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    No matter what I've criticized GF and Galeas over the past few years, but I believe they both deserve a second and last chance to trust them that they have learned from their mistakes.

    I trust that this time they will do everything possible to make the players happy and not make empty promises again. :thumbup:

    <X Some ppl live in different worlds I can see.

    U need to hit floor hard to understand it there will be no better.

    "A second and last chance" . :S

    Make a bit research about how many times ppl gave them second chances. Also haw many times u can give second chance XD?

    If y'all think that aion classic will bring new players and u will enjoy it again, let me tell u, you are wrong.

    Most likely it will be nice for few first weeks, the it will get boring bcs u alrdy played it in past. I think what I said before about aion as a zombie game is kinda right tbh.

    Killed, revived , and most likely will be killed again.

    I don't agree with what Aura said.

    We celebrate that because we wanna play the good game that aion was, not the garbage that no minor recycled patch will change for the best.

    Exacly, Aion WAS a great game, untill the day of patch 5.0 and then 6.0 and again 7.0 which we know was a fails.

    Aion would be succed to this day if patch 6.0 would look differently and the NCSoft developer team would make new things and new changes over time.

    GF failed af too putting rng boxes with ridiculous prices. If they rly wanted to keep game "player friendly" (lol), they would work it in good way. Listening tothe community feedback would help too.

    This is my point of view.

    like u guys were born yesterday and think they will change the game is played.

    U don't cash? np. Use alts, But u need the army of them to achive one smal goal.

    This game is a 2nd job (but n this case u don't get "paid").

    But in most cases if were talking about classic server, most ppl think about older patches (but not so old), like 4.x which imo was the best. I enjoyed my time and im sure I wast alone.

    Other game who changed to classic server also didnt went to the first verion of the game. Mostly its middle (like in aion case it would be 4.0).

    But tbh I dont have high hopes. GF might conufused master server with classic one.

    Galeas said in DC "your opinion matters", but who he was talking about ?

    Any1 knows maybe ... ?

    Also, events planned monthsin advance is just mind boogling xd

    Yet they have feedback. Toooooons of it lol.

    imo its just ignorance all the way.

    Well, lets be honest.

    This game dont have new players. Only addicted ppl remain.

    GF overall don't care at this point. Look at shop, look at new rng boxes. Its ridiculous.

    Whales are happy cuz they can spend heavy cash, get (maybe) things they need.

    But even whales have their limits.

    This game is in bad state. Aion 8.0 will be the end.