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    I don't understand you position (people who like AION ++ version).

    You ALREADY have possibility to play latest version on AION on KR/EU/NA whatever, but HERE, there are people who want to have what we have now right now and no more.

    But you continue to spread "cancer" and ask to update, just go and play existing AION.

    It looks like "I don't play and you will not play" , not nice at all tbh.

    P.S. you can update one server only and give free migration, and you will have one AION++ and the another just 1.9.

    Depending on your class, Tahabata weapons might still be useful later on (e.g. for Sorcerer or SM) and Anuhart can at least be used to level up. As a Gladiator etc., there won't be obtainable extendable weapons in the upcoming patch for now, I guess.

    Even the level 50 PvP set isn't that bad. In the next patch, you might want to use Crucible stuff, but probably not the level 55 abyss gear. Still, the level 50 gear is better some stats compared to crucible gear. So it's not a waste currently.

    It's a lie. You weapon/armor will be MUCH better then current one.

    If you or your friends like 55+ you can always play retail, but we can try to save old good AION.

    Btw, ADMA/DC/DP, you can farm dungeons on ely side as well :) if you don't know. You will have PvP+PvE and it's very cool experience, much better than Gelkmaros/Inginson, when all people move there and Abyss and other locations are empty.

    I was very good to bring GW2 as example. Because it has HORIZONTAL progression: dungeons, sieges, story etc.

    Different weapons and armors create different builds for players and it's nice ( but armor and damage stats are the same )

    We could have the same here instead of level 55, then level 60.... bla bla bla . it's lame, lazy and stupid approach (which was huge error and you have real example of it)

    Aion Retry - great example how it should be (IMHO)


    Games with horizontal scale:

    Guild Wars 2 - release 2012 - online 500k+

    World of Tanks (EU) - release 2010 - online 350k+

    Seriously I'm gonna stop playing if the 2.X stuff releases so soon. I was thinking that that they might release at the start of autumn and I still believed it would be too f*ing early. I wanted to play classic to feel the way I felt when first played the game 10ish years ago. I didn't remember getting anxious to the next patch release and the fact im not going to enjoy current patch. So if this release happens so soon , it is not classic anymore to me. I was going to buy 90 days of siels energy. But now I wont do so unless gf pushes the release towards at least october. 3 months is not enough to enjoy classic.

    and again if you think that this is CLASSIC 1.9 you are wrong you have rebalanced few classes atm cap 50 can be reached in 2 days you have full steel beard set. and like KR said it is different Aion with different progression without bards and gunners with new class executor with rebalanced classes at all , adjusted difficulty of dungeon, solo dungeons remake. So why you still nostalgie about 1.9 you already playing other game.
    I really dont understand this IF they RELEASE PATCH I WILL LEAVE.ok leave,but take in mind that you havent played old Aion you played new Aion with many changes. and GF said that wanted to start 2.5 straight but instead of it gave you changed 1.9. So goin in next patch to catch up KR is good desicion.

    I agree with everything except level 55.

    VERTICAL SCALING is the worst in the world of MMORPG. It killed AION and Linage 2, and it will kill "classic" as well.

    Very nice when you grind your equipment, you enchant it, then new patch comes and your TOP GEAR becomes an average (in best case) or even garbage.

    I took a look at roadmap, everything is fine EXCEPT stupid 55 lvl, with new gear and broken skills/stigmas.

    The worst decision ever. Players came here to play "classic" 1.9. If we want to play garbage version we have retail.

    All NCSoft games (Lineage 2 / AION) died because of stupid vertical evolution (higher level / new gear )

    If you want to add something new and cool just add new dungeons but downgrade everything to level 50.

    Thank you!