It's sometimes hard to enter the game

  • I know I came late to your issue. Still, after 3 weeks of wrapping my head around and trying all sorts of things having the same issue (game wont start and aion icon disappear after 3 4 5 seconds once you start the game from GF launcher) it seems that I have found a solution which cut less and less the fails to start.

    go to your gameforge folder (not game!!) -do this parameters for all this applications : gfservice,gfwebhelper,gfclient,gfhelper ; properties - compatibility - check: run as administrator, disable full screen optimization, run under windows 7 compatibility.

    the improve rate of logins is significant high, so is safely to say that launcher have issues not aionclassic.bin itself.

    you are all welcome :)

  • Hey guys, I fixed this issue by going into the Aion folder and swapping names of "bin64" folder and "bin32" folder. So the bin64 folder should be called bin32 and vice versa. If it helped you guys, give me love and praises thx