siel for 300 coins and got left 875, i cant buy premium pass for 899

    also premium pass 3 times more expensive than siel? it sucks, and normal rewards are rubbish

    guys I had that problem, dont know how it fixed itself

    but i started game, was in that picture stuck screen, i kept aion open and went for forum, and after few minutes when i remembered i still have it open the tos was there and i could login

    Why my aion live account name suddently appear in aion classic account list without me registering it there? :?:

    I think that´s normal. Gameforge uses the same account for everything now. You can add a new account and switch between accounts though.

    is it your live account or maybe your gameforge client login

    My normal aion account (8.4) name, appeared on the classic account list. Without me adding it there. Not talking about gameforge client in general...

    yeah i understand, my question was if by any chance your live server login and your gameforge login are the same