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    I know I came late to your issue. Still, after 3 weeks of wrapping my head around and trying all sorts of things having the same issue (game wont start and aion icon disappear after 3 4 5 seconds once you start the game from GF launcher) it seems that I have found a solution which cut less and less the fails to start.

    go to your gameforge folder (not game!!) -do this parameters for all this applications : gfservice,gfwebhelper,gfclient,gfhelper ; properties - compatibility - check: run as administrator, disable full screen optimization, run under windows 7 compatibility.

    the improve rate of logins is significant high, so is safely to say that launcher have issues not aionclassic.bin itself.

    you are all welcome :)

    I am sorry to inform you that 3 Chinese players died because of exhausting playing Aion. Since then, Aion instate in game messages to take a rest every hour as you might see it from time to time. Ofc, this happened in 2009. the news were all over.

    Do not mistake my statement for the fact that I am not very well aware of what this game means. I was in that present time back in 2008+ when some Chinese individuals died of so much grind so I know what the game is all about. And I do not agree at all with botting but the ugly reality says, and let s go down on memory lane since players literally died exhausted of the grind, someone said at one point, we need a program to not die anymore, and there you go aion botting, probably the most famous botting type of all MMORPG appeared, and the reality check said it was a necessity rather a luxury.

    Keep in mind the mentality has changed, people are way too much sensitive that was in the back days, understand that player base is infinite lower than in the old days so botting is far more visible in the present, hence the reaction and I would say is quite normal of anyone against botting.

    But in the same sentence I will ask you the same thing I ve stated previously, how would be to click on broker NPC and buy whatever flux you need for whatever gear you want with 1 mil kinah because no one has the patience to grind anymore? how about being a bit more logical than sensitive? cause instantly when that will happened everyone will start the logical rage that the game is dead and is ridiculous to have those kinds of prices so here is my statement in its full logic. You need someone or something to give you that flux with 500 kinah not 1 million, because if tomorrow the bots will simply stop to exist in Aion, the trades will be simply dead because you don't have 5 hours a day 7 days a week to farm whatever materials u need or drops right? therefore you pay the price of the luxury to have a program doing that for your rather than spend your entire life on whatever you want to craft.

    We are not in 2010 anymore, people don't have that patience anymore, and no one but absolutely no one will spend on a regular base 10 hours to farm 4 mats for their uber-expensive gear. everyone wants now fast fast fast everything so yea, botting in 2023 believe it or not is not worst than it was at the beginning.

    and no, I am a PVP player, far from me any kind of botting for a video game.

    yes, the game probably has more bots than active players, however, bots never destroyed the economy, in fact, bots usually are good at keeping low prices at raw materials, you don't want to pay 15k kinah for a Minor Armor flux do you? since no player will stay and farm for decades for 20- of those or any other loot materials need it. Yes, that is a real problem, but to say bots destroy the economy is a false positive angle.

    My lvl 4 scout character on server Atreia received a message on the screen " illegal program detected" and i was disconnected from the game.

    Now I can not login on the specific server because of the message "failed to load your social security number".

    I am not using intended or ever used any illegal program, however, I am indeed in the starter area surrounded by bots.

    Need further instructions

    seems it solve by itself.

    Now again I was surrounded by bots in a certain area near Assig Village and suddenly the same message that I am using illegal programs and game got disconnected and I can not login back.